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Monthly Archives: August 2013


The other day I went to look at a very old victorian house with a friend of mine. I will be the first to admit thatView full post »

Deep Breath

I would like to be standing there right about nowView full post »

Why we keep 911 on speed dial

Blake and Cole came up with some crazy idea using a rope and hooking it to a nearby tree to get more height when theyView full post »

Fresh Start

Something about the start of this school year has felt like a fresh start for me. This summer was kinda sucky and I wasView full post »


Today is the last day of summer break and we have not started our house. I am a little bummed, it has for sure been aView full post »

There’s a chill in the air

We have been having cool mornings and it’s starting to feel like back to school time. I’m surprisingly okView full post »

10 habits you must quit to be happy

I read this article by Angel Chernoff and thought it was worth sharing…. When you quit doing the wrong things, youView full post »


It’s Monday, and a trip to Starbucks is needed. Austin had XC practice at 7am and it’s chilly! Feels likeView full post »

First car

My oldest baby turned 16 in June and has been saving his money for a car. Andy offered to split the cost with him andView full post »