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Monthly Archives: August 2014

It’s no stove day

Well I take that back- the stove is here. But there are complications. As I knew there would be the second I posted thatView full post »

It’s stove day!!

I hate to even say it since we haven’t had very good luck with the appliance part of this remodel. But myView full post »


Lately I have been thinking a lot about getting more stories down, more pictures taken, more of our life captured. IView full post »

Farm Work : Lexington Kentucky Photographer

One of my kids fave things to do at the farm is drive around pick up all of the fallen branches in the pastures and takeView full post »

Best salad dressing ever!!

I have meant to post this forever. I mean forever. I got this recipe years ago from my old neighbor Lynne and it hasView full post »

1st day of school : Seacrest Beach Photographer

I think everyone is in agreement that this summer flew by All the boys are out the door, and now it’s just me andView full post »

A little more

This was our first day- after long hours in the car…. The first day is usually the best. But this trip had so manyView full post »

Rosemary Beach : Rosemary Beach Photographer

Since we had to be out of our house for 2 weeks while they did the hardwood floors I decided to take the kids and fewView full post »

Fun things in the shop

Lots of fun bags and fabrics in the shop- just thought I would throw some color your way! One of my all time faves isView full post »

Last Day

Today is our last full day at the beach. I am so glad I was down here instead of stuck in a hotel at home. All 8 kidsView full post »