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iPhone Bloggin’ Summer

I seriously can’t believe that it is September. 

Today Austin attended his first Buckeye game as an official Buckeye.  ūüôā

Blake had a XC meet at the Dewine Farm. 

XC has been making him so tired.

Hud practicing his handstands

Our Buckeye tree is full this year!

The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few days

Eva had her first XC practice and loved it

My constant companion 

Cole had his first XC meet.  Suddenly we are a family of runners

Hud and I eat a lot of popcorn, especially when we are watching Bachelor in Paradise 

When Coles feet smell really bad…

A trip to the zoo ūüôā

A quick trip to campus to trade laptops

Cole is only a month away from getting his braces off

Monday mornings are hard

The night before Austin moved into his dorm

Hud watching the olympics- only the horses though

1st day of school- Hud was lonely

1st day of 7th grade

1st day of 1st grade

1st day of 11th grade

Last day of Summer


Everyday they visit

Family pic at Bald Head Island

Pics from our last Summer trip to the beach

Cousin Max came to visit, a trip to put-in-bay, walks to Antrim lake with Hud, July 4th…

More to come

My baby went to college



We loaded up the car and drove him 15 minutes down the road ūüôā


The day before he said, “I am SO glad that I am going to Ohio State. ¬†I would really miss you guys if I was going further away.” ¬†Seriously one of the sweetest things that my non-touchy-feely oldest child has ever said.


I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. ¬†I have had twinges of sadness for the past well year really. ¬†I mean how does it go so fast? ¬†SO. FREAKING. FAST.

I remember rocking him as a baby reading Mothering Magazine. ¬†Someone had written a letter in that said she had been in the store the day before and her toddler was pitching a huge fit and a guy came up to her and said, “yesterday my daughter did the same thing. ¬†Today she started her freshman year at Ohio State.” ¬†I remember my eyes filling with tears. Andy was about to start grad school at Ohio State and I knew, I just knew¬†that this time with my new little guy was going to FLY.


OSU has an amazing move in system and it was very fast and efficient.  And as we got more and more into the day and I saw his excitement grow I felt mine growing as well.

The tears that I thought would come stayed safely tucked away.


Don’t get me wrong. ¬†This was Saturday. ¬†When Monday rolled around and all the other kids wandered in at various times after school there for sure felt like something was missing. ¬†And of course it was. ¬†He was.



See that right there in his hand- that’s the real reason he chose Ohio State.


Do you want to know what’s kinda cool? ¬†This dude was born in the hospital where he will now be studying Pre-Med.


We got to his dorm which I thought because it was an honors dorm it would be a little nicer that the others.  Um nope.  In fact I think it was worse!  No a/c, small rooms, very old.  But exactly what a dorm is supposed to be.


Except for the fact that this day was incredibly hot and we were sweating like crazy getting his stuff unpacked.  We quickly headed to Target for more fans.


And there he goes. ¬†Off to start a new chapter. ¬†I can’t wait to see what his future holds!



And yeah, writing this made me a little teary.

Gretchen Poulson - It is hard to be sad when they are so excited. My parents said the same thing when I went to OSU, as I was born there, too. I’m sure A will do great things. He has two wonderful parents that have been a great example to him. It does go way too fast, I am having a hard time with mine being a junior this year. I blinked and he grew up! I don’t know why they think that is ok.

Hannah - I’m not going to lie, I can’t even imagine. Dmitry likes to travel a lot and I miss him like crazy when he travels, but to LIVE somewhere else? That would be a big adjustment. I’m dreading that day…

I always tell Dmitry, it’s okay that it sucks for me, it’s supposed to…I never want to hold him back. I know you’re the same way. He’s going to be GREAT and you are the best!

Missing Summer

Three of my kids started school this week and Austin moves into the dorms at Ohio State tomorrow.



I honestly don’t know how that is even possible




Summer, just like these kids growing up, just flew by.



And it’s still really hot.



So bring on Fall, cooler temps, football games, and smores over the firepit.

Hannah - We just started school this week…I’m kinda dying over it. It’s not bad, but I’ve been clinging to summer. I am not ready for fall, I don’t even feel like we did anything this summer…which was good…and bad.

I love fall but not yet ūüėČ

Guess what? More island pics!


