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Found this site and I think it is so cool.  The color, the process of the hand blown glass- everything.  SO very cool.

alison - wow, never seen those before. the colors are so beautiful, and how they light up w/a candle. thanks for sharing.

Nat - I’m visiting my friend Paige, who suggested that I stop at your site. I’m so glad I did. I really like this glass site. The colors are amazing. Thank you for holding the site up for the rest of us! I cannot wait to go look at your other site.


Since I get asked a lot of questions I thought I would post a few here just in case any one else was wondering too….

 What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Digital Rebel- Love it!

Do you wholesale?

Probably my most frequently asked question and the one I struggle with the most.  At this point in time the answer is no and here’s why.

 I sell at a wholesale price on my website, if I went any lower this gig wouldn’t be worth my time.  If I wholesaled I would have to raise my prices to make  them consistent with the other stores and websites that were also selling my products.  I don’t want to do this, I would rather see more people be able to afford my goods.

So for right now, the only place you will be able to find ElisaLou products is through me.


Can I link to your site from blog?

Absolutely, as long as you don’t say anything mean like my kids are ugly or something like that!

That is all for now but this will probably be an on-going topic.


Have a great Tuesday

Tiel S-K - Good for you about the wholesale decision. I too have struggled with this for the personalised artwork for children that I make. I’m happy with where I am at.

I linked your blog to mine, promise not to say anything nasty about your kids or work! How could I?

Checking in

It’s so hard to spend the weekend without hi speed and wi-fi.  I have gotten so spoiled that I just feel like stomping my feet while I wait for the ancient dial-up to come to life when I am at my parents house.  Then it never connects, too many people trying to use it all at once, or something like that.  Anyway, we are back from a weekend at the farm, which isn’t really a farm farm, more like a small horse farm- only it hasn’t had horses in the past few years.  But that’s a whole other story. 

We decided to head out after Andy got off work on Friday because I realized that I could really benefit from an extra pair of hands.  Since I started my business, it has been pretty steady except for a few slams here and there when I would get a mention on someones blog or a shopping site.  Ali’s blog sent a lot of orders my way.  Everyone is always so nice when I get slammed.  I make each bag myself and it is a step by step process.  I like to think about the person that ordered the bag as I am constructing it.  My order sheet will tell me if it is the only bag they ordered or if they chose one in every color.  Sometimes people will share information with me, like if they are ordering one for themselves and one for their daughter.  I always like that because that is something my mom would do.  Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for being very patient.

The first night at the farm our Golden Retriever was going nuts.  90 lbs. of nuts.  So Blake and I went outside to run around with her, she was so excited to be there.  When I saw her stop and sniff the ground for a while I went over to see what she was looking at.  It was a baby bird.  A storm had come through the night before and it must have blown out of the tree.  We picked it up and put it in a box.  Andy was doubtful, thought we should just leave it and let nature take it’s course but I couldn’t leave it there.  My dad looked around for a nest, but couldn’t find one.  He looked at me and said, “you do the best you can do”.  I knew he meant that I should try to save it but not to count on it surviving.  So we took it inside and put it in the laundry room.  I decided that it needed a nest and Andy suggested I get some dog hair, the birds in our backyard always take the hair out of the yard after I brush the dogs.  So I went out and tried to pull some hair off but they weren’t shedding.  So I got some scissors and cut a bunch off Barley’s tail.  I made this really nice bed for the bird and we fed it some watered down corn meal with a straw.  By the next morning the bird was jumping out of the box and even off the washing machine.  We decided to put it outside in it’s box and fed it again.  By the afternoon it had jumped/flown away.  Not sure what happened to it, but I would like to think it is managing on it’s own.

Saturday I put my mom on interfacing duty.  She was a trooper slaving over the iron all day.  Andy took the boys swimming and I cut and sewed.  I was amazed at how much smoother it went with someone helping out.

Blake had a birthday party today that he needed to get back for so we got up early and headed back home.  But not before Cole and I hit the garden for some fresh organic produce.

Check this out


and that’s only half of it.  Cooked up some of those peppers for some chicken enchiladas for dinner.  Yum.

Off to bed.

I tried to answer all emails tonight so if you emailed me and didn’t get an answer, go ahead and email me again. 


Diaper Bags

I have been asked a couple times about diaper bags, I have been using the messenger bag as a diaper bag for the past couple years, but the boxy tote would work well too.  I am considering designing a bag that is strictly a diaper bag, on the list of things to do.

Here is a picture of the messenger bag with a matching changing pad, which can be added with an any bag purchase for an extra $10.

messenger bag with changing pad 



Since a lot of you are asking about the bags that Cathy and Ali have, I thought I would just do a general post instead of emailing every one directly.

Ali has two bags, the Mary Jane and the large bucket bag.  The one seen here is her bucket bag.

Cathy also has two bags, here she is wearing the large bucket bag and here she has the messenger bag.

Off to get some coffee and get busy!

Have a great Friday everyone!

V - I am just so thankful that Ali listed you on her blog! I live in a small, middle of nowhere town and it is by chance that I stumble upon such awesome things. I cannot wait for the bags that I ordered to get here and the jewelry is exactly what I have been searching for forever!!! I am hooked!