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Category Archives: Life

One of THOSE weeks

So, my car is not working again. Same issues. I can’t decide if I hate Ford or if I hate my Ford Dealership or ifView full post »


I am so glad the election is over. It has been an ugly one. I went to bed last night not knowing the results, but wokeView full post »

Going home

The boys and I are a tad homesick, so we are headed home for a long weekend. Sometimes it is good to just be honest andView full post »


I didn’t take any pictures last night. I don’t know why. I guess because Eva wore the same costume as lastView full post »

Happy Halloween

Last weekend we invited a few neighbors over to carve pumpkins- in the spirit of our traditional pumpkin carving partyView full post »

Fall Days : Chapel Hill, North Carolina Photographer

Are perfect. Eva still takes naps, although they are super short these days Lately I have promised her walks to the parkView full post »

Wait, is it summer?

Feels like it. Well without the freedom of summer And the long summer days that stay warm well into the night But thisView full post »


Oh how I wish the weekends were just a tad longer. Don’t you? I took a bunch of pics of my not-so-sweet girlyView full post »

Deep breath

That first day at the beach, the one where you first walk over the dunes and see the ocean. It never gets old. I keepView full post »

100mm lens review

So I mentioned in the last post that I rented a 100mm macro lens. Yesterday Eva and I went to the North CarolinaView full post »

Book Club

Last night Cole and I had our first neighborhood mother/son book club. As you can imagine, trying to talk about a bookView full post »

I don’t know why this is funny but it is

So tonight Andy and I were making tacos for the kids. Both Blake and Cole said they only wanted two. So Andy startedView full post »


Austin takes his running pretty seriously but unfortunately his first high school cross country season has been plaguedView full post »

North Carolina Livin’

So it’s not all beaches and mountains. You also get a lot of these. Like this one on the window by my bathtub ItView full post »

Sibling Love

What happens when a brother finds an old can of unused silly string? And then spots his sister? Well I’m sure youView full post »