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My to-do list is a mile long.

The house is wrecked- needs major cleaning

paint Austin’s room

make Austin’s quilt (yes I decided to make it)

build the new website

make new bags with new fabrics

shave dogs so they don’t shed so much

If I didn’t have Aimee running the back-end of the biz right now I don’t know what I would do.

I woke up this morning feeling stressed that there is not enough of me to go around. And even though ever second counts, I need to hit the trail and do a few miles to make myself feel better.

I don’t want to go. But I have to go. Hate those days.

In other news- if you live with boys you may know what it’s like, or maybe your boys are nice and well behaved. Well I have one like that but he is still at the beach. The others, not so much.

Cole got out of the tub and was streaking thru my room. He came up to me and bent over giving me full butt view and stuck his head thru his legs. I may or may not have snapped a pic and texted it to his brothers (and father- it was a proud moment after all)

He takes my phone and zooms in on the pic and next thing I know he is rolling around laughing so hard because his “goods” were hanging right in front of his left eyeball when he was upside down and well that is the funniest thing on earth.

Then I get this text when I am in the one in the tub

My life is so not fair

Then as I am falling asleep Cole comes in and snuggles up to me but he can’t fall asleep so he starts to talk.

Balllzz. Baaallllzzz. Baaaaallllllzzzz. Sac.

(me) “stop”


(me) “stop it”


zzzzz (he is out)

Life with boys. Always fun.

Angie - This made me laugh. My son is 14 and my daughter is 12, but she really should just be a boy. Well She farted on son’s t-shirt and all hell broke loose! ACK.

Amy Jo - Boys will be boys!!!! (thanks for the laugh…I was cracking up over this)

Mary - I just laughed out loud. Boys and their parts, it never gets old for them…..Hang in there and just laugh.

elizabeths - Ha!! Our boys would sooooooo get along!

ginky - I can’t stop laughing that is too funny. Your boys are soooo

related to your brother!!!!!

Hannah - Boys are awesome…and gross…and then awesome again.

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I was working at a youth camp last week and then have been sick since then. Stupid allergies.

Anyway to catch up…

Love the new paint colors and the quilts. I bet yours is totally better. My friend made quilts for her daughters last year too. Love those. Do you take them to someone to do the backing or are you super talented enough to do it yourself? I stink…no talent. Boo. Hiss. Boo.

Blake’s text still cracks me up.

I fall asleep saying the same thing as Cole almost every night. It’s better than counting sheep 🙂

Shana - I asked my son, “Want to hit Dick’s (sporting goods store) while we’re in Wichita?”
He said, “nope. sounds painful.”