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A new year, a new challenge.

I’ve tried it before, I always quit.

Anyone want to do the 365 with me?

I really really want to do it this year.

Who’s in??

I decided to create a face book page just for my daily pics instead of using my regular page or the ELisalou Designs Page. I will probably also post them here on the blog.

Come like my page if you want to follow along!

Three-sixty-five Two thousand fourteen

Hannah - I’ve been really toying with this idea myself. I just don’t know *how* to do it. I’m still trying to avoid FB as much as possible…but I don’t think I can blog each night either. I just need something to push me a bit more.

Andy - Could be possible to do a 365 on Tumblr or Instagram, right?

Sarah (SophieBugsMom) - Hmmm… I might have to accept that challenge. Obviously, not blogging still… but perhaps instagram or FB. We will have to have a shared hashtag to share them on IG. And, Hannah… I know you can do it there!!!