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Since a lot of you are asking about the bags that Cathy and Ali have, I thought I would just do a general post instead of emailing every one directly.

Ali has two bags, the Mary Jane and the large bucket bag.  The one seen here is her bucket bag.

Cathy also has two bags, here she is wearing the large bucket bag and here she has the messenger bag.

Off to get some coffee and get busy!

Have a great Friday everyone!

V - I am just so thankful that Ali listed you on her blog! I live in a small, middle of nowhere town and it is by chance that I stumble upon such awesome things. I cannot wait for the bags that I ordered to get here and the jewelry is exactly what I have been searching for forever!!! I am hooked!

A word of thanks

for all the nice emails I got today. It was so nice to hear from so many people. And a shout out of thanks to Ali and Cathy for their supoort.

For those that have asked about my fabrics, I get a lot of them from J Caroline.  www.jcaroline.com

Check them out, they have a very fun site.

Hoping to get more jewelry upon the site soon, and lots of new fabrics.  So check back often or sign up for the email.

It is my favorite time of day, quiet kiddos reading books and a sleeping three year old.  Crickets chirping outside the window, feeling a little sad that summer is coming to an end.

Have a good evening!

Heather Nunes - I just wanted to say I found your website yesterday and you have something here that I have been envisioning for a few months for myself. You are a true inspiration, you are so talented!I will definitely be purchasing holiday gifts as well as birthday gifts from you, you have hit the nail on the head. I wish you luck and success with your label.

beth - It made my day to see all of the new fabric and bags. You’ve got great taste!

Miriam - Just purchased 4 of your bags yesterday–got the link from Ali’s site. I will continue to shop your cute bags! Can’t wait to get my order!

Valerie White - Would you be able to tell me the style of bag Ali and Cathy have? I am interested in it since they seem to be comfortable carrying them.

Thanks so much,


Another Sneak Peek


Here is another sneak peak at a product that will soon go up on the site. I love this wristlet. Perfect to hold keys, ipod, cellphone, or even a checkbook.


and check this out, now there are white ones!


Tiel S-K - Love the strong colours. Do you design your own fabrics? Fantastic blog and website.

Tonja - Hi, LOVE your bags and jewelry! 🙂 I would love a small bucket in this material, (the clutch sneak peak). Can you make one with these coordinating materials??? Please email me, thanks! 🙂

michelle - love the colors..it is a happy bag and would always make me smile…glad to have found your blog and will check back often for inspiration or maybe just to smile

Island Jen - oh yes…i see a new bag in my future! just gorgeous!

Amanda - Ooo I love this!!

Priya - I would love a wristlet EXACTLY like the one pictured. Please email me with cost. Also, how do I request fabric choices for the messenger bags’ strap, inside and outside? The samples shown have these different fabrics, but when I try to order, I am only given one option. Please let me know!


A Sneak Peek

Mint Chocolate Flower Boxy Tote

We will be introducing a new bag soon. After a number of requests for a “tote” I have come up with one that is both practicle, fun, and still stylish. This bag is my new favorite because it will hold so much stuff and is very sturdy. Plus I am all over the soft chocolate interior- yum. So take a look

Mint Chocolate Flower Boxy Tote Mint Chocolate Flower Boxy Tote

Janet - Looks great. Reminds me of chocolate mints.

tracey hageman - elisa-
so great. I am curious which of your bags would be best for a diaper bag? I will trust your judgement. your stuff is so great! tracey


and I think it may have finally cooled off around here.  A storm rolled through and took the humidity with it.  I am hoping it stays cool for a few days.  I am tired of the a/c.  Met mi madre at the outlet mall today and picked up some school clothes for the boys, a bed at Pottery Barn for Austin, and some new sun glasses for me because Cole lost mine while we were in Pottery Barn.  It was hot, and it wore us out.  But we made it home before the storm so all was good. 


Here are some cool things growing in my backyard.  The yellow flower is on a gourd plant.  Last fall we had a party with lots of gourds as decorations and the kids and dogs scattered them everywhere.  Now we have gourd plants everywhere.  In the sandbox, by the driveway, in the middle of the yard- you name it.  The other flower is so very cool- they bloom every year and are always a surprise.  I guess I forget about them.

IMG_0459ee IMG_0457ee

Today was the last day of camp for the older kids.  They spent the day at Alum Creek.  Can’t believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting soon….

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