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Welcome to Elisalou Designs & Photography

You’ve come to the right place. Elisalou Designs & Photography is an Ohio-based company focused on creating colorful and unique handbags, tote bags, ipad pouches, and more.

You can shop our products by visiting the Elisalou Store on Etsy. Or, visit the blog and learn more about Elisalou Photography.

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Deb Welsh - Hi there!

We are movin to Granville next month and have quite an adventure ahead of us. We’re buying a fixer upper out in the country and as I was searching for a local interior designer, your blog post from 2/2/10 popped up and now I’m determine to find the designer Kevin you speak of as that house is exactly the style I’m going for.

I was wondering if you could give me some more information about him – I’d love to contact him.

Thank you so much!
Deb Welsh

elisa - Hi there- you can find out more about Keven Reiner Keven Reiner Design and an article about that house in Country Living Magazine Country Living.

Good luck with your move and welcome to Ohio!! 🙂


Raewyn - Where are you I saw you in kingaroy paper on Friday you have fabric would love to see thanks

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