Are you sick of them yet?  No?  Me neither.  I loved everything about this house and this guy who was out there to watch the sun go down and yet another gorgeous day on Bald Head Island.



We went to another turtle excavation and I just can’t tell you how cool it is.¬† The BHI conservancy staff was so excited about each and every little guy/girl they pulled out of the nest.




The sky was pretty amazing





The boys were after the birds





I love pretty much everything about this island




And this guy still sitting out on his porch on our way back in.¬† Yeah I want to be him ūüôā






And then there is Hud- this dog was pretty sad about going back home




He was pretty sure that island life was his new life




Everywhere he went he made friends and people loved on him




I mean who wouldn’t want that?¬† He fit right in.




Bear with me, more BHI to come….

Hannah - Every time you go here, it makes me want to take Buddy there! It looks so fun!

Bald Head Island

I was so happy to head back to our little island.


And guess who came with us this time??  I was excited to bring Hud along but had no idea how it would work out.


It started with a stop in Chapel Hill at the Sienna. ¬†You guys I can not tell you enough great things about this hotel. ¬†They opened the doors when our crew got there, said “well hello handsome” to Hudson. ¬†Brought him a dog bone and bed and bowls. ¬†It’s an historic hotel that is super cool and super nice and then to top it off they treat your pooch like royalty. ¬†The boys took off down the road to meet up with friends for dinner at UNC and we got take-out and sat outside with Hudson and just enjoyed being back in North Carolina. We debated about bringing Hudson’s dog cage as who knows how a 1.5 year old Golden is going to behave in a strange place when no one is around but we left it behind and crossed our fingers.


This island- it’s the best. ¬†Hudson did awesome on the ferry ride over, I have some great iphone pics of that. ¬†I haven’t been posting my iPhone pics on the blog lately. ¬†It’s just so hard to do both. ¬†If you want to see those follow me on ig!


That first day- when you know you have a whole week ahead.  Seriously the best feeling ever.


Without a doubt I try to soak it in as I know the week will fly by.  It all starts at the marina.  This time it was SO crowded and SO hot.  Once again there was a sign saying that there were no golf carts available on the island.  We have never seen that before this year but saw it earlier this summer.  Our little island is getting popular.  The Marina is fun.  The excitement about the week ahead.  The kids getting their usual snacks from the cafe.  This time Hud being with us and getting a huge dog biscuit.

The ride was hot but Hudson was really good.  Lots of dogs on the boat.  He behaved.


My pictures are all over the place as I took three different cameras. A small mirrorless camera that I can throw in my bag, my underwater camera, and my big camera (Canon M5 III) ¬†I didn’t get the big daddy out much as I was more into just having fun this trip and then the times I did it got covered in sand by other peoples kids ūüôĀ

So, that means these blog posts will be all over the place.  Big camera pics are on my big Mac computer and the rest (I think) will be on my Mac laptop.




Ok so I think this was the 2nd night we were there. ¬†There was turtle excavation. ¬†So basically when a mama turtle comes in to lay eggs, the BHIC will try to find that nest and mark it off. ¬†Like you see in the pic a couple up. ¬†The babies will all come out when they are ready. ¬†But some don’t make it out. ¬†Either they don’t get the signal from their siblings that it’s time to leave or they are just not ready or whatever. ¬†So the BHIC comes in to do an excavation. ¬†They dig them out and help them find their way to the ocean. ¬†These guys would never make it without their help. ¬†And to think that only one in one thousand sea turtles live to adulthood just makes every last one more meaningful. ¬†This year Bald Head Island had 100 nests (so far). ¬†That is the most they have had in 20 years!!!




Without a doubt one of the coolest things I have ever seen.


These little guys- I can’t even tell you…


This guy was ready to GO!  And we cheered him on.


I think they had close to 30 stragglers in this nest.  Making the total for the nest (including those that had already left) over 90.  90 little turtles!


This is what it looked like before.


So Blake brought his hammock and found a couple trees and there you go


We did a lot of games



We alternated between beach and pool and beach and pool


These two preferred the beach


And sometimes they even got along!


And this guy…after his first day afraid of the waves he was in love with the ocean!!


I was SO excited that he loved the beach so much


This you guys… I love this dog. ¬†I love these kids. ¬†My heart was happy!


More to come!