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Rosemary Beach


Since we had to be out of our house for 2 weeks while they did the hardwood floors I decided to take the kids and few friends to the beach.


7 boys and 1 girl and 1 mom.


As crazy as that sounds it turned out to be a great week.


All the kids got a long great and the olders were very helpful.


The water was so clear the kids spent the entire week in the water fishing and boating.


This crab was not happy about being caught


I love this pic of these two


The crab gave Austin a good pinch before he took him back to the ocean.


More to come

elizabeths08 - Wow you are brave taking all those kids to the beach. At least they are all old enough to watch themselves…no serious babysitting going on. Looks like a great time! Your the coolest mom!

dani - can you share the details on the place you rented in FL? we did the OBX last yr…rented a cabin in WI on a lake this yr and looking for another gem….
we like you travel with other families and kids and that place looks like heaven!!! cant wait to see pics of the new house…congrats on finally getting in

hannah - Love Love Love. You really shine at teh beach :)

Fun things in the shop


Lots of fun bags and fabrics in the shop- just thought I would throw some color your way!


One of my all time faves is back!



Perfect for back to school!


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Last Day

Today is our last full day at the beach. I am so glad I was down here instead of stuck in a hotel at home. All 8 kids were great- it was a perfect way to wrap up summer.

When I took the dogs to the farm the garden was looking great- plan to raid it on the way back home.

She looks like such a big girl…. still trying to decide on K or pre-K for her. Going down to the wire on this one.

Farm Pretties

Awkward adolescent

Blake wants an El Camino for his first car- the kid is an original that’s for sure.

The island granite got delivered while I was gone. It’s called Super White- but really more gray.

We stop at a hotel on the way to the beach and these boys dissect a firecracker that they found along the way

She is a bed hog

The water is so clear they can see fish, rays, and sand dollars.


The youngers

Headed out to pick up chicks

Words not needed…

Date night

To the beach we go


Back at home my floors get stained

Austin runs twice a day- one night his buds joined him

But not these two

late night snorkeling

it’s not ugly here

A rare moment of peace

wish 5pm could look like this every day

Little friend

The crazy two

My new barn door

Off to enjoy the sun and waves- love it here. But ready to head home and get my house put together!

Lisa - How did you keep all those boy children fed? :-)

hannah - These look awesome. I need beach. I really, really, really need a vacation. Really.

Can’t wait to see the house.


Its been a few months since I was down at my fave place doing shoots with these amazing kiddos


And their little brother Oakley


Their mom was so cool- 8 kiddos. And they live at 30A


And Oakley?- the coolest dude ever


I was just happy Blake wasn’t there because this orange Jimmy??? Sweetness. He would have been going nuts.


But there were other cute kids too


It was my first time staying at Alys beach- usually we stay at Watersound.


Every community is so different but so freaking cool


When we moved to NC I was afraid we would never go to 30A again. Since we had beaches 2 hours away.


NC beaches don’t compare to 30A beaches. At all.


And these pics don’t relate to this post. At all.


Except that they were taken at my fave place ever. The place I would pack it all up and move tomorrow if I could.


I almost don’t want to talk about 30A- because it is already so crowded. If people only knew how awesome it is it would be even more crazy packed.


So Shhhh keep it quiet


I wish I was raising my kids there. I can’t imagine a more awesome childhood


I have soooo many more pictures that I need to go through from the Savvy workshop. More to come!


Oh and 30A? I will see you in 5 days. Can. not. wait.

Amy Jo - These young girls are beautiful. And their fashion sense is amazing….maybe I need to start taking little ones with me on shopping trips. Their taste is impeccable.

Elizabeth's - Is this by Rosemary beach? I saw a show recently on HGTV with Vern Kip and he was building a Beach house holy moly! Adorable town and the homes? TO DIE FOR!!!


No doubt about it- my kids have big thick heads of hair.


Like uncontrollable big thick heads of hair. Most of them curly, except for Cole. I’m sure his will turn curly too.


This is the longest Blake’s hair has ever been.


He cut it right before his lax tourney. I don’t think his helmet was fitting very well


Our trampoline needed new pads and sides after Austin and friends ripped a big hole in the net. It’s the third set this trampoline has had. Eva says they are no longer allowed on “her” trampoline.


She’s the boss.

Hannah - Duh. She IS the boss :)