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Labor Day

I can’t believe it’s here- the official end to summer. We were considering heading over to Bald Head for the weekend


But then we remembered that we bought a bajillion shrubs last weekend that we need to get in the ground. It’s an all weekend kind of thing. Boo. So it’s going to be a yardwork kind of weekend.

We realized that we have not done one firepit smore roasting this summer. Mainly because we don’t have a firepit.

A quick trip (online) to Amazon and the next day the UPS man delivered this

So this weekend there will be smores!!!

BTW I love watching the different UPS men try to maneuver our driveway. Each one has his own method. Due to the marks on some of the trees, not everyone makes it out of our driveway without hitting something.

Yesterdays UPS man parked at the street and carried the boxes up.

And yes, UPS delivers to us quite a bit. My husband loves Amazon.


lots of work happening around here


tonight is Eva’s preschool open house and she starts next week. To say the chica is excited…..her backpack has been packed for weeks.

Lunch with my girly

Yesterday we went out to lunch on an old train. She loved it until she realized the train didn’t move.

Evening walk

Cooler temps means we are back to our evening park walks. Eva wanted to ride in the wagon until she saw Alex and then she had to get out to show off. Which lasted the whole time since he went with us. We talked about how long her crush on Alex would last. Maybe when she starts kindergarten and hangs out with boys her own age? Who knows. For now it is fun to watch her get heart eyes and flirty every time she sees him. Even if he is 11 years older than she is…


Ok, this just cracks me up. Shiloh likes to go to the park with us but we have to have a “ritual” for leaving our driveway with her. The first thing is to take off her shock collar and then we have to put her in the wagon. That way she knows that is the only way she can cross the invisible fence line.

She hates the wagon. But she suffers through and then jumps out once we get to the street. Running free with the deer at the park is worth it.


Hope you guys have great plans for Labor Day!

Hannah - Love girlie. Love s’mores. Love Shiloh and her royal carriage 🙂