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The beauty of a small town

We had a great time in Granville.  The historic downtown was converted into a small fair, with live music, rides for the kids and fair food.  The fireworks were in a perfect setting, we really enjoyed the whole day. 

Jeanies house was amazing.  I have never been in a house with a turret.  So very cool. 

The other cool thing, seeing Amy Butler stand in line for fair food, and then again walking back from the fireworks with her friend and her friends daughter- all holding hands.  I tried not to stare.


Alexander Henry Fabric Rocks!


Found a bolt of this fabric yesterday.  It is so yummy I just want to eat it.  I can’t decide if I want to put it up for bags or be selfish and save it all for myself. 

We are off to Granville today, a small artsy town about 20 minutes outside of town.  One of Andy’s co-workers has a big old historic house and has invited us over to watch the fireworks tonight.  There is a big festival with lots of things for kiddos so it should be a fun day.  Andy’s friend went to high school with Amy Butler (who lives and works in Granville) so maybe if we run into her I can actually meet the fabric goddess herself.  Taking the camera, hope to get lots of good pictures.

Shonda Bravinder - Hi Elisa! I just love your website. I too am a stay at home mom and love to make purses for my friends. The only problem is that I only have Joann’s to choose from and there selection is not very big. Would you be willing to tell me where you get your yummy material from? I would be forever grateful! Keep up the great work!


Numero Uno

I am so excited to have this new blog on my website.  A way to share new fabrics and inspiration!  Very Cool.

Nothing screams summer like the 4th of July and here are some recent  pictures of some more signs of summer.

The Slip and Silde

Slip and Slide 

And the Ice Cream Man!

Ice Cream Man Cole I ce Cream  Austin Ice Cream 

Love this picture of Blake, life is all about Simple Pleasures 

Blake Ice Cream