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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring Break 2013- iPhone style

I can’t believe our week at the beach is almost over. Boo. It’s always so hard to leave. I’m justView full post »

Sunny and Chilly

I wish that it was warmer but it sure beats snow. By lunch time it warms up and we head out. I’m not ready to goView full post »

Hey winter, go away!

It’s so stinking cold. I don’t like it. Our house is cold. I don’t like that either. The boys don&#View full post »

Counting down the days….

It has been a crazy week. Our Chapel Hill house went on the market. A somewhat sad day for me but also happy in that IView full post »


Blake came back from a sleepover yesterday looking tired, hungry, and a tad grumpy. And missing a sock. I was takingView full post »

Spring in the store

It may look like winter again outside but Spring has hit the Elisalou Shop. Chevron is still a big hit so we are addingView full post »


Being outside makes everything so much better, don’t ya think? A weekend of warm temps was just what we neededView full post »

Gathering ideas

Today we got the link to the pictures of the Chapel Hill house. It looks so good. I miss my stuff. Anyone want to buy aView full post »

Our house, in the middle of our street

I was thinking about that song today. Making this move has not been easy. I didn’t expect it would be. And I knowView full post »

5 out of 6

5 out of 6 of us have been down and out this week with the never ending crud. And when I say never ending I mean neverView full post »