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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Missing Michigan

or more specifically Lake Michigan. It is so hot here, I have been thinking about the lake all day. Love it there. HereView full post »

I caved

and now I am the proud owner of some DS fabric. No idea what I am going to do with it, planning on something for ME.View full post »

A rainy day in these parts

I love a good summer rain.  The boys have settled in to watch Back to the Future.  It’s cool to see them gettingView full post »

A trip to the farm

Took the boys down to the farm to see the grandparents and get out of town for a few days. Sometimes just a short jauntView full post »

Hey that was my idea

I was shopping at Old Navy over the weekend and right up front they had dog collars, just like the ones I was making.View full post »

Sock Monkeys

I am so in love with these guys.  I am really thinking that Cole may need one sock monkeyView full post »

What a great idea

RUGS!  Saw this while browsing some favorite blogs.  Love this idea. It is so stinking hot here, it’s been non-View full post »


  I am such a color fanatic but I have found that for my walls, not so much.  I have tried reds and yellows and brightView full post »

Orange Flower Power

  Took the plunge and made some scraps into a pillow.  Interesting working without a pattern and trying to get theView full post »

Go grab your camera

If this site doesn’t make you want to pick up your camera…… take a look and see for yourself- theView full post »

Maine Cottage… sorta

Last summer I went through this phase where I spray painted everything that wasn’t nailed down.  My porchView full post »

A (somewhat) quiet house

After a day of activity yesterday- Blake’s Baseball pool party and then a cookout with friends, today is devotedView full post »


I can’t tell you how many times I have almost hopped in my car to head over to the quilt store to pick up someView full post »

Color Color and more Color

Have you seen this book?  Some day I am just going to have to break down and buy it, this is the third time I haveView full post »

100 % Cotton Please

I can’t really remember when I became such a cotton snob.  I think it was right after I had my first kid, whenView full post »