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Fall is in the air, or on the ground

So remember I talked about the gourd plants growing in my backyard well yesterday I found this



and this



little baby gourds.  I have no idea how we are going to mow the lawn because I am leaving these babies right where they are.  My grass is all dried up from lack of rain any way, probably no need to mow.  Nights are getting a little cooler, school starts tomorrow and I find myself looking forward to fall. 

In the meantime I am still doing a lot of this


paige - The gourds are great. We had some last year, and they ended up being sort of goosenecked. We made a few birdhouses out of ’em. Nifty!

Home Life

I read this great quote today

“The real measure of a home is how it restores you at the end of the day”.

My home is chaotic, messy, and usually pretty loud. Being the only girl in a house full of boys sometimes takes it toll. Am I really the only one who cares if you can’t walk through the Living Room because there are toys all over the floor?

But my home is also, well, homey. When I think of home I think of comfort, dogs, cottage, trees, porches, quilts, color. I think of my kids and hope that their memories of home will be of safety but also fun. My boys have been fighting a lot lately and it is making me crazy. My brother is 8 years older than me so sometimes I have to take a step back and try to put myself in their shoes- 3 boys- 3 very different boys- trying to grow and become individuals. It’s hard work. So I take a deep breath and hope for more patience and better sibling relations tomorrow.

alison - I hear you on that! I’ve got 3 boys (and one princess thrown towards the end), but its interesting to observe them trying out their roles in the family, and at the same time trying to be their own person. Everyone is probably getting antsy b/c its the end of summer. (well, we’ll just hope that’s the reason)

Kathy - School starting helps too. I just got my third one sent back to preschool today. My first ten minutes of bliss. Reading email and surfin’ your site!

Katrine - I am also surrounded by boys. I am the only sister with 5 brothers. And I am now expecting my 3rd boy. I do have a daughter. So, I guess it’s destiny and a lot of fun!

watch out


A naked Knight has invaded my sewing space.



I love it when my customers put together cool desgins so I thought I might start featuring some here.  This was the latest one I thought was pretty cool.  A Kiwi swirls messenger bag with black gingham on the inside.

kiwi swirls messenger bag Kiwi swirls messenger bag

Once again the weekend has passed and it feels like I need another weekend.  The boys finished up the summer with a party at the pool last night and tonight is a cookout with some of Andy’s work friends.  Ice cream social at the school on Tuesday and school starts on Thursday, and that’s it.  Summer is coming to an end my friends.  Seems like it just started.

QuiltersBuzz - Confessions of a “Blog-a-Holic”–Click After Click, Link After Link, It is Hard to Stop!…

“Ok- I’m addicted. Addicted to blogs! I can’t stop. Link after link- I can’t get enough of all these crafty girls out there! Everyone is soooo talented. And every morning I have to see what new fun things they have designed, knit, quilted, sew…

Jo Ann Blanton - Hi Elisa, Your mom told me about your website so I loged on. I would love to see your items sometime maybe when your mom is coming up sometime i can meet her there. Hope to see you soon and happy sewing. Love Ya Aunt Jo Hi boys

In the house

the book below is now in. my. house.  Can’t wait to dive in- last night I left the kids all waiting on the curb for the ice cream man (with my mom) and I slipped over to B&N for a few minutes of me time.  Came home with the new O magazine (the Home one- not the regular one) I couldn’t resist the flowers on the front, and the new Quilts and More.  And of course the Amy Butler book.

On another note….

I will be the first to admit that having a husband work for VS has it’s advantages.  Besides the nice discount, he likes to surprise me with things too.  A couple days ago the UPS man was at the door and handed me a big bag from from VS and said, “uh- this is for Andy.”  Inside was a bunch of tanks and also this skirt.  This is the 2nd time this skirt has made it to my house and it is the 2nd time it will be going back.  Like a few other things at VS, the picture is deceiving.  It is much much shorter.  I’m not sure exactly what he is thinking or where I would ever wear this skirt, PTA meeting?

Susan - That skirt is 12″ long – wow! Maybe the PTA meeting isn’t what Andy has in mind!

paige - I’m sure he thought you would wear it walking along the beach in the water, while playing with your hair… just like in the photo, of course. LOL.

Kathy - so… are you getting Andy a speedo?

island jen - oohhh…that is a cute skirt…but short just will not do!! its the thought that counts!!

Amy Butler and bacon and eggs

Amy Butler's In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects

Amy Butler has a new book out that is calling my name.  Check out that green and orange pillow- love it.  Of course I would have to change my whole living room color scheme to use it…..

Still trying to convince my husband to move to Granville so Amy and I can be best friends.  🙂  Just kidding.  Sorta.

Mi Madre is coming up tomorrow for some more much needed help, and bringing my niece to entertain my boys.  Since Andy will be in NYC doing his VS thing it is perfect timing.

On another note, one of my boys had a sleep over last night and of course they played outside till dark and stayed up too late and got up too early and the first thing my sons friend said to me this morning was, “I want some bacon and eggs.”  I looked at him and said, “this isn’t Denny’s dude- get some cereal”.  Ok, I didn’t really say that but I did laugh because

1.  there is never bacon in the house, and we maybe have some frozen egg beaters. 


2.  I can’t cook.

He had a bagel.


alison - 😆 that is too funny!! yeah, my kids act like i’m their personal waitress–gotta nip that one in the bud–well, maybe before it goes to seed. hmmm.

isn’t it funny how you’ll see something (like amy’s book) and you KNOW that person is a “kindred spirit”.

Katherine B. - LOL!! I am right there with you…never any bacon, hate to cook breakfast and my 6 year-old son eats cereal!

paige - Bagels save me many a morning, girl. Thanks for sharing the story and the book. You enabler, you. 😆