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Category Archives: Life

Scenes from a Tuesday night

Ok it just happens to be the eve of Thanksgiving break. And if you haven’t been able to tell from last few posts-View full post »

Not enough hours in the weekend

I could have used one more day. We started the weekend with a birthday dinner with friends on Friday night. Because itView full post »

Baby it’s cold outside

And all I have wanted to do was stay home and make soup and a big batch of cookies for my kiddos. But real life is notView full post »

Goodbye Fall- and social media

Yesterday was one of those days when you want to take in all that golden Fall sunshine because you know it’s goingView full post »

An Eva update

Today I had Eva’s first conference since starting pre-k so I thought it might be a good time to do an update. IView full post »

Goldie Love

When we put down Barley I had no idea what a hole she would leave. I mean we still had two other dogs. There is no doubtView full post »

A week in the life

It’s been a crazy time of trying to unpack while we still have workers in the house. I feel I get a little doneView full post »

A special surprise

My kids don’t read my blog so I feel it is ok to put this out there. Besides I am way too excited to hold it in.View full post »


I just realized that I never put the Homecoming pictures up. The kids looked so great all dressed up I’m feelingView full post »

More from Yellow Springs

I love going for hikes, I wanted to go again this past weekend but it was Homecoming weekend and the schedule was full.View full post »

A tuesday night walk

Because it’s Fall. Because the weather was perfect. Because this cute little girl needed some extra mommy timeView full post »

Yellow Springs

We loaded the whole family up in the car yesterday and headed out for a little hike. Austin was a little stressedView full post »

Beagle Love

I love kids that love dogs. Seriously, they are the best kind of kids. Last night my friend Aimee was over with her famView full post »

Concert at Deweys

Last night my friends daughter had a little concert at Deweys Pizza in our downtown. She was so good! Some of her fans AView full post »

Thursday afternoon

We still have painting going on around here so it’s still a big mess. Today we are getting gutters so I hope thatView full post »