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Maine Cottage… sorta

Last summer I went through this phase where I spray painted everything that wasn’t nailed down.  My porch furniture turned into bright pieces straight out of Maine Cottage

Recently Andy has been talking about getting a new patio table. The wood one we have is falling apart and old.  But I decided to give it a go with some spray paint and I am liking the results.


Maine cottage 


Now I just have to find the time to sew up some new cushions.


A (somewhat) quiet house

After a day of activity yesterday- Blake’s Baseball pool party and then a cookout with friends, today is devoted to getting some work done.  Andy took all three boys to see the movie Cars, so I am here alone with my sewing machine and some U2 on the stereo.  Ahhh.


I can’t tell you how many times I have almost hopped in my car to head over to the quilt store to pick up some Flea Market Fancy.  I can’t wait to make myself a quilt out of this cool fabric.  For so many years now I have been making quilts for my kids and it finally dawned on me this year right around my birthday that maybe I could make a quilt for say…..ME!  The Amy Butler quilt was the result.  Now I am itching to make more.  I have promised myself that I can only start a new project like that when I am all caught up on orders.  So far that hasn’t happened, which I guess is a good thing- I like getting more orders 🙂

It is Friday and the house is winding down.  One boy is sleeping at a friends house, one boy is already asleep, and one boy is laying beside me reading Magic Tree House with his dad.  Peaceful after the last couple of hard days we have had.  A combination of too many activities and not enough sleep.  Summer is hard that way and easy that way.

I read such a great post on a cool blog today.  Funny how something written when I was just a baby can still be so insightful today.  Perfect timing too.

Color Color and more Color

Have you seen this book?  Some day I am just going to have to break down and buy it, this is the third time I have checked it out from the library.  Her other one, is just as fun.

100 % Cotton Please

I can’t really remember when I became such a cotton snob.  I think it was right after I had my first kid, when words like “organic” and “all natural” became part of my vocabulary.  I remember that I didn’t want anything that wasn’t 100% cotton to ever touch my babies skin.  I am still that way and that baby is now 9 years old. 

Not that I didn’t try synthetics, who could resist when all those fleece blankets came out that were so cheap and colorful.  But when it came down to it, my kids didn’t even like them all that much, especially the hot blooded one who wound up sweating in a blanket that didn’t “breathe”.  Now the new “minky” fabrics are the big hit, blech!  Polyester!  What could be worse?!

So it’s all cotton for me, nothing like wrapping up in a quilt that has gotten softer with each wash and feels so great against my skin.

Doesn’t this look inviting?


And don’t you love the dog nose pointing out?