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It’s February : Alys Beach Photographer

And I haven’t picked up my camera in what feels like forever. Well I take that back- I took pictures at Cotillion the other night but I have yet to go through them. There’s nothing like bad lighting and swarms of people in the background to make me totally uninspired.

Instead I have been delving deep into learning more Lightroom and Photoshop and playing with pictures that I took at the Savvy workshop last year that I still haven’t touched.

And of course they are at my fave place. Where I would love to be right about now…


It’s supposed to be colder than cold here this weekend. It’s a 4 day weekend for us so I guess that means lots of fires in the fireplace and snuggles on the couch. Oh and the two oldest boys have their winter formal on Saturday night so that will be fun- even if it’s super cold.

Back to playing with pics from the beach- at least I can be there on my computer….

Hannah - Yay for learning something new. So is LR starting to grow on you? I love my LR but not for “real” editing. I still go to PS for that…but I LOVE LR.


I really can’t believe it’s already here. My least fave month. But so far it hasn’t been too bad- very very cold tho.


I have been working on a redesign for our iPhone armbands. I wasn’t crazy about the flap- and I like the security of a zipper. I also needed one slightly bigger for my iPhone 6. I will be cranking out a few more in some different prints and then I will add them to the shop.

I am enjoying a nice big mug of coffee before I get Blake and Eva up, Blake has an ortho appointment this morning- the braces are coming off! I can’t wait to see his handsome face without them.

Tuesday is usually a crazy day of my fave gym class, cotillion, indoor lacrosse…

Speaking of cotillion


Coley man has been enjoying it!


I think he has one more week- seriously time is flying by. I’m ok when that happens in Winter, bring on Spring!

Have a I mentioned Eva is a leftie just like Cole? Well actually she uses her left until it gets tired, then she switches:)


And Blake finally cleaned his room…


So that’s how February is going so far, I will leave you with a pic my dirty kitchen and my baby boy that is growing way too fast! Happy Tuesday!


Laura h - What a beautiful, crazy life!

Ginky - Wow Blake didn’t recognize your room. Looks great!

Hannah - Blake’s room is super cool. I’m trying to talk my husband into getting our kitchen cabinets painted white…he’s slowly caving ;)


About a month or so ago we decided that this year we were going to go to California for Spring Break. The kids have been begging forever to go, and Austin really wants to check out Berkley.

So we booked our airline tickets and started to plan. We are all SUPER excited about this. Even Eva. Today she told me she wants to go to Hollywood. Our plan is to start in San Fran and travel down the Pacific Coast highway down to San Diego.



I want to see the redwoods


California is a photographers dream. I plan to take 5 million pictures


I can’t wait for my kids to see the Pacific Ocean- it’s so different than the Atlantic and the Gulf


Austin claims that California is the state for him. He has only been there once and he was 3 or 4 so he remembers nothing.


I’m having trouble narrowing down what I want to do


Have I mentioned how excited I am? We are getting our family pictures taken by the fabulous Tara Whitney!


Counting down the days!!


Hannah - I’m so excited to see your family pictures! She’s awesome! Isn’t she the photographer you went to the workshop with? Jealous!

Gretchen P - You are going to have a great time! We did LA, Long Beach, and San Diego a few years ago. So much to do and see. Robbie was so surprised at how cold the ocean was in July. Can’t wait to see your pictures, they are always amazing!

Elizabeths - Super jelous over here but I cant wait to see what pics you take!!

Snowy Monday


The kids were hoping for a snow day but ended up with a two hour delay instead.


Eva didn’t have school so we hung out all day, running errands, cleaning the house, and playing play-doh


It turned out to be a nice day- food in the crockpot early on and a fire in the fireplace


I pulled out my 35mm lens that I don’t use very often- I needed a change of pace and something to challenge me a little more


It’s not easy being a photographer in the winter. But fortunately our house gets a lot of light and the sun was out so I ran with it.


This dog loves the snow and I think I have mentioned it is hard to get him to come back inside.


So I grabbed my camera and joined him outside. The sun was almost down and the sky looked so pretty.


And he was just happy to have someone out there to play with


I was hoping we would get hit by the blizzard but this was it for us. And now I am sorta ready for Spring.


Gretchen P - I always love your pictures! You are so talented! I am so over winter. I am ready for our beach vacation in June!

Hannah - So how did you like the 35? I love shooting wide…I seem to be going wider and wider with age, that goes for my lens and my hips :) I love the compression of a longer lens but I love the feel of a wide lens.

Anyways, I could stand a snow day…is that bad? Maybe just one good snow and I’d be happy. So would the Super Doodle, who loves the snow almost as much as he does eating underwear…which he is going for a new record, three pairs in less than two weeks. Seriously. I try everything to keep them away from him too. Weird freak of a dog.

365 catch up

I have still been doing my 365 so I thought I would do a catch up.

1-5-2015 copy

Hoping for a snow day


Snow day


Oh how I love this dog- he LOVES the snow.


She came home and said “are you a snowy or a beachy?” Beachy I said. She said “well I am both, I love them both!”

1-9 copy

This pic was taken at the end of a very stressful parenting day. She was not the cause of the stress but she looked so cute with her softy bunny that she can’t sleep without.

1-10 copy

He and I were watching beach front bargains on HGTV on a very cold night.

1-11 copy

Ski school- she loves it and that makes her daddy very happy.


ooops forgot the date on that one- Huddy at the vet.


Lax- stick repair. He can’t use his long pole for indoor lacrosse so he started disassembling a short one 5 minutes before practice.

14-365 copy

5pm on weekday. Prepping dinner with my shadow.

15.365 copy

Eva asked to take a picture of me- I like close-ups she said.

16.365 copy


17.365 copy

View from the porch

18.365 copy


19.365 copy

Home with this happy face

20.365 copy

He wanted to play

1.21.15 copy

Pepperoni roll night- but someone kept stealing the cheese

22.365 copy

My little ballerina

Hoping to pull out the big camera for more 365 but for now just happy that I am still doing it!

rebecca - Loved all of Eva’s comments…so sweet and so “real!” A good reminder for me to record the sweet things my daughter says.

Hannah - I love the joy on her face in that last shot. That’s what it’s all about :) I’m kind of jealous of your snow days…I’d like one good snow this year. Just one… :)

To answer your question. I have no idea what I’m doing with the prints yet…probably just an album or something. I’ll probably display a few. I’m going to make a few albums but honestly, I am just a sucker for prints. I love books, but there’s something about holding those prints in my hands that I just love.