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What a great idea

RUGS!  Saw this while browsing some favorite blogs.  Love this idea.

It is so stinking hot here, it’s been non-stop a/c use- hoping to open the windows again soon….


RH Paint 

I am such a color fanatic but I have found that for my walls, not so much.  I have tried reds and yellows and bright blues but I think that I prefer neutral backdrops so I can add the color elsewhere.

Yesterday Cole and I hit RH for some hardware for the boys bathroom.  I decided to pick up some small samples to try more colors than my favorite silver sage and coffee.  They have the best paint.  Not to mention the cute little cans……..


Orange Flower Power


Took the plunge and made some scraps into a pillow.  Interesting working without a pattern and trying to get the size to work out.  I think it turned out pretty cool.

Welcome to my living room little pillow.

edited to add…

Yes, these pillows will make it to site- I just need to figure out how to list individual items.  They will be one of kind, not mass produced

tracey hageman - LOVE this pillow. will you be offering these for sale?! your stuff is so great!

tracey hageman - AWESOME!!!! I love that pillow! and I love how they will not be mass produced. that is what makes your stuff so great!

Amy Teets - OMG!!!! I sooo love this!!!

Go grab your camera

If this site doesn’t make you want to pick up your camera……

take a look and see for yourself-

the color….so cool!

Jinky Art