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Category Archives: Life

Friday Fun Day

Last Friday was scheduled to be warm. And my girlie had had a bad week at school We decided to go to the zoo. She was soView full post »

Hello Spring- glad you finally decided to show

Hopefully you are here to stay!! Everything is green and blooming There is no doubt that we are all a little happierView full post »

When it feels like Spring in January

Last Saturday I got home to amazing warm temps and that made this girl pretty happy. It was late afternoon by the timeView full post »


Thursday Austin and I left for a quick trip to the University of Chicago to take a look at the University and meet theView full post »

Winter Funk

So it happens every year, I know it and expect it. And I try to plan for it. I hate it. Living in the north is probablyView full post »

Adios 2015

This year flew by. I mean I just don’t get how fast it went. And I was a bad blogger. I have so many pics thatView full post »

Looking fir a tree

We managed to get all 4 kids to head out to the tree farm Starting with iPhone pics These boys This pic cracks me up SoView full post »

A boy, a pile of leaves, and a Golden Retriever

I know I said I was going to be better about blogging. I kinda failed. The last two months have been a little crazy.View full post »

Halloween Part one

Eva decided to paint her pumpkin this year Does anyone even blog anymore? I miss reading blogs (oreo cookie face) I feelView full post »

Pumpkin Patch

A couple weeks ago Andy flew off to London so I grabbed the two youngers and hit the pumpkin patch. We already hadView full post »


We took a quick trip down to the farm this weekend It was so hot! I have to say I am starting to long for boots andView full post »

Week in the life

I decided to follow along with the week in the life with Ali Edwards (at the last minute). I’m glad I did. It wasView full post »

Wrapping up Summer of 2015

So I was at a Dr. appointment today when I get a text from my friend Hannah to tell me I need to update my blog. I knowView full post »

Around 470

I recently found a blog that has hooked me big time. And made me realize that I want to get more stories down. And beView full post »

Daddy time

This family comes to our yard every day I love how the dad is hanging with the youngers while mom is off for some aloneView full post »