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100 % Cotton Please

I can’t really remember when I became such a cotton snob.  I think it was right after I had my first kid, when words like “organic” and “all natural” became part of my vocabulary.  I remember that I didn’t want anything that wasn’t 100% cotton to ever touch my babies skin.  I am still that way and that baby is now 9 years old. 

Not that I didn’t try synthetics, who could resist when all those fleece blankets came out that were so cheap and colorful.  But when it came down to it, my kids didn’t even like them all that much, especially the hot blooded one who wound up sweating in a blanket that didn’t “breathe”.  Now the new “minky” fabrics are the big hit, blech!  Polyester!  What could be worse?!

So it’s all cotton for me, nothing like wrapping up in a quilt that has gotten softer with each wash and feels so great against my skin.

Doesn’t this look inviting?


And don’t you love the dog nose pointing out?

New Fabric

Esprit Stripe Mocca Floral Bangle Dot

Picked up some more Alexander Henry Fabric- LOVE this.  These will be up on the site soon I hope.  Can’t wait to see the bags made up with these. 

beth - those fabrics are so great! you have good taste! hope your business is doing well and you are enjoying it.

The Key Fobs

Key Fobs 

A sneak peak at the latest Elisa Lou design.  I love these things, they fit nicely around the wrist and make it perfect to grab your keys and go.


Coming Soon…..Dog collars and Leads!

Tasha - Love the keychains, can’t wait for the dog collars and leashes!!! Found your site on Cathy Zeilske’s blog and am absolutely loving your stuff. When do you think you’ll have the key chains and dog gear available for sale? Tash

The beauty of a small town

We had a great time in Granville.  The historic downtown was converted into a small fair, with live music, rides for the kids and fair food.  The fireworks were in a perfect setting, we really enjoyed the whole day. 

Jeanies house was amazing.  I have never been in a house with a turret.  So very cool. 

The other cool thing, seeing Amy Butler stand in line for fair food, and then again walking back from the fireworks with her friend and her friends daughter- all holding hands.  I tried not to stare.