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Category Archives: Life

Work Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a real work weekend around here A big pile of dirt and a big pile of mulch was delivered I haveView full post »

Labor Day

I can’t believe it’s here- the official end to summer. We were considering heading over to Bald Head for theView full post »

Missing W

Sometimes I really miss my good old midwestern town.  I posted this on my fb page a while back but today it was on ESPNView full post »

Wing Nut

That is what I have felt like lately. Just a little off. Trying to do too much, and taking it out on everyone. I knew IView full post »


My to-do list is a mile long. The house is wrecked- needs major cleaning paint Austin’s room make Austin’sView full post »

One more day

Blake has been gone for a week and half and man I miss that big lug. Things aren’t the same around here withoutView full post »


Eva will make you dinner And look good while doing it We were on a mission to clean up her playroom But we didn’tView full post »


It was so nice having a pool in our backyard at the beach. We are talking about putting one in here at our house. ItView full post »

Lots of repairs

Nothing like having a different repair guy here each day. UGH. Currently I have a guy repairing our tv that we justView full post »


Never underestimate the power of a good sweat. It has been two weeks since I hit the trail. I could tell by my mood itView full post »

Good Days Bad Days

Eva isn’t the easiest child to parent. She has two modes- on (which is full throttle) and off (which is sleepingView full post »

Currituck Lighthouse

One of the fun things about the Outer Banks is the lighthouses. You have to wait in line to get in, but the line goesView full post »


We were down a kid for the 4th this year which felt a little weird but he is still back in Ohio. Andy took the other twoView full post »

One of the things I like most about being a mom to a three year old is reading to her the books I read to my 15 year oldView full post »


So yesterday I went home. It had been a week since I first ventured up north, first to the farm, and then to Ohio. I wasView full post »