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Snowy Monday


The kids were hoping for a snow day but ended up with a two hour delay instead.


Eva didn’t have school so we hung out all day, running errands, cleaning the house, and playing play-doh


It turned out to be a nice day- food in the crockpot early on and a fire in the fireplace


I pulled out my 35mm lens that I don’t use very often- I needed a change of pace and something to challenge me a little more


It’s not easy being a photographer in the winter. But fortunately our house gets a lot of light and the sun was out so I ran with it.


This dog loves the snow and I think I have mentioned it is hard to get him to come back inside.


So I grabbed my camera and joined him outside. The sun was almost down and the sky looked so pretty.


And he was just happy to have someone out there to play with


I was hoping we would get hit by the blizzard but this was it for us. And now I am sorta ready for Spring.


Gretchen P - I always love your pictures! You are so talented! I am so over winter. I am ready for our beach vacation in June!

Hannah - So how did you like the 35? I love shooting wide…I seem to be going wider and wider with age, that goes for my lens and my hips :) I love the compression of a longer lens but I love the feel of a wide lens.

Anyways, I could stand a snow day…is that bad? Maybe just one good snow and I’d be happy. So would the Super Doodle, who loves the snow almost as much as he does eating underwear…which he is going for a new record, three pairs in less than two weeks. Seriously. I try everything to keep them away from him too. Weird freak of a dog.

365 catch up

I have still been doing my 365 so I thought I would do a catch up.

1-5-2015 copy

Hoping for a snow day


Snow day


Oh how I love this dog- he LOVES the snow.


She came home and said “are you a snowy or a beachy?” Beachy I said. She said “well I am both, I love them both!”

1-9 copy

This pic was taken at the end of a very stressful parenting day. She was not the cause of the stress but she looked so cute with her softy bunny that she can’t sleep without.

1-10 copy

He and I were watching beach front bargains on HGTV on a very cold night.

1-11 copy

Ski school- she loves it and that makes her daddy very happy.


ooops forgot the date on that one- Huddy at the vet.


Lax- stick repair. He can’t use his long pole for indoor lacrosse so he started disassembling a short one 5 minutes before practice.

14-365 copy

5pm on weekday. Prepping dinner with my shadow.

15.365 copy

Eva asked to take a picture of me- I like close-ups she said.

16.365 copy


17.365 copy

View from the porch

18.365 copy


19.365 copy

Home with this happy face

20.365 copy

He wanted to play

1.21.15 copy

Pepperoni roll night- but someone kept stealing the cheese

22.365 copy

My little ballerina

Hoping to pull out the big camera for more 365 but for now just happy that I am still doing it!

rebecca - Loved all of Eva’s comments…so sweet and so “real!” A good reminder for me to record the sweet things my daughter says.

Hannah - I love the joy on her face in that last shot. That’s what it’s all about :) I’m kind of jealous of your snow days…I’d like one good snow this year. Just one… :)

To answer your question. I have no idea what I’m doing with the prints yet…probably just an album or something. I’ll probably display a few. I’m going to make a few albums but honestly, I am just a sucker for prints. I love books, but there’s something about holding those prints in my hands that I just love.

Polar Vortex #2

It’s cold


There are parts of me that get so excited with anticipation of a big storm. Here it’s snow, in North Carolina it was hurricanes. Of course snow storms are typically more benign. And with a good snow storm comes a snow day. Those are always fun.


Living in the south you for sure miss that anticipation- will there be a snow day tomorrow, and then when there is….


But I’m not gonna lie, I am a southern girl at heart. I like warm weather and beaches.


My Texas born husband keeps begging me to go skiing with him and the kids. I hate the cold. While I love the activity, I just really really hate the cold.


So I stay home, and prep a nice dinner for when they get back.


I try to enjoy the fun parts of these cold winters- and I do like the snow. But super cold temps….


Not for me.


Next weekend Andy and I are headed to our fave beach for my birthday


Just for the weekend- to the 30A songwriters festival.


Because if I don’t escape the winter I go a little crazy


Eventually we will move back south.


To where I don’t know- we have a few years to figure it out


My list is very short


But for now I embrace the northern land that my boys love to call home


And all the snowy days that come with it



Enjoy your winter, wherever you are


Hannah - I’m with you. I’m trying to put on my happy face and make the best of the cold…i’d be a bit happier if we had snow!

Just make the best of it all :)

5th Grade Cotillion

Still can’t believe Cole is old enough for this.


Wearing his brothers hand me downs which were way too big.


I guess we should have tried everything on first…


He had a great time and won $10 which made his brothers crazy because they never won anything.


We will be shopping this weekend for some better fitting clothes, and shoes.


Hope you guys are staying warm!