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Category Archives: Life

Sleepless in Chapel Hill

So I finally decided yesterday that the girlie needed to go see a doctor. She had no fever but she was so out of sorts,View full post »

Up and Down

I have decided to take one day at a time. It seems the most logical solution, right? Because every time I write about aView full post »

Fessing Up

For the most part things have been going really well here. Pretty smooth. But I would be lying if I said things areView full post »

Townhouse living

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, 4 kids, 2 adults, and 3 dogs in a 3 bedroom townhouse. It’s not terribleView full post »

Rolling with it

So today is my birthday. I woke up to an email from our realtor that we had an offer on our house. I felt like that wasView full post »

Day one

First off I have to say- thank you for the support- from friends, from family, from blog readers, and emails… ItView full post »

Deep breath

So today bright and early (5am) I got out of bed to start my journey to our new hometown. I say got out of bed because IView full post »

Before and After

Going through old pics of our house so we can show what we have done to it. Thought it might be fun to put them up onView full post »


Things are weird around here. I have developed a twitch in my right eye that flairs up when I talk about moving orView full post »

Happy day after Xmas

So are you one of those people that gets bummed out the day after Christmas? All of the excitement is over. All the funView full post »

House Hunting- Chapel Hill

We have been on a few house hunting trips down to Chapel Hill, I will share more about that later. We have narrowed downView full post »

Big Changes

Soooo….. I don’t know where to even start. I am sure most of you have figured it out. We are moving. ToView full post »


That has been the theme around here. Last night I was barely holding it all together, all the kids were being crazy. ButView full post »

The Oldest

The oldest in our house has always been, well the oldest. And I don’t mean in age. Although I guess that is whatView full post »

O Christmas Tree

I love how this looks like a Christmas tree. Ok, maybe just a little bit? It’s supposed to snow tonight. Are youView full post »