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Work Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a real work weekend around here

A big pile of dirt and a big pile of mulch was delivered

I have never done so much digging and shoveling in my life

I never realized how hard it would be to keep up with a couple acres

We built a dirt “wall” to plant a bunch of new shrubs for a wall of privacy between us and our neighbors.

Our grass is horrible and the “forest” behind the grass is a mess.

Baby steps. We got the side cleared and mulched

Austin helped so much.

We got all the beds by the house mulched

Supervisor stayed in the a/c

The butterflies were all over the porch

And at the end of the day we roasted smores around the fire pit

I love a good hard day working outside!

Tiffany - Looks like a productive weekend…we worked and cooked smores too! Love the supervisor pic, too funny:)


Hannah - I love a hard work weekend…. We hacen’t really had one in a while. I hope we get in a few this fall. I’m way behind on everything.