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High School Lax

My poor neglected blog! I have lots of pics to post but lacrosse season started and I am trying hard to get our evening routines down.

I was asked to take pictures of the Senior players the other night and spent the evening hanging out with them on the best night we have had in these parts in a very long time.


Will be back to update more soon!

Susan - This is a great photo!!

Hannah - Could not love this shot more!

Lifestyle and wide angle photography

I admit I am a close-up blurry background kind of girl but when you are in a rut you are in a rut.

And it’s time to push your comfort zone.


Blake’s lacrosse schedule now that he is in high school is pretty intense and his guitar lessons had to be cut because they were at the same time. Cole has been begging to take guitar lessons so we let him take over Blake’s spot. He is SO into it. And now of course so is Eva. This is how she plays. She is actually really musical and a pretty good singer.

Anyway back to photography. I am pushing out of my comfort zone and trying more wide angle.


I love the lifestyle “in the moment” of it. Of course you can see more messy house as well.


Huddy’s peep:)


Have I mentioned how weird it is that last year Cole suddenly developed a broken blood vessel on his face in the EXACT same place I had one as a kid?? I can’t tell you how many times someone asked me “did your brother punch you in the face?” When Cole got one out of the blue in the same place I was floored. So weird.



And then I get sucked back into this face. That is growing up so so fast.


She’s beautiful and feisty and doing so well lately. I pulled up a pic of her the other day when she was a chunky monkey. She is so skinny now. I miss the chunk.


It’s February you guys. I don’t like it. But when the sun shines it’s all a little better.


Tiffany - I love close up and blurry…always my fave!


Lisa - My 10 year old son has two broken blood vessels on his face – is there treatment available for them? I haven’t checked into it with his doctor but he’s had them for quite some time.


3pm is my fave time of day. It’s when the first of the four start trickling through the door. The house goes from quiet to loud and that’s the way I love it most.

Austin’s team has been running drills on our street lately and I love it. They yell Hi when I go out to get the mail, they have even stopped in to use the bathroom.


A very nice group of kids


Guitar and Beach

One of my first and only shots with my new macro lens- Austin picked up the guitar after 4 years and amazed us all that he still knows how to play.


I am SO over the cold and winter.

I have been editing pics from the beach and it makes me just want to get in the car and go.


Feeling warmer yet?

Hannah - You are KILLING it.

I want a macro….and the beach. So this traveling beach photography thing…maybe we should do that ;)

Our new family member


These people look sweet and nice, but watch out.


They ambush


And they think it’s funny


Even when they hit your camera


Or end up with snow down your shirt


Watch out for the little one especially


Hudson loves to eat the snow and they were afraid he would eat their snowman


He had to be tackled a couple of times


So this is our new family member, I’m afraid he’s going to be around for a while


He’s pretty cute though


And I say he because he is a boy


I won’t be sad when he decides to leave.


Gretchen P - I won’t be sad when he decides to leave, either! I just can’t do much more of this crazy weather! I need sand in my toes and sun in my face! Counting down the days until we hit the beach in June!

Hannah - there is a lot of cuteness in this post!

Seriously though, that is one awesome snowman. Mine always look like they have diarrhea…no lie.