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Category Archives: Family

A special surprise

My kids don’t read my blog so I feel it is ok to put this out there. Besides I am way too excited to hold it in.View full post »

A little more

This was our first day- after long hours in the car…. The first day is usually the best. But this trip had so manyView full post »

Looking for answers….

Today was another bad day at school for Eva. I was pulled into the directors office and told that Eva was being defiantView full post »

Happy Birthday Dad! A day late :(

I have somehow gone through the entire week a day behind. The check I wrote for preschool yesterday said 1/29/2014. So IView full post »

Summer flying by… : OBX Photographer

I feel like I can’t keep up with how fast this summer is passing. It’s making my head spin. Last year weView full post »


Blake came back from a sleepover yesterday looking tired, hungry, and a tad grumpy. And missing a sock. I was takingView full post »

Wait, is it summer?

Feels like it. Well without the freedom of summer And the long summer days that stay warm well into the night But thisView full post »

Mondays are hard

Back from the beach and ready to tackle the week. Well some of us anyway. One certain blonde boy had a very hard timeView full post »

Dancin’ Queen

Ever since Eva saw Theresa’s daughters dancing on the Real Housewives of New Jersey (yes we watch that together,View full post »


A couple days ago Eva started getting up really early and coming out of her room. Her naps have gotten shorter andView full post »

Disappearing Act

Didn’t mean to be off the grid for so long but when my domain was switched over it kinda messed everything up-View full post »


Just a few pics from the weekend. Not sure if that is drool or a hair…View full post »


Warning- this post is picture heavy. I have reduced the size so it won’t take forever to load. It has been so longView full post »

To do better

Yesterday, well the day before really, I realized that it is time to do better. I have let things slide over the lastView full post »

Warming up

Today when I went out to Starbucks it was 17 degrees. My windows would not go down, I had to open the door to order andView full post »