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And just like that, she turned six


She asked for a sandbox for her birthday so her Daddy built her a really cool one.


It now takes two hands to show how old she is.


She’s pretty happy about that


She doesn’t like for me to take her picture anymore, she’s over it.


So I kinda take what I can get


Our weather has been kinda gross too so we grabbed a non-raining moment and ran outside


It’s been windy and crazy, I miss the sunshine and warmth!


Time for some yoga moves


We broke some rules- neither one are supposed to be on the counter….


But sometimes that’s ok- like on your last day of being five.

Hannah - These are great! She was awfully cute on her last day of being five! My kids are totally over the camera, I think that’s why I don’t find it as fun anymore. Although, the yellow flowers are blooming and I keep thinking of Sophia’s yellow flower session…so maybe it’s coming back :)

Susan - Great photos! Can’t wait to see everyone in person.

Sarah - Happy 6!!! Crazy how time flies! How did Huds do with boot camp? His tail hair is much longer than his sisters! When are you coming through this way to visit?

Kate - Adorable! You have such a knack for capturing perfect moments.

Maternity and Newborn pics

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a maternity or newborn photographer. I like being with the kids- kids of all ages are my thing.

That said I am always willing to try something new


These are a throw back from the Savvy workshop. It’s crazy that I never posted any of these and they have sat on my computer forever


This spot, on the gulf…. there is just nothing like it.


I tell Andy over and over that I am a Carolina girl but this little spot is a slice of heaven for sure


I think I could probably be happy there as well:)


And Amanda makes pregnancy look so glamorous. And she gets to live there. I know, totally not fair.


We did some newborn shots as well


I didn’t expect to like it- but it was fun!


And on the beach the ocean was amazing white noise for them


We are headed back to 30A for cousin camp this year- can’t wait!!!

Hannah - These are awesome. That sunlight streaming in is killing me. I don’t mind shooting newborns….as long as someone else is posing them ๐Ÿ˜‰ You did a great job!

Jenny - I mostly read your blog through Feedly.
Seeing these pictures through your actual blog reminds me to look at them this way more often – stunning pictures! And of course the best backdrop – the 30A beach!

Slow Days

One of the things I love most about warmer weather is how we tend to slow down and enjoy all the little things that we ignore when it’s cold and we are in a hurry to get from here to there.


Like many people I know, I struggle with maintaining a positive attitude when the cold weather sticks around for months on end.


I am for sure a warm weather kind of girl. And when the weather finally does decide to stick around we spend our days in the slow lane.


Outside, sun on our faces, dirt on our hands.


Some of like to do yard work


And some of us just like to play


There is nothing better than an extra large stick according to Hud


Who needs a mulching machine when you have a Golden Retriever


I love this dog. He has been the best addition to our family


The boys get mad when I call him my favorite son:)


Blake made this speaker out of an old suitcase- it’s pretty cool and sounds awesome


He is leaving to head to Michigan for the weekend with the lacrosse team.


I will miss him.


But a certain girly has a birthday in a few days and I need to plan.


And Cole has got the crud and is home sick.


Eva says this is circus training


She looks like a bobble head here


When Eva showed these worms to Austin he said “Eva you are such a boy.”


The weather turned chilly again and we were back inside with a bunch of playdoh. Eva made a camp fire and roasted this “smore” until it was black. Then put fire coming out of it and gave it to Cole.


It’s Friday and the sky is sunny- off to enjoy it!

Hannah - Great pictures. I’m so ready to slow down. I’m always ready to slow down ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hudson is like a giant now! Buddy thinks he is on stick patrol too. One of my favorite memories of our dog Purdy was that she would drag trees around. She’d find the biggest tree that she could fit her mouth on and her and her son Sparky would each take an end. You’d look outside and they would be running with a tree in their mouth. It would always crack me up :)

California Part Three


Finally uploaded the final pics from our trip


These are from an afternoon stop at Huntington Beach. We had lunch at a Mexican food place that overlooked the beach but the food was yucky.


We had fun anyway


That night we went to Santa Monica but only two out of four wanted to join us on the pier



It was so pretty


I broke my big zoom lens on Sunday. I am so bummed:(

Hannah - Those are so gorgeous! I love the shadow of the Ferris-wheel and that beach…so dreamy.

What happened to the lens? was it your 70-200?

Tiffany - Looks like you had a great trip…let’s catch up soon!