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Category Archives: Life

Around 470

I recently found a blog that has hooked me big time. And made me realize that I want to get more stories down. And beView full post »

Daddy time

This family comes to our yard every day I love how the dad is hanging with the youngers while mom is off for some aloneView full post »

Just a little rain

Right after this sunny day when we were making our own rain, it started to rain And when I say rain I mean pour 21 daysView full post »

yard work

Ok not really. We are slowly getting a yard and plants back It’s slow going but all the flowers I ordered from aView full post »

Finding our Summer groove

This is our first Summer in our house and it has been slow to find our groove I think it’s because we left for theView full post »

An ordinary weekday night

We used to take lots of trips down the street to the river These days I feel we are so consumed with getting our houseView full post »

Prom 2015

The grandparents were up from Texas for the weekend and got to see Austin off to Prom. He had a track meet in HilliardView full post »

It was clean

for a few minutes Saturday we hosted the JV and Varsity lacrosse teams and their parents And I thought I would grab someView full post »

The busy season

I love Spring so much but it is so busy We have sports every single night and most nights are doubled up with two orView full post »


And just like that, she turned six She asked for a sandbox for her birthday so her Daddy built her a really cool one. ItView full post »

Slow Days

One of the things I love most about warmer weather is how we tend to slow down and enjoy all the little things that weView full post »

Lifestyle and wide angle photography

I admit I am a close-up blurry background kind of girl but when you are in a rut you are in a rut. And it’s timeView full post »

Our new family member

These people look sweet and nice, but watch out. They ambush And they think it’s funny Even when they hit yourView full post »

Gimpy dog, Downton Abbey, and all things late to the game

My poor big boy has been gimpy for the last few days. I have no idea what he did but he is so clumsy. Looks like we areView full post »

Winter Formal

The boys were so cute yesterday before their dance. They have been hanging out more lately and I like that This danceView full post »