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A few snaps from the phone

I haven’t been taking many pics with my iphone as I am trying to make a better effort to

1. not have my phone in my hand (seriously people you should try this- it has been awesome)


2. use a better camera

I had tried to delete my account on IG to make a complete break but it kept saying I had the wrong password and wouldn’t let me. It ended up being up a good thing as Andy pointed out. Too many pics I would lose, my biz name could be taken by someone else…

So I kept my account and just took it down to family and some photog friends and changed my settings to private. But even though I still have it I am rarely on it. And it feels good.

So my iPhone pics are few and far between these days but here is the past week.

When we can’t decide on a tree…

Hud with eye injury. A trip to the emergency vet on Sunday

And then a trip back to his regular vet later in the week because he wasn’t getting any better.

She dressed herself

And then mastered the monkey bars- all the way across

Driving along and next thing I know a deer puts it’s head through my drivers side window and actually hits me in the head.

Craziest experience ever.

There was glass all over the place, in my hair, in Eva’s hair, in her food, every inch of the car from front to back was covered in glass and deer fur. The drivers seat was ripped up from glass. I am amazed that I had no cuts. It was awful. But we were ok. That’s all that matters. The deer, not so much.:(

She was a trooper. Insisted on going to school right after- came home and just wanted to talk about it. She said maybe we should start riding bikes instead.

Hudson started feeling better- and we could ditch the cone.

We were all happy to be able to snuggle the pup without the cone.

So the car needs a lot of work and once it is fixed I think we are gonna sell it. I am a truck girl at heart, and I miss the size of my old Expedition. I liked the smaller SUV that handled really well and was super easy to park- But with a pup that will soon be 100 lbs. we have decided to go back to a big SUV- this time the Toyota Sequoia. I have wanted one forever.

I’m in love with this big truck. I can load us all up and head to the farm or the beach at the drop of a hat. The way I like to live.

But first we need to get the other one fixed and sold…

And then I am back to being a big truck girl:)

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Hannah - I’m a suv kind of girl too…but Greg only lets me have midsized ones because I have a tendency to run over stuff and not be a good judge of distance :)

You know I totally agree with you on the phone thing. I still have mine with me a lot but it’s not out. I find myself not picking up my big camera much either…or getting online much. I like it…and hate it all at the same time. I’m cool with most of it…I just wish I could find my camera mojo again.

Sarah - Are these pups really going to be 100 pounds? For realz? Poor Hudson and his little eye… glad he has ditched the cone of shame!

Wow… Deer – zero. Truck – zero. Safety of all of you – WIN!

Too much stuff

As I have been unpacking all of the stuff my kids have accumulated over the years I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of more stuff gifts for Christmas. They don’t need a lot more stuff that just gets thrown in a box and never looked at again.

This year I am trying to be much more intentional and really thinking thru things that I buy.

I have been thinking a lot about ways to get them more involved in giving back. I saw this on my friend Meg’s blog today and plan to show it to Cole. He is really into this kind of stuff. It is so easy to take for granted the food on our table and in our pantry- Meg posted a lot of great ideas on how to give back.

One of my friends in Chapel Hill is involved with a great program called “PORCH” People Offering Relief for Chapel Hill Carrboro Homes- and I keep wondering if it is something that could work here….

PORCH Movie from Greg @slfilms on Vimeo.

Lots of ideas in my head for the new year….

Happy Friday!

An injury and a tree


My poor little Hud landed himself in the emergency vet yesterday- he got a cut near his eye that ended up getting infected.


He is now sporting a new cone on his head and he is not happy.


I didn’t take a picture of him because he is mad at me about it.


Oh how I love this little guy



He was sedated a bit when he was there so we crated him and let him sleep when he got home and we headed out to the tree farm.


We haven’t been out there for a few years so we were excited to head back out to Granville and spend the day.


We first picked out the type of tree that we wanted


Every year that we go someone has a meltdown. Usually it is this dude.


But this year it was her


I don’t know if she was tired or just decompressing after the holiday but she had a rough day.


But she also had fun- she alternated.


I was happy to have the big dude there although all he cares about is where we are going to eat after.


The tree cutter


Austin didn’t go with us this year (he had to study) which I am going to be honest and say I was not happy when he said he didn’t want to go. But I thought forcing him to go would have been worse.


It was a nice warm day- perfect for cutting down a Christmas tree


Cole asked to take a picture so I would be in one- he’s such a sweet boy.


We wrapped it up with dinner in cute little downtown Granville.


Tonight we decorate. Love this time of year.

Hannah - Poor little Hudson. He has the cone of shame ;) Buddy got hurt when he was little, Greg came down on him with a chair {and his body weight} it was just the Lord he survived and isn’t paralyzed. The vet says he’ll probably have arthritis as he ages :( Greg still feels horrible about it. Goofy dog still tries to get under Greg’s chair all the time.

Every year I say we are going to go cut down a tree, and every year I end up just going to a lot and buying one. I’m much cooler in my plans than I am in real life.

I think my favorite picture is the one of Eva in meltdown. It’s just so real and now. Sophia has been one moody mama lately. I’m so over it.

Lisa - That tree farm looks awesome – beautiful trees! The one we’ve gone to the last two years is getting pretty sparse – we still got a good one this year but I think next year we’ll have to go somewhere else. Fresh trees are a must for me! :-)

Thanksgiving 2014

When I decided to lose social media I found a spot on my desk to charge my phone and that is where it stays unless I leave the house and then I throw it into my purse. But my phone has become a phone. I am now slower to respond to texts or phone calls but so far this has been a good thing for me.

I have been much more in tune with those around me instead of checked out on my phone.

I have also picked up my little Samsung Nx300 more. I love this little camera and it so much easier to grab than my big camera. And better pictures than my iPhone.

So for me it’s been a win-win. I can’t believe it’s the end of the year and I am contemplating another 365 project as I do every single year and every year I never finish… so I am thinking of ways to make it easier so I will actually do it. I am thinking this little camera might be the answer. I will also be picking the brains of my photog friends that are successful with this project. I know it’s a great way to grow.

And now, on to Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you got snow but we didn’t get any although it was very cold.

I had good helpers in the kitchen


Cole made the mashed potatoes


Hudson learned that the kitchen is a good place to hang in case something accidentally falls on the floor


This puppy has brought so much joy to our house. I just can’t say it enough. We are all heart eyed over him.



Being back in retail has it’s disadvantages- Andy had to work a tad on Thanksgiving and then of course today since it is black friday.


We have so much firewood from a a couple trees that had to be cut down on our property- but this stack on our back porch didn’t last long- time to haul more in from the back!


These were the last stragglers at the table


It was snuggle under blankets on the couch kind of day


He’s a good boy


Round two was a little less formal- obviously Austin has not given up social media! I love this picture, this is what I want to capture more of- lifestyle shots. Every day moments.


The grandparents sat that one out


And the sick kid showed his face- poor dude.


All in all a great thankful Thanksgiving!

Aimee is going to be posting a Giveaway on the Elisalou Facebook page sometime this weekend. Make sure you check it out!