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Our new family member


These people look sweet and nice, but watch out.


They ambush


And they think it’s funny


Even when they hit your camera


Or end up with snow down your shirt


Watch out for the little one especially


Hudson loves to eat the snow and they were afraid he would eat their snowman


He had to be tackled a couple of times


So this is our new family member, I’m afraid he’s going to be around for a while


He’s pretty cute though


And I say he because he is a boy


I won’t be sad when he decides to leave.


Gretchen P - I won’t be sad when he decides to leave, either! I just can’t do much more of this crazy weather! I need sand in my toes and sun in my face! Counting down the days until we hit the beach in June!

Hannah - there is a lot of cuteness in this post!

Seriously though, that is one awesome snowman. Mine always look like they have diarrhea…no lie.

Gimpy dog, Downton Abbey, and all things late to the game


My poor big boy has been gimpy for the last few days. I have no idea what he did but he is so clumsy. Looks like we are headed back to the vet tomorrow.


I just started watching Downton Abbey and I am hooked. I know, late to the game on that one.


It is SO cold here. And tomorrow is supposed to be really really cold. Think I will head to the grocery and make some yummy pasta for dinner. Fingers crossed that school gets cancelled.


Huddy is extra snuggly in this cold weather:)


And who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to a big goofy super soft Golden?


Hope you guys are staying warm!


And Kate you asked me how tall Blake is now- somewhere between 6’2″-6’3″ He’s very tall.And probably not done growing!

Hannah - poor little buddy. They are so funny and awkward at this age…giant clumsy feet and all :) I love it.

We have about 8 inches on the ground right now…and the windchill is in the negatives as I speak. The actual temp was in the negatives overnight. :( Not cool. The 8 inches are pretty sweet though. We played outside all day yesterday! Even the Budster joined us.

Gretchen P - Love Downton Abbey. Great show. I was late to the party on that one, too. Hope the puppy feels better soon, and it isn’t anything major. I am hoping school get cancelled tomorrow, too. I don’t get to stay home, but at least I know my kiddo won’t have to walk to school. Stay warm. I am trying to keep summer vacation in my mind–the beach!

Winter Formal

The boys were so cute yesterday before their dance. They have been hanging out more lately and I like that:)


This dance was where the girl asks the guy. Austin went with his girlfriend Liv and Blake went with a girl he has been spending more and more time with lately. Not sure if they are just friends or what- he doesn’t offer much info.


Austin invited his whole group (and their parents- that part he didn’t tell me) over for pictures before the dance. I wanted to take pictures of Blake as well so it was a big scramble.


When I got back to our house it was packed and a little hard to get any good pics!


Everyone looked so good.


I was experimenting with an off camera flash and I don’t think it worked very well.

Trying to get a group shot was pretty much impossible and they all were ready to leave so this is the best I got.


Funniest part of the night was when I got a text from Austin with this picture when they were both nominated “prince” in their grade (Blake-freshman, Austin-junior). We are having fun calling Blake the fresh prince:)


Hannah - Can I just say I LOVE these pictures? They are so sweet. I love brothers, probably because I have them…but it’s such a cool bond. I’m glad that they are becoming buddies again. I also love that Eva snuck into the pictures…that never hurts ;)

Kate - Beautiful photos! It’s amazing how much your kids have grown. How tall is Blake now?

It’s February : Alys Beach Photographer

And I haven’t picked up my camera in what feels like forever. Well I take that back- I took pictures at Cotillion the other night but I have yet to go through them. There’s nothing like bad lighting and swarms of people in the background to make me totally uninspired.

Instead I have been delving deep into learning more Lightroom and Photoshop and playing with pictures that I took at the Savvy workshop last year that I still haven’t touched.

And of course they are at my fave place. Where I would love to be right about now…


It’s supposed to be colder than cold here this weekend. It’s a 4 day weekend for us so I guess that means lots of fires in the fireplace and snuggles on the couch. Oh and the two oldest boys have their winter formal on Saturday night so that will be fun- even if it’s super cold.

Back to playing with pics from the beach- at least I can be there on my computer….

Hannah - Yay for learning something new. So is LR starting to grow on you? I love my LR but not for “real” editing. I still go to PS for that…but I LOVE LR.