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After we moved into this house and I got 3/4ths of it unpacked I hit the wall and couldn’t do anymore. I have taken a break, and now I am feeling the urge to get the house pulled together.

I guess there is always that adjustment period. Where the house is yours but it doesn’t feel like yours.

If that makes any sense.

So now it is time to start making it ours. Instead of just living in it.

This weekend we tackled pulling down the floral-ish drapes in Blake’s room and getting rid of the mint green walls. Painting seems like an easy task task but Blake’s room has tall ceilings and weird angles and it just wasn’t easy.

This is what it looked like before we moved in.

I think it was a guest room.

Finishing it up today and then I will post the after pictures.

In the meantime we also started working on Austin’s room since he is gone for the week. His room is so blah and also a weird green color. And also lots of angles. This is before we moved in as well.

I have all the paint picked out for that room, now I am trying to decide on bedding.

I like this set from Pottery Barn

However I am reluctant to drop $200 on a quilt that I could whip up in an afternoon. Not to mention the added cost of the sheets.

I love this one I found on Etsy. But it is a twin. And even more expensive.

What to do??

Lisa - Love the quilt you found on Etsy….especially cool that it has the records and guitars on it – perfect for your guitar-playing oldest! 🙂 I struggle all the time with bedding for my boys – always seems like there are tons of options for girls and limited options for boys that don’t involve sports or plaid…

Susan - Problem is I can hear you saying you can make the etsy one too. after all, it’s just squares…. 🙂
I love the blues and chocolate brown…

Tiffany - I so wish we lived closer, we could decorate together:) PB Teen had a similar quilt set in their sale section this Summer, don’t know if it is still there. We painted the boys rooms a light gray color and they liked similar bedding. Now you get to do the fun stuff!


Elizabeths - Check out Ebay. I buy pretty much all of my things that are PB on Ebay if I can get it there cheaper and usually I can even buy it w/out having to bid. You might score some good deals 🙂

lori carolina - Ooooh, I know all about that “wall”…..I’m still stuck and it’s been about 5 months! lol