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and I think it may have finally cooled off around here.  A storm rolled through and took the humidity with it.  I am hoping it stays cool for a few days.  I am tired of the a/c.  Met mi madre at the outlet mall today and picked up some school clothes for the boys, a bed at Pottery Barn for Austin, and some new sun glasses for me because Cole lost mine while we were in Pottery Barn.  It was hot, and it wore us out.  But we made it home before the storm so all was good. 


Here are some cool things growing in my backyard.  The yellow flower is on a gourd plant.  Last fall we had a party with lots of gourds as decorations and the kids and dogs scattered them everywhere.  Now we have gourd plants everywhere.  In the sandbox, by the driveway, in the middle of the yard- you name it.  The other flower is so very cool- they bloom every year and are always a surprise.  I guess I forget about them.

IMG_0459ee IMG_0457ee

Today was the last day of camp for the older kids.  They spent the day at Alum Creek.  Can’t believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting soon….

elisalou designs » Fall is in the air, or on the ground - […] So remember I talked about the gourd plants growing in my backyard well yesterday I found this […]


Our house is a constant work in progress. It’s an average size, we have had bigger and we have had smaller.  I am not a fan of large homes because I like the cozy feel of a cottage, and the truth of the matter is I just don’t want to clean a big house.  But we are a family of five and we need a high functioning house.  When you have a lot of people and two big dogs, well a house can feel small fast.  So I have been on a mission to purge.  Kids accumulate so much stuff and they don’t like to part with it.  As we slowly redo this house, I am finding that it feels really good to get rid of stuff.  It’s addictive.

So here is a corner of my home, our front hallway.  I am actually liking this space at the moment, even though it isn’t done- so much work still to do.  Thankfully I enjoy the process. 


hallway shelf log cabin pillows

and the latest log cabin pillow which is actually for Cole’s room but hasn’t made it up there yet.


Missing Michigan

or more specifically Lake Michigan. It is so hot here, I have been thinking about the lake all day. Love it there. Here are some pictures from our last trip there

IMG_6197-copy IMG_6226 IMG_6219 copy IMG_6146-copy IMG_6212-crop IMG_6170

gina - Hi friend,
I just thought I would let you know Denyse has a new colorway coming for Flea Market Fancyâ?¦See a â??sneak peakâ? on http://www.QuiltersBuzz.com.
Happy crafting, Gina

Great photos of sumemr fun!

I caved

DS Fabric and now I am the proud owner of some DS fabric. No idea what I am going to do with it, planning on something for ME. Andy has taken the boys to Cosi on this hot muggy Saturday and I am cleaning up a bit and getting ready to get some work done. Hard to get moving today, stayed up way too late at a friends house and now all I can think about is a nap.

gina - Hi
Guess what a new colorway of the DS line is on the way…I will post as soon as I download photos Denyse sent to me. Sorry you are gunna have to buy more!
Great blog and creations.

A rainy day in these parts

I love a good summer rain.  The boys have settled in to watch Back to the Future.  It’s cool to see them getting into movies that I watched as a kid.  No camp today so we are all here for an inside day of togetherness.

 I am so excited about some changes coming to the website.  New fabrics, hopefully a newsletter out soon, and a new way of giving back to a place that is near and dear to me.  Soon we are going to be adding a feature- whenever someone buys a blanket from this site, we will donate one to Children’s Hospital.  Still trying to work out the details.  I am hoping to get my kids involved by letting them pass out the blankets.

Off to the studio, I love to say that- sounds a lot better than saying “off to the next room”

Ok one more thing, my kids are watching this movie and asking things like, “the people at the gas station used to pump the gas for you???”  “they had convertables back then?”  Too funny.


edited to add-  if you feel like doing something kind today, check this out