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iPhone dump

My big camera has been in hiding. Actually my iPhone camera has been hiding too while we work on boys rooms and I work on getting the new Elisalou website up and running.

Crazy sky tonight #rainbow

It feels good to get our house pulled together and turn it more into our house than their house.

I ride

But I also can’t forget that there are only two weeks left of summer!

Future gymnast

This picture sums up my kids perfectly

We are family

And this sums up her perfectly, ready to drive.




The weather has gotten much less humid. It’s so nice.

I’m not sure what’s going on here


I find these pics on my phone all the time- she takes them of herself

Every time she gets my phone she does a bunch of selfies

Every night its flips onto the couch


This tree- every day I look out and it has more blooms. It is so pretty, and so messy. Worth the mess I’d say.

Pretty but messy

I came home from feeding the neighbors dogs and found this… best big brother

Best bug brother

Have a great week!!

Amy Jo - I got a little choked up on the last picture! Such sweet boys you have….and one lucky little girl!

lori carolina - Enjoy the dwindling summer days….love the last shot, what a great brother!:)