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iphone Arm Band

A couple weeks ago I got tired of fighting with Austin over his yucky, stinky black arm band that holds my iPhone. He runs, a lot. And it gets wet and sweaty. And gross.

I have a somewhat cuter one for my old (small) ipod but I never use it anymore as I always want my phone with me.

And then I realized that I didn’t need his yucky arm band. I could have a cute one of my own.

So I made a fabric version.

And you know what? It’s actually way more comfortable. And washable. And way cuter.

It’s breathable and soft and lightly padded.

And then I made another one. Because I was so excited about the first one.

Today I added them to the etsy store. Just in case you want one too.

Amy Jo - I wish I was a runner….these are too cute!

Hannah - These are really cool and a great idea!

Mikie - Too awesome!!!!