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Category Archives: Life

Happy Birthday Eva!!

Last night Eva and I were hanging out front waiting for Andy to get home with our Pop’s pizza. She was being wildView full post »

Last day with a two year old

Which may sound like a milestone- like we are leaving the terrible twos behind. But in my experience, three has alwaysView full post »


Warning- this post is picture heavy. I have reduced the size so it won’t take forever to load. It has been so longView full post »

To do better

Yesterday, well the day before really, I realized that it is time to do better. I have let things slide over the lastView full post »

Worse before better

The first day we were moving stuff in it was just part of the stuff from the townhouse. And it seemed like I had it allView full post »

Random new house stuff

-Our reverse osmosis water filter makes farting noises about once an hour. It always happens at funny times. And weView full post »

The Hunt

We somehow managed to locate our easter eggs in all the mess that we are currently living in. Andy stayed up late andView full post »


This whole moving thing is not for sissies and that is fo show. Some day I will do a post as to why this house buyingView full post »

Adios Townhouse

You have served us well But today I will spend the day packing. And at 5pm I will sign the papers on our new house. AndView full post »


Andy and I had our first date 21 years ago today. Now I don’t recommend that everyone start dating at age 10 butView full post »


Pinning houses on Pinterest because guess what? Yep, you guessed it- not moving into mine this week. Hopefully next weekView full post »

Boys are stupid

According to Eva. Or at least one. Saturday we were taking Austin to the Y for a pick-up game with his buddies and itView full post »

A Tuesday Afternoon

First I want to thank you guys again for all the sweet comments and emails about our house struggles. Buying and sellingView full post »


No doubt about it we are a technology based family. I would love to say that we have a Waldorf or Montessori typed ofView full post »


Usually I try to email each individual person that comments on my blog when they have a question or a comment that needsView full post »