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Category Archives: iphone


I can’t remember the last time I did an iphone dump so here we go

These are in no particular order Just a mix of this and that over the past few months. Cole and Soph made apple rings.View full post »

End of the year

I can’t believe how quick this school year went.  Tomorrow is Super Games and like clockwork I have two kidsView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you guys are having a great Mother’sDay!  My kids got me this card. Last night I finished reading theView full post »


Still going strong with my 365 project. iPhone only. Just a snippet from the past month… Photos.appView full post »

2016 so far from iPhone

Once again our January started with this little ski bum hitting the slopes. This year Cole found a new love of skiingView full post »

Iphone pics

I take so many pics with my iPhone and I realized that I have not been posting them on the blog. I downloaded a collageView full post »

Snowed in and hanging by the fire

Thought I would throw up some recent iPhone shotsView full post »

A few snaps from the phone

I haven’t been taking many pics with my iphone as I am trying to make a better effort to 1. not have my phone inView full post »

Beagle Love

I love kids that love dogs. Seriously, they are the best kind of kids. Last night my friend Aimee was over with her famView full post »

It’s no stove day

Well I take that back- the stove is here. But there are complications. As I knew there would be the second I posted thatView full post »

It’s stove day!!

I hate to even say it since we haven’t had very good luck with the appliance part of this remodel. But myView full post »

Last Day

Today is our last full day at the beach. I am so glad I was down here instead of stuck in a hotel at home. All 8 kidsView full post »

beach iphone style

So the night before we leave we go out for one of my good friends bdays Dinner at a local place is always good And thenView full post »

iphone style

A cookout with friends- and a little music Blake and Kyle got their hair done Backyard lax EvQ was here Headed to SavvyView full post »

Winter wonderland

It has been snowing most of the day and I have to admit I am loving it. I quickly went to Costco and bought new sledsView full post »