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Category Archives: farm

Farm two

More planting beans I could hear these babies chirping for food and their Mama nearby and I took a pic of the nest andView full post »

When you need to clear your head….

You head to the farm. Sigh- even Cole gets it- he says the scenery is amazing. It is. Even when you forget to packView full post »

Farm Part 2

Just some more pics from the farm Eva and I just got home from our closing. Our remodel is officially official now. IView full post »

Farm Weekend

Last Friday the younger kids had a half day so we jumped in the car and headed down to the farm It was a perfect FallView full post »

Farm Kids

My little vegetable pickers. Well one did more eating than picking…View full post »


There is no doubt the girly loves the farm. I was so happy that the weather was nice. It has been one rainy summer! AndView full post »

Time to decide

Thanks for all the great comments about the house. We still haven’t decided if we will make it a two story (justView full post »

Summer flying by…

I feel like I can’t keep up with how fast this summer is passing. It’s making my head spin. Last year weView full post »

A few from Easter

It was chilly and rainy but we did a quick egg hunt at the farm before we headed on home after the beach Older boys withView full post »

Time to get busy

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I have only put a small dent in mine. I have ideas but it’s still allView full post »

As Proof

As proof that my husband has been out of town, I have a sore neck like you wouldn’t believe. This week I haveView full post »

Last weekend of the summer!!

I am so not ready. I could use a couple more weeks. The kids though, pretty sure they are (almost) ready. They areView full post »

Down on the Farm

The beautiful sunny not so hot days we are having is making me long to stretch out the next week as long as I can beforeView full post »

Happy Wednesday

Glad you guys survived my puke post, and thanks for the well wishes! I feel sooooo much better. That is a road I hope toView full post »