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Recently I bought an olympus tg-4 underwater camera and we had so much fun with it on our trip to the beach. I alsoView full post »


Rain makes me tired and sleepy- bring back the sun!! Although it does make macro photography more fun It’s almostView full post »


He grew up way too fastView full post »

Lens Love

There is no doubt about it I am addicted to lenses. The 135mm has been on my list forever I have debated about itView full post »

Monday Morning

The little kids were dragging a bit this morning after their first week of school. I think we all kinda were. Could haveView full post »

Just a little rain

Right after this sunny day when we were making our own rain, it started to rain And when I say rain I mean pour 21 daysView full post »

Make a wish

Playing around with my macro, even weeds can be pretty! Shooting with the 100mm takes some getting used to but I love itView full post »

Maternity and Newborn pics

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a maternity or newborn photographer. I like being with the kids- kids ofView full post »

Guitar and Beach

One of my first and only shots with my new macro lens- Austin picked up the guitar after 4 years and amazed us all thatView full post »

When you get an awesome day in December you celebrate : Worthington Ohio Photographer

We have had a house full of sickies. Canceled plans, layed low Today was one of those rare winter days, it was warm. ItView full post »

Thanksgiving 2014

When I decided to lose social media I found a spot on my desk to charge my phone and that is where it stays unless IView full post »

More from Yellow Springs : Columbus Ohio Photographer

I love going for hikes, I wanted to go again this past weekend but it was Homecoming weekend and the schedule was full.View full post »

Yellow Springs : Columbus Ohio Photographer

We loaded the whole family up in the car yesterday and headed out for a little hike. Austin was a little stressedView full post »

Farm Work : Lexington Kentucky Photographer

One of my kids fave things to do at the farm is drive around pick up all of the fallen branches in the pastures and takeView full post »

1st day of school : Seacrest Beach Photographer

I think everyone is in agreement that this summer flew by All the boys are out the door, and now it’s just me andView full post »