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I miss blogs. I miss reading them, it seems nobody does it anymore. I remember when I started blogging I stopped scrapbooking. Now that I hardly ever blog I have been keeping up more with Project Life. Weird how that works.

But I just spent a good amount of time reading old blog posts and I miss getting those stories down. Funny things my kids said or did. Not so funny things…

Time sure does fly but and I get sad and happy at the same time taking a walk down memory lane.


Why did my kids have to grow so stinkin’ fast? It’s so weird to look back and read how crazy life was when the boys were all so little. It really was a lot of work!


Things are so different now. When did they change? Was I not paying attention?


I am SO very thankful the years and years of photographs. I feel very lucky that I have a passion for something that continually gives back to me.


Going to try to be more proactive with the blog. I miss it.

Hannah - Me too! I miss blogs. I still read some {like yours} but they are different than a few years ago. I still blog…but it goes through ups and downs. I caught up a ton in January but since then I haven’t done much because it’s all iphone….but that better change soon 😉