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I miss blogs. I miss reading them, it seems nobody does it anymore. I remember when I started blogging I stopped scrapbooking. Now that I hardly ever blog I have been keeping up more with Project Life. Weird how that works.

But I just spent a good amount of time reading old blog posts and I miss getting those stories down. Funny things my kids said or did. Not so funny things…

Time sure does fly but and I get sad and happy at the same time taking a walk down memory lane.


Why did my kids have to grow so stinkin’ fast? It’s so weird to look back and read how crazy life was when the boys were all so little. It really was a lot of work!


Things are so different now. When did they change? Was I not paying attention?


I am SO very thankful the years and years of photographs. I feel very lucky that I have a passion for something that continually gives back to me.


Going to try to be more proactive with the blog. I miss it.

Hannah - Me too! I miss blogs. I still read some {like yours} but they are different than a few years ago. I still blog…but it goes through ups and downs. I caught up a ton in January but since then I haven’t done much because it’s all iphone….but that better change soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tulum Mexico


January wasn’t the best month and by the time my birthday rolled around I was in need of a break. I had no idea that Andy was planning a surprise for me but I was laying in bed with Eva trying to hide my tears at how overwhelmed I was when Cole came in and said- have you looked at your phone? I had not so I picked it up and saw a picture of the beach. That said pack your bags we leave tomorrow.


He didn’t tell me where it was, just that I would need my passport. I guessed it was Mexico because I have been wanting to go for so long. I have been to Mexico before. Back when we lived in Texas you could just walk over the boarder so we went a few times. But I had never been to this part of Mexico.


The walls made out of coral were so incredibly cool. Andy found a little crab. Very different from the big dudes at the Outer Banks!


It wasn’t a very long trip. We flew out very early on Friday morning. They were warning that flights were not being allowed to land in Houston because of fog and we were freaking out because if they diverted us to San Antonio it would be difficult to pull off our short trip. All worked out ok and we landed in Texas and hopped our flight to Mexico. When we got to Cancun the car that was supposed to be waiting for us wasn’t there and then it seems someone else hopped into it… We finally got in our car and drove 1.5 hours to our resort near Tulum.


The next morning we got up and headed into the city of Tulum which was just a short taxi ride away. We bought jewelry for me and Austin’s girlfriend and then headed to the ruins. The homeless dog population made me sad but the food was yummy.



I will admit I wasn’t totally excited about the ruins as we only had a few days at the beach and well I wanted to be at the beach. That said I was so glad that we went, they were so cool


The big iguanas everywhere, the water was such an amazing color, and the ruins- so much history.


I was so happy that we went into the city of Tulum on this day. We explored and then settled at a small beach nearby for a bit.


The beach was so cool- very different than the one by our all-inclusive resort. I would for sure recommend getting out if you are staying at a resort. It is so worth it.


We called this trip a “scouting” trip to see if it would be a good place to take the whole family. I think the kids would love it!


I can’t wait to go back!


Susan - Love the pictures – ALL of them! I think you need to go back and get us a couple of those really cool glasses.

Hannah - Such a cool getaway! The pictures are beautiful…but the iguanas creep me out ๐Ÿ™‚

Working at the carwash


The day after Christmas was unseasonably warm so we spent most of it outside.


Cole got a drone and it was the perfect day to fly it around.


Hudson was a happy dog- lots of ball time.


Girly was happy to- it is always so nice to get a warm day in the middle of winter


My twinkies


They washed my car for me.


And of course Hud likes to help


Everyone ended up wet


Cool bubble reflections


My sweet boy


Hannah - I miss the warm weather we had. It’s been cold for a week and I’m done.

I love the “twins” ๐Ÿ™‚

We got a drone too…it’s been outside once ๐Ÿ™

Spinach Alfredo Pasta

If you are looking for a YUMMY quick recipe for the family this one is fab.

I found it here.


1 lb box of your favorite pasta (penne, fettuccine, papardelle, etc)
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter (I use light butter)
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 pint of heavy cream (I use light cream)
1 cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese (not the kind in the green canister!)
2 tbsp cream cheese
6 oz bag of fresh spinach, roughly chopped
salt (to taste)
freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
pinch nutmeg
1. Cook pasta til al dente. While pasta is cooking, make the sauce.
2. In a large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add garlic and cook for two minutes, then add heavy cream and cream cheese. Heat until sauce is slightly bubbling, but not boiling.
3. Add Parmesan cheese, spinach, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Cook until spinach starts to wilt. Add cooked pasta to Alfredo sauce and serve.

We also added chicken on top for those non-vegetarians in the family.

Hannah - That looks good! I used to make something similar but it didn’t call for Cream Cheese. I bet that makes it super creamy and rich! Yummy.


Shortly before Christmas break we got some snow.


Cole was so excited because he had just gotten his skis for ski club so of course he had to put them on


He has turned into a really good skier and I love that he loves it so much. Ski club starts after Christmas break.


Hudson loves the snow so much and loves for anyone to be outside with him.


But of course he kept trying to bite the skies. Eva is still loving skiing as well but didn’t think it was worth it because we don’t have a hill.


I realized I haven’t done an iphone dump in a while. Keeping the iphone shots on instagram these days. It’s just easier that way.

Anyone gearing up for a new 365? I have been pretty good this year with it and also my Project Life book is up to date for the year for the first time EVER. Of course I have years of unfinished ones still…

Hannah - You guys have gotten so much more snow than we have! We just recently got maybe 1/2 inch…if it’s going to be cold I’d just assume some pretty snow be here.

Benelli tries to bite anyone who is sledding. I think he thinks the sled is attacking us or something. It’s kinda funny…but kinda annoying.

Stay Warm!