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A special surprise

My kids don’t read my blog so I feel it is ok to put this out there. Besides I am way too excited to hold it in.

We have felt a hole around here since we lost Barley our Golden Retriever and Andy and I have been talking about getting another dog. Another big dog that I could walk the trails with alone and feel safe. One that likes to play. Shiloh likes to play, but her idea of play is to go out with Austin and his friends and run around with their dogs down by the river off leash. She HATES walking on a leash and is awful at it. Her beagle nose just goes crazy. She’s also pretty small and not all that intimidating.

I had my heart set on rescuing a greyhound. But the more I looked into it the more I realized that at this stage of our lives, it probably wasn’t the best choice. The biggest reason is our almost 2 acre property has an underground fence and because Greyhounds are sight hounds and trained to chase small critters, they don’t adopt to people with underground fences. Greyhounds will run right through them and they run so fast you can’t catch them. Then there is the fact that we have Zoey, who is a very small dog that is scared of everything. If a greyhound chased her she would probably be traumatized forever.

As I was getting over my disappointment of the greyhound a friend posted on fb that her friends dogs just had puppies and she was getting one.

The pup looked just like Barley did and I quickly clicked thru the rest of the pics

Mom and Dad -dads name is Riley, the street we used to live on 🙂

I knew Andy thought we should wait until Spring to get another dog but I sent the pics to him anyway, because who can resist spreading a little Goldie love??

And turns out Andy couldn’t resist those little Goldie faces.

For some reason I am all teary eyed thinking about this new little pup. Because of Barley. Because time flies. Because dogs are so special. Because Cole is going to be so excited- he wants one so bad.

Because we have put our kids through so much the past two years.

Because I want to spend the winter snuggled up by the fire with that furry little face.

Austin already knows, we had to tell him since Andy is going to Indiana to pick our new little dude up and will miss his XC meet tomorrow. Blake will be in West Virginia at a lax tournament so he won’t see it until he gets home after the weekend.

But Cole and Eva will be surprised, and excited. I can’t wait.

Last night I got updated puppy pics- they went to the vet yesterday and then had a day playing outside.

The first one cracks me up- Mama was getting a break on the other side of the fence.

We don’t know which one will be ours- there are 5 girls and 4 boys. We are getting a boy.

Oh man- I wish I could take them all!!!

Miss you Barley girl, I know you would approve.

Aimee - You know you are also getting another kid once you get that puppy right? Oh man- I can already smell that sweet golden puppy breath! Can’t wait to meet him!!!

Elizabeths - OH MY!!!!!! They are sooooooo cute all piled together. Goldens have always been my favorite even as a child we always had them. Such sweet dogs although I can do without the shedding. They are gonna love him so much!!!!

Gretchen P - So exciting! How can you not love those sweet faces? It makes me miss our boxer we put down in March. Have fun with all those puppy kisses!!

Kathy T - Congrats to you! I’m so jealous. I miss puppy breath. And they’re so cute! Barley would most certainly approve. Enjoy!

Amy Jo - I’m so jealous! There is nothing in the world better than puppy breath! Looking forward to seeing more pics of the little guy once you get him home. Do you have a name picked out yet?

Hannah - Are those the dogs Sarah posted about? They are SO cute! I almost was tempted to get another baby…but then Buddy threw up another pair of underwear and I got over it.

By the way….COME TO INDIANA! Hello?? I’m here and I’m awesome…or at least I am nice…some of the time. I bake a mean pie 😉

Sarah - Duh… of course I am the FRIEND she is talking about… any my awesomeness is surely casting a huge shadow over your awesomeness… Buddy is OLD NEWS! LOL!

But, seriously… are those fuzzy faces not adorbs? And now, we are going to be related!! LOL! Can’t wait to meet our little girly furball on Monday so we can share pictures!!! And, puppy playdates best be in their future!!!