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When family dynamics change

iPhone pics 🙂


It’s weird having a kid move out. But I am forever thankful that he goes to school nearby and comes home a lot. He is now home for a week and on Spring Break so invited a bunch of his friends over. Which is fun. But it’s not the same.

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I mentioned yesterday that I have been reading old blog posts. I am only on 2008. 🙂 It’s crazy how different our lives our now. I tried to explain this to Andy last night but he doesn’t seem to get it. He is in the here and now. But me… I feel like a totally different person which is crazy. I have no idea why. Obviously we look different. Older. But it’s more than that.


I mean back in 2008 this girly wasn’t even born yet. And now she makes spaghetti.


And Shiloh is ten- the boys didn’t believe me when I told them. Actually she’s now 10 and a half.


And the posts about Barley- Hudson is a totally different dog. Like night and day. More to come tomorrow. I’m on a blogging roll people.

Speaking of Hudson- He got a weird spot on his back and the vet said he needed to wear a shirt so he would stop messing with it. He acted like it was totally normal to be hanging out in his Amy’s ice cream shirt 🙂

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Hannah - Okay… I SO get this! Greg and I have been having the same conversation for a few months. I am REALLY struggling to pick up the camera and capture life without Dmitry in it. He still lives here but he is NEVER home. He leaves early in the morning and then either comes home and crashes or goes out with friends. It’s just different. There is beauty in different…but this mama is mourning. It sounds so ignorant, but I am. I’d give anything to have them both here with me all day again…but time does not slow down or reverse.

Hannah - PS: I know I’ve already told you…but Buddy LOVES wearing clothes 🙂 They are so weird.

Kelli - I love that you are blogging again! I also super like when you make TX references. ATX represent 😀