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It’s stove day!!

I hate to even say it since we haven’t had very good luck with the appliance part of this remodel. But my backordered stove is supposed to be delivered today and I can’t wait. I want to cook a meal at home!! It’s been forever!

We have two pods still full of stuff. I can’t wait to get our stuff out.

My fridge was delivered, at least it works.

My microwave is a drawer- I kinda like it.

Entry way light- I love it.

I love this truck- wish it was for sale

Austin’s first cross country meet. He was sick but still took 4th

Someone left some Jeni’s ice cream on our front porch

We don’t have much stuff out of storage but the kids still manage to trash their rooms- Eva did a good job of cleaning it up. Her room is now cleared out and being painted.

Cole did a good job cleaning his as well

The chimney getting some stone

Blake’s “all about me” paper

Right before they poured the patio and firepit- move Zo!

Getting back into project life

Learning to spell

Discussing who they want to ask to Homecoming

An afternoon at the zoo

Her first pair of Doc Martens

Austin’s 2nd xc meet- finished in the top 20 out of over 500 runners and got a personal best

The girly has a doctors appointment that then we are hitting the grocery store, hopefully we will be able to cook tonight!

dani - i love reading your blogs! you have gone thru so many moves and changes i know you have to be so happy to be home….please post lots of pics so we can see how all your blood sweat and tears turned out! im sure you and your family and friends will have an amazing housewarming party!



Lately I have been thinking a lot about getting more stories down, more pictures taken, more of our life captured.


I love going back and reading things that I totally forgot about on the blog or in a scrapbook.


Now that we are slowly settling back into our house I am hoping to settle back into a routine of getting things recorded again. I miss it.


I am thinking of using my smaller camera more, not worrying about editing, and keeping a journal to record weekly events. Maybe use Lightroom instead of Photoshop. Shoot JPEG instead of RAW.


It’s amazing how fast time has flown by. I mean we all say it as we watch our kids grow. But it is more painfully obvious to me now that I have two kids in high school.


So in order to continue to continue I have been brainstorming ways to make it all easier so I will actually do it.

I want to print more pics, I want to do project life, I want to tell our stories.


Like an ordinary night when we took Shiloh and Eva to the river at the end of our street


We didn’t do it all summer while we were hotel living. I am ready to make up for lost time.


We are all currently camping in our downstairs while the upstairs gets painted. Then we will switch. I get my stove on Tuesday. Home stretch.


So ready.

hannah - I’m happy to see you having fun again and enjoying the little things. Tell me what you find that works. I refuse to go to a small camera, because I know I’ll stop with the big camera, but I do enjoy my iphone camera. It’s not stellar but it does the job and I enjoy just being a mom and not a photographer :}

Farm Work


One of my kids fave things to do at the farm is drive around pick up all of the fallen branches in the pastures and take them to the giant brush pile.


Blake was first to drive, with Eva riding shotgun.


And Cole in the back.


My dad keeps at least one old truck around for this purpose- and to teach all the grandkids how to drive.


She thinks she is hot stuff


The cows think so too


Cole likes to jump out to get the branches


While the boys work she practices her ballet


And wanders around finding cool stuff to look at


She has him wrapped around her finger


So much so that he even lets her drive


But then it’s back to bubbles


I can’t believe summer at the farm is over


And that the kids are back in school:(


I need time to slow down a little bit


But at least its Friday- crossing my fingers that the rain holds off and we can do s’mores tonight. Something we didn’t do all summer!

Hannah - I hear you. Summer needs to come back…like now.
I bought sea salt caramels to make really cool smores with and then ate them all. So I bought another bag, and they have sat and sat because we’ve only had one fire in the fire-pit. I mean really? I stink this year. What happened to fun mom?

PS: I love your dad’s farm :)

elizabeths - That farm is crazy beautiful! All that land. I bet the kids love it there.

Best salad dressing ever!!

I have meant to post this forever. I mean forever.

I got this recipe years ago from my old neighbor Lynne and it has become a staple in our house.

It’s so easy, healthy, and best of all yummy!!

I buy all the ingredients at Costco

You can sorta modify it to your liking, less garlic, more oregano- I typically like a lot of garlic and spices.

6 Tablespoon olive oil (I use extra virgin or the garlic one shown above)
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar- I usually use a tad more, I love vinegar
3-4 garlic cloves- minced
teaspoon oregano (I usually use more)
salt and pepper to taste

This time I am trying this tuscan seasoning in it too.

I make my own croutons – just chop up a multi grain fresh loaf- and cook it in the toaster oven..

The croutons soaked with the dressing are the best part! I also use store bought if I don’t have bread.


elizabets - YUM!! This sounds so good! I’ve gotta try it.

Hannah - Man oh man. I grew up on a oil and vinegar dressing that was very similar to this…only more 1970′s ;) It sounds so good. Have I mentioned how happy it makes me to see you getting your groove back? SO happy. Now, go cook something and show it to me…maybe it will push me to get my groove back too.

Julie - I used to make a walnut vinaigrette dressing from scratch that for some reason I haven’t made in years. You’ve inspired me to dust off the recipe and see if I still love it as much as I did back than.

dani - i have lived on red wine vinager all my life …my kids now are addicts as well,,,,so fresh..
i add various herbs as well…

i am also hooked on olive oil and fresh lemon juice dressing…
i do on salads, veggies ,fish….try that too..yummy!!

ps i am researching the 30a vacation..which home do you rent..we seem to have a large group too and need a bigger home

1st day of school

I think everyone is in agreement that this summer flew by


All the boys are out the door, and now it’s just me and the girly.


And she’s sleeping in.


I was chatting with a friend this morning about how elementary school seems to go slow, and then flies once they hit middle school.


As we settle back into our home and life I can’t tell you how happy I am that I still have little ones in the house.


No doubt it was hard when we were living out of suitcases with no structure. But things are settling down and everyone seems to be getting back into the family groove.


Which is good because boy have I missed it.


I have learned a lot over the last year.


And happily moving forward.

1st day of 11th grade. Unbelievable

1st day of 9th grade- He just rolled out of bed, can you tell?

And first day of 5th.

Looking forward to a great school year!

Oh- and for those that asked me on my blog or via email about where we stay at the beach- we usually stay at Watersound Beach. There are a few different places called watersound but wtaersound beach is the only one we have stayed at. We have rented both houses and condos there. It is a gated community. Pros are that golf carts and bikes usually come with houses, it’s on the beach side of 30A, and the kids can roam around without really worrying about them. Lots of pools and a very cool beach club pool. Cons are it’s kinda pricey.

This past trip we stayed in the Rosemary/Seacrest area. Pros are that it’s less expensive, more things for the olders to walk to (shops restaurants, etc). Cons are it’s more crowded and it’s on the other side of 30A (which all communities are except watersound beach).

We find all our places on VRBO. We have had great luck with it and the places are always better in person than in the pics. Here are a few of my posts tagged with watersound. Watercolor (we have never stayed here but it’s cool too), and Seaside.

Hannah - Can I just say I am a little mad that summer is over? I don’t feel like I really got a summer. I need to have some fun…like a family vacation or something. Seriously.

Today is Dmitry’s first day of 11th grade too. How did that happen? Today is the first day they are back to school together… I am already ready to run away ;)

PS: I love the front door!!