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Category Archives: 365


Our first cookout on the new patio- it was a good one!View full post »


Andy has a week off in between jobs. We took advantage of having him home and went to the zoo.View full post »


Getting back into the 365. I have taken a pic everyday, just need to backtrack and label them. Not sure I will do it orView full post »


I can’t believe it’s already here. We have been doing a lot of swimming. Someone got a haircut Progress atView full post »

Turning a corner?

The weatherman claims this is the worst week of winter, I know he means so far but I hope he means total! No schoolView full post »

Hunkering down

I am sure everyone is so sick of talking and hearing about the weather. We are expecting more snow and frigid temps so IView full post »

Deep freeze

It is really really cold. Why did we leave the South? Although I think it is cold there too! I’m tired of beingView full post »

Is it Spring yet?

Whew this winter has been brutal. I am ready to head south! Preschool was canceled today because they lost power so EvaView full post »

365 Update

I can’t decide if I will continue posting pics on here as well as the fb page… what do you think? At anyView full post »

COSI Columbus, Ohio


It had been a while since I had been to Cosi, our local science museum. And I’m not sure if Eva has ever been atView full post »

Warm Toes by the Fire

Catch Up!

I broke my memory card and had to order a new one which put a crimp in my 365. But I kept shooting. I’m going toView full post »

pajama day


School is out again here. It is absolutely frigid outside. They even closed Ohio State- which they never do. And so I amView full post »