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Usually I try to email each individual person that comments on my blog when they have a question or a comment that needsView full post »

Protected: Private

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.View full post »

Warning this post is gross

Well it starts benign enough- with a few iPhone pics She tries this every single day. Like one of these days I will sayView full post »


To keep our sanity on the weekends when we are all home and crammed in our small space and getting on each others nervesView full post »

This that and the other

So this is going to be one of THOSE posts. You know, where I try to keep it neutral but probably won’t. For theView full post »

Townhouse Part 2

Soooo a lot of you that are near and dear to us know that we are having house issues. It is what it is- and whenView full post »

A new month

Every time I post a depressing blog post my mom calls me to see if I am ok. She tells me that my dad is worried or sadView full post »


-Today we were supposed to be meeting the movers at our new house to move our stuff in. Instead our stuff is stillView full post »

It always works

Lots of house drama in these parts has left me a little quiet lately- I know I have posted this song before but it worksView full post »

Work it girl

Eva has discovered the art of the pose. I see this getting more and more amusing in the next few months. At least sheView full post »


What a confusing word. When we pulled up at our old house in Ohio it was 10:30 at night. But the second Eva saw it sheView full post »

Done deal

Yesterday was tough. I found myself stealing moments to sneak off and cry, while still keeping a brave face for theView full post »

Ohio bound

On the road to Ohio. Happy to get a break from townhouse living, the stress of buying a house, etc. It’s been aView full post »

1 month and counting, and ramblings.

Today I was chatting with one of my friends from home Ohio and she asked if I was fed up with townhouse living. I beltedView full post »

Carolina Girl

First about Cole. I was wondering if anyone would mention that. Blake and Cole have always shared a room, even beforeView full post »