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A trip to the farm

Took the boys down to the farm to see the grandparents and get out of town for a few days. Sometimes just a short jaunt down there is all we need to refresh. Now we are back and it’s back to the routine of summer laid back days. It’s crazy how fast summer is going by, the boys will be back in school before we know it and Cole will be starting preschool two mornings a week. He can’t wait, and I have to admit I’m a little excited too.

Here are a few pics from Briarwood Farm

IMG_0402 copy IMG_0359 copy IMG_0381 copy

Fun Summer Days

Hey that was my idea

I was shopping at Old Navy over the weekend and right up front they had dog collars, just like the ones I was making. Not only that but they had the little letter charms that I was searching high and low for. So what did I do? I bought two of course- they were 5 bucks! and the charms were three. So now my dogs are sporting Old Navy collars and the best part is, I don’t care if they roll in the mud now. The Elisalou collars will be saved for special use. So for now you will not find dog collars on the website- buy them at Old Navy people!

A day of sewing ahead, orders to fill. Spent the weekend at the farm with good intentions to sew but I am so spoiled by my new Janome that I couldn’t sew on my moms Viking. Now I need to catch up. I’ve got VH1 classics on with Elvis Costello and Billie Joe Armstrong, what could be better??

What a great idea

RUGS!  Saw this while browsing some favorite blogs.  Love this idea.

It is so stinking hot here, it’s been non-stop a/c use- hoping to open the windows again soon….


RH Paint 

I am such a color fanatic but I have found that for my walls, not so much.  I have tried reds and yellows and bright blues but I think that I prefer neutral backdrops so I can add the color elsewhere.

Yesterday Cole and I hit RH for some hardware for the boys bathroom.  I decided to pick up some small samples to try more colors than my favorite silver sage and coffee.  They have the best paint.  Not to mention the cute little cans……..