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Category Archives: My Style

2 degrees

That’s what it was when I woke up this morning. It is now 6 degrees. I do not want to leave my house. It’sView full post »

narrowing it down

I need to start narrowing down how I want the exterior of my house to look. I know I want a farmhouse/beachy look. BigView full post »

Check it

Yay!!!! Yesterday my friend Nicole called me from Target and told me about a dress she saw there and she HAD to buy itView full post »


Have you seen this site yet? Kinda like a Pinterest for house lovers. Some of my recent pics Just like Pinterest, thisView full post »

One of those days!!

I came down this morning and Blake said, “you need to go look in the computer room”. I ignored him, let theView full post »

How do you shop?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately because I have friends that are all over the map with this. Some plan, shopView full post »

Beach Dreamin’

One day, not sure when- I will have a house in Watersound. It is my fave place ever. I love everything about it. I loveView full post »

Things I like Thursday!

This is my fave snack right now- with a little flax granola on top. Yum! This is just over the top pretty. The colors,View full post »

Target Rocks

Ok I have always loved Target, I mean who doesn’t? But now that I have a little girl?? I especially love Target.View full post »


Have you found Pinterest yet? Oh my- total time suck but so much eye candy. Here are a few of my current fave “View full post »

Austin’s bathroom and Amy Butler rugs

Austin’s bathroom had the glass installed yesterday. It came together very nicely It is nice to get it knocked outView full post »

Home Improvement

It never ends, right? I love planning and collecting ideas for my house. I think it is so much fun. Although right nowView full post »

I just want to lay on the couch and watch Housewives

But I have so much wrapping to do. It’s hard wrapping when there are kiddos around. And right now I have a fewView full post »

Home Tour

Want to go on another fun home tour? Ok, good. I love this house. Set on a little over 30 acres out in Granville. I donView full post »

Power Outage- Again. And Granville- Again.

The not so great part about living in an old community, the power goes off all the time. This time I heard they wereView full post »