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Category Archives: Life

Snow Day

Another snow day and the thought of staying inside made me want to pull my hair out. So out we went. It was cold but notView full post »

Oh no. I mean really no no no nooooo!

And there went all my girlhood dreams down the crapper. So tonight I was watching a dvr’s Real Housewives ofView full post »

Dear school nurse

I get it that you have no idea if a kid is sick, or maybe not so sick. I really do understand. I get an almost weeklyView full post »

It’s a New Year

and what did you learn from the old one? I’m sure I could come up with a super long list. But here is a short oneView full post »


The girlie is down with a fever- missing her big Christmas show today I don’t know if it’s more crud or theView full post »

Jingle all the way

It’s weird being in a temporary home during the holidays. Our ornaments are in storage (I think I mentioned thatView full post »

HGTV and a 4 year old tree designer

When Eva saw the latest HGTV she nearly flipped her lid. She was in love with the tree. She begged for one like it. SoView full post »

Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks and she is still fighting this crud, and sharing it with me. You can see it in her eyes. TheyView full post »

Happy Birthday Andy!!

And to celebrate I am sending the girlie back to school! Back to the petri dish where she got all this crud in the firstView full post »

Two weeks

It’s been two weeks with no preschool. Ugh. She’s going crazy. I’m going a little crazy. Week one wasView full post »

Farm Weekend

Last Friday the younger kids had a half day so we jumped in the car and headed down to the farm It was a perfect FallView full post »


Yesterday a friend and I were talking about how the trees this Fall have been pretty amazing. I’m not sure whatView full post »

Halloween 2013

The girly doesn’t do that great with change and holidays sometimes throw her off. When I picked her up fromView full post »

Preschool Halloween Party

Our little town is looking very fallish- the trucks are out putting up the Christmas tree lights. Eva’s HalloweenView full post »

Oh wait, my kids have a mom

When I popped in my memory card after our “cousin camp” trip to the OBX this past summer I was a little sadView full post »