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Who agrees that insurance should cover beach therapy? Does the beach help soothe your soul?

When we lived in Ohio I remember looking at Andy on days when I thought “if I don’t see the sun soon I am going to go crazy” and he would say, “book it”. Or something similar.

He understands.

And just because it is summer, and I see the sun every single day, there is just something about the beach that makes things better. At least for me.

The night I arrived at Holden Beach last May I felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my chest. Nothing felt more perfect than that night.

I have been bugging Andy about a trip to the beach, one last one before school starts…. but we both kept talking ourselves out of it. Too much going on, too expensive….he can’t take the time off work.

Shark week. 🙂

We are trying a new beach this time

elizabeths - Your so lucky!!!! House is so adorable make sure you take pics of the inside.

Gretchen P - I agree, the beach is therapy! I love being able to just put my toes in the sand, and hear the waves crashing. It is so peaceful to me. It is amazing to see the water go on for miles. It is comforting to stand on the shore and soak it all in. Have fun this weekend!

kristen - i know just how you feel. i’m so glad you are there. soak it in!