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School is out again here. It is absolutely frigid outside. They even closed Ohio State- which they never do.

And so I am making out Disney plans for next month- thinking warm thoughts.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Here is my 365 from yesterday.


Gretchen P - we just got back from Disneyland! So much fun. wishing i was back in sunny California!

dani - we leave for a week in disney in 30 days…sooo cant wait…kids are going stir crazy with this weather

Adrienne S - Disney for us in February as well!!

Hannah - I’m jealous. I wouldn’t mind Disney World again…but I’d really love the FLA weather :)

Snow day

Well we got the much needed snow day- or cold day.


And even though it was only 3 degrees or something crazy like that- Eva wanted to go outside and play


So did the dogs.


One thing about trying to do a 365- I have just been taking shots and throwing them up without editing. Sorta liberating.


And my shot for day three-

Q14A6929 copy

Have a great weekend- stay warm!

And Go Bucks!!

Hannah - I like day three :) Very cool…and sparkly.

Glad you got a snow day. I hope everyone is feeling better.

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow…and below zero temps for the high. Yikes.

Dear school nurse

I get it that you have no idea if a kid is sick, or maybe not so sick.

I really do understand. I get an almost weekly call from e street. Cole is in the nurses office. His eyes itch and he can’t do math. His head hurts only when he thinks about math. He has a concussion (ok this one was true). He really can’t write because it makes his stomach hurt. You get the idea.

But today I get a call from the high school. It’s Austin. He’s feeling crappy. Really thinks he’s going to puke. I tell him to come home, he has a car there. He tells me I have to talk to the nurse. She gets on the phone and says “he says he has felt bad since his lunch at 10:30 (yes they eat that early!) but he waited all day to come to me to tell me”. At this point school is almost over. I’m thinking “so he tried to stick it out all day?? that is bad how??” She goes on to tell me how she doesn’t think he is going to puke- I mean he has waited so long….

I want to tell her that this is the kid that refused to go to Texas over break because he can’t miss his honors and AP classes for fear of falling behind. Even if they are the first two days back in the new semester. The one who’s med school goals sometimes get in the way of my fun. This is the kid that stayed at school all day feeling like he was going to puke.

I mean have you seen him in your office before? No. Because he hasn’t missed any school.

And guess what? He came home and puked. Big time.

So with that I give you the 2nd day of 2014. The day I was home with the youngest who’s school doesn’t go back until next week, and the 2nd youngest who faked being sick (see above) and the oldest who came home and puked. It’s snowing. Let’s just hope school is called off tomorrow so they can all get better. Mentally and physically.

A pic of our old blind and deaf goldie. Who loves life more than anyone I know.

Q14A6863 copy

alicia m - I hope school is closed for you, too. You are one good mama.

Hannah - School nurse is stupid. I want to sit on her and bite her.

I hope you get a lot of snow…or at least enough to call off school for the day. I hope everyone feels better…even the faker ;)

That’s all I got. I managed my second day…but I totally forgot about it already, so I just have a snapshot…but that’s how it goes right?

Kara - I teach 7th graders and after a while, I can tell who is faking just so they can go see the pretty school nurse, and who is really not well. I only send the ones I know are sick, and most times, they get sent back to me because either the nurse or the gatekeeper secretaries deem them “well enough to stay”. I hate that it happens at my school.
I am sorry that Austin had to deal with that…especially feeling so yucky. Best wishes for wellness for everyone soon!

It’s a New Year

and what did you learn from the old one?

I’m sure I could come up with a super long list. But here is a short one off the top of my head.

-I learned that trying new things is always a good thing- and while they may not always work out, it doesn’t mean they were wrong.

-I learned I will do anything for my kids. Like leaving a place I adore to bring them back to a place they adore.

-I learned that the time with my kids is fleeting. And so if it means I miss a party or two to hang with them, I know I will never ever regret it.

-I learned that parenting a strong willed child isn’t easy. But it really shouldn’t be. I never want to go through life with blinders on only living up to the status quo.

-I learned that taking lots of trips away over the past 16 years has been the best thing EVER for my family. I will cherish these memories so much.

-I learned that change is hard- but an awesome growing experience.

-I learned that people you trusted can be cruel. So embrace the quality people in your life.

- I learned that on the flip side that there are people I didn’t expect to like and trust and I totally do.

-I learned that I can really really miss neighbors I didn’t get to spend enough time with- both here and in NC

-I learned that having a teenager is fun- having two is even better

-I learned that I would love to go through my pics and pull out the best of the best of ’13. But I took so many I am not sure I will.

And so- starting my 365-2014- my first shot


Let’s make this a good one.

Amy Farrell - That pic is a great start!

Hannah - One down 364 to go! I can’t wait to see what you do this year :)

I have been randomly setting a bunch of photography goals for myself this year. You already know some of them…but the list keeps growing and growing. :)

Checking in at 470

Our little house is pretty much completely gutted now

Big trucks everywhere

This will be the new dining room

This used to be my room

This will be my new mudroom/laundry

This is where the new family room will go

Don’t walk out

Thats where my screened porch will go

Old kitchen

Future kitchen

A few cobwebs

The plans

Next up- concrete footings

Hannah - Good Gravy. That’s a lot of demo! I love it. I can’t wait to see it fill up with awesomeness. I have the build itch so bad. I need to find 100+ acres with wide rock bottom creek running through it and build my dream farm house on it. That should be easy enough right? I guess I’ll just watch you turn your home into awesomeness instead ;)