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Jalepeno Turkey Burgers

I don’t eat red meat so I am always looking for a good veggie burger or turkey burger.

This one is SO good


I found it on Pinterest from this blog. She shows more step by step pics.

Andy actually makes them because putting my hands in raw meat creeps me out.

1 lb Ground turkey or chicken
1/3 C Minced onion
2 T Minced jalepeno
2 Cloves of garlic
1/4 C Chopped cilantro
1/3 C Shredded cheddar cheese
Salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika, black pepper (to your tastes)

Mix it all- make patties, throw them on the grill!

The guacamole is optional but really makes it yummy. We have made them with and with out. The blogger put sour cream on hers- we skipped that.

We had semi warm temps and sunshine last night so it was a perfect night to grill. Hoping Spring is around the corner!

Hannah - This looks yummy! I eat red meat…but not very often. I’ve tried a few turkey burgers, this one has everything I love…peppers, cilantro and guacamole. Dude.

Captiva Island

We took our first trip to Sanibel Island and fell in love.


Our condo had a nice porch with amazing views of the Gulf. I could have sat there all day.


But of course you can’t put your toes in the sand from the porch.


Austin snapped a couple pictures of Andy and I. The first one cracked me up- Andy was arguing with me about the best place to stand (light wise). I wanted back-lighting. I won.


We went boating to an island that only had a couple houses.


Someone was snoozing on the boat


He missed some good views and friends around the boat


This guy had the right idea- he dug a hole for himself to stay cool


Bird tree


We met up with Aimee and her family and swam in their pool


I miss the beach already!

Elizabeths - This makes me miss Captiva and Sanibal or really any beach. I love the heart shaped sea shell picture.

Hannah - I love these! That bird tree is awesome. You are a hottie. Love Eva’s suit. I’m glad you guys don’t run a crack house. It’s cold here. I’d run a crack house if it was on the beach.

Bald Head Island

My kids still declare this their fave beach- with Watersound a close second. Yesterday the new “Haven” magazine came out- great articles and home decor pics. And the article by the dad at the end hit very close to home


Hannah - The picture on page two did me in. I could live there…or at least visit a lot. That dad is right. Our kids rush and rush and rush… I’m anti rush. The thing I love the most about homeschool is that we are together…and we can slow down and soak it up now and then. Of course we are ALWAYS together which can be as much of a negative as it is a positive some days ;) I’m a firm believer in slow, easy childhoods. The kind where you bake cookies on a Tuesday afternoon for no reason at all, and play so hard that you are filthy and exhausted. I love mud covered kids :)

365 and Florida and GussStrong

I am in such a state of confusion over what to do with my 365. It all comes from using three different cameras. If I had limited it to one it would be easier- but also not at the same time. But since I DO use all three I am at a loss over which pictures to put and dread going through them all to find just one for each day. It really shouldn’t be this hard. Thinking I may just catch up with iPhone pics and then do big camera only.

I’m not going to do a big iPhone dump but I am going to dump the ones from Florida. Then I will do the other cameras pics in a separate post.

Headed south

These are my boys looking thrilled after a mad dash to the airport. The mad dash was because no one was ready and then Austin left his gps watch on the track at the high school and we had to go look for it and of course it wasn’t there.

On the plane- adios snow!! #vacay

This is me ready to get outta the cold and head for sunnier skies.

The moon is up- good first day in Orlando.  And of course @austin_kennemer is out running...

We stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek the first part of the trip.

Loving this weather #Florida

Then it got warm

We've got a floater

When your legs get tired it’s good to have a big brother

Older younger

We have a pic of Cole in this hat from a long time ago

Untitled Epcot

And for some reason they wanted to do it too




Pool time


I think this was our last trip to Disney. Just not enough stuff for the older kids




And then we went to Captiva where the real vacation started

Sun is setting on captiva island

Beach lovers

We met up with Aimee in Sanibel and found all kinds of stuff (he was dead)

Cool little sea horse we found on the beach

Crabby was dead too


Austin and Blake loved the convertible mustang that Aimee’s family rented

@austin_kennemer found his next car #mustang

Wiped out

Night night baby- and softie bunny

Oh so cute

Big time love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beach love #iwanttostay

Austin supporting #GussStrong and our high school baseball coach in his fight against cancer. You can read and watch more about that here.

@austin_kennemer supporting in the Orlando airport # gusstrong #getgussonespn #worthington

Look how awesome this is

Hannah - These are awesome. I’m glad you had a great vacation and now hopefully we can have Spring!

Sara - Do you mind me asking where you stayed? We went to there for my sister’s wedding we stayed at the Sundial and liked it. Always looking for different places to stay. We have talked about taking our extended family there instead of Christmas presents this year.

Looks heavenly.


It’s almost time. Been counting down the sleeps.

We need to fly the coup and recharge with some Vitamin D.

First stop is Disney- but only for a couple days.

Then it’s beach time baby.


These winter trips to Southern shores make living in the midwest doable for me. Although I get down there and don’t want to leave….


I love the beach. But I think you guys know that by now….


I do think eventually we will be back in Southern land. In fact I know we will. It just wasn’t the right time.


Because this girl belongs at the beach. And before he moves out, Cole wants to live somewhere he can have a lemon tree in his backyard. Oh how I love that easy going kid that can go with the flow.


I can always tell when things are starting to fall apart with our family and we need to regroup.

These little trips are so important.

This year we are checking out a new spot- a place we have never been. Anyone know where it is? (obviously in Florida).

Ally - Looks fantastic!! Sanibel Island and The Beaches @ Captiva?!

Hannah - I’m saying Rosemary Beach…but that’s not really close to Orlando so I doubt I’m right.

I’m jealous…so very jealous.

Actually tonight and tomorrow is going to be terrible…but then it is getting warmer…like slowly climbing to the 50′s. That sounds so awesome. Not beach awesome but Yay!!

Gretchen P - I have no idea, but it looks wonderful! Enjoy the sunshine!!

mary - I am guessing Sanibel Isand or Captiva- have fun!

elizabeths - Sannibal and Captiva Island are both gorgeous. If you go to Captiva Island make sure you visit the The Bubble Room. The kids will def get a kick out of it. I hope it’s still there. It’s been YEARS since I have been there. Enjoy!