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Category Archives: video


Six years flew by

Eva-SD (480p)Eva from Elisa Kennemer on Vimeo.View full post »

Rock Star

In the basement of the rental playing my fave song. Love this kid.View full post »

Kitchen dance party

It had been a while since Eva and I had a kitchen dance party. So last night as I was making dinner we put on a songView full post »

I don’t know why this is funny but it is

So tonight Andy and I were making tacos for the kids. Both Blake and Cole said they only wanted two. So Andy startedView full post »

Elevate the Everyday

Yesterday during preschool I went to Barnes and Noble. I haven’t done that in so long. I was searching. For what IView full post »

Stop Motion

I love it when Blake makes videos. He sent me this one last night in a text- he made it with his iphone. The first oneView full post »


Yesterday morning I was chatting with one of my good friends in Austin. She recently went through a similar ordeal withView full post »

Shake it sista’

The other night we were out to dinner and some Latin music came on. Eva, mouth full of food, started dancing. The funnyView full post »

It always works

Lots of house drama in these parts has left me a little quiet lately- I know I have posted this song before but it worksView full post »

Happy V-day Sweetie!

I can’t sing so I will let Billie do itView full post »

Happy Birthday!! edited to add video

Andy’s birthday is today ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday sweetie! My kids only go to school for a little less than two daysView full post »