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The next step

I’m not going to lie.  This month has been a big roller coaster of highs and lows and trying to wrap my brain around how we got to this point (so fast) and how we navigate from here.  Family trips are no longer the easy pick a date trips- it’s how can we coordinate schedules and fit it all in- even for just a week.  But on the flip side I am so freaking excited for what this kid does with his life.  He got into the honors program at Ohio State and I could not be more proud.  He has worked so hard to make this happen.  It’s hard to see the first one fly the coop but I could not be more proud!!

Susan - Extra glad he’s not far from home. I bet you will see him more than you think!

Super Games

The best day of the school year!


This year is Cole’s last year in elementary school and his last Super Games!


He wasn’t feeling 100%- seems someone always gets sick. He had a great time anyway.



I can’t believe he will be in middle school next year


This was Eva’s first official Super Games


At this point of the day the 6th graders were getting a bit obnoxious and rowdy


It happens every year.


It was a little chilly for the waterslide but the kids don’t care.


Today is Austin’s last day of High School. Unbelievable! The rest of the kids have one more week. I am ready for summer!!

End of the year

I can’t believe how quick this school year went.  Tomorrow is Super Games and like clockwork I have two kids not feeling so hot.  So it’s early bedtimes and lots of rest so they can have fun tomorrow.

Fortunately after a week of rain tomorrow is looking dry.  

Blake is away being a counselor at 6th grade camp again.  I miss him but got this pic today

Here is hoping Sumer is around the corner.  I am so ready for long nights spent outside!

Hoover Dam


After we went to the Grand Canyon we decided to stop at the Hoover Dam on our drive back into Vegas.


The water was so blue and pretty


A nice pop of color in an otherwise brown landscape


It’s a pretty amazing structure. I can’t imagine what it was like to work on it.


Fact checking as usual


Lots of people died while working on the Dam, including a dog


I’m not sure the younger kids would have enjoyed it, lots of walking and steps.


But a great trip with the olders 🙂

Laura - I really just love your blog! It’s so unpretentious, and your pictures are amazing! I can feel the love you have for your family! ❤️

elisa - Awww thank you Laura 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you guys are having a great Mother’sDay!  My kids got me this card.

Last night I finished reading the book Me before you (sniff) and started a new one.

Austin and Taylor celebrated their one year anniversary

I spent this morning watching Cole’s lacrosse game


They are undefeated. He is liking it more this year- his fave part is still the hitting/checking. Which is so him.

Blake’s season is winding down



I feel like it flew by. Along with everything else I guess.

Has anyone figured out how to get these kids to not grow up so fast? If so please share.