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Summer Part 1

Trying to get back into my blogging. I haven’t been very successful. Now I have to play catch-up again.

Austin ran the Cleveland Marathon back at the start of Summer. It was his first one and he did great! We went up the night before (me, Blake, Austin, and his girlfriend Taylor). It rained for the race and he somehow ran by us with out us even seeing him! We were so bummed, we heard them announce his name and that’s how we knew he had finished. Blake slept through the whole race.

Lots of play time with pups. We were so on the fence about getting another dog. We are SO glad we did. I love Oakley, he is so different than Hudson. Together they are perfect 🙂

There were water balloons. Again. Hudson is obsessed but Oakley is scared of them.

My cute Goldie boys- seriously. They are so cute.

Hanging with this cutie pie. I can’t believe how fast she is growing. She is so tall now. I wish my kids would all just slow down.

Jumping on trampoline- working on front flips.

Blake turned 18- which is just insane. Seriously. Insane. He’s 6’4″ now and I just love hanging out with him.

We did some face painting.

We painted rocks, apparently a lot of communities are doing this. You paint them and hide them around town for people to find with uplifting messages. We were doing it for a a boy at our high school that passed away in the ocean in South Carolina while at basketball camp.

This puppy did a lot of lounging- he is way lazier than Hud.

This guy got sad when the oldest two went for a run without him, he’s the active one.

These boys are so goofy.

Summer is my fave. Dinners outside. No schedules. Sleeping in- oh wait- this puppy doesn’t sleep in 🙁

For Austin’s b-day he got an Eno Hammock from his girlfriend. Blake has one as well. So they spent the evening trying to find a place in our backyard where they could hang them.

Part 2 up soon!