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Monthly Archives: August 2006


  I hate running out of thread.  Especially at night when the stores are closed.  Cole and I got up this morning andView full post »

Cha Cha Changes

Ok, after much thought I have decided to no longer offer jewelry on the ElisaLou site.  It was a tough decision but IView full post »

Rainy days and Mondays

Some much needed rain all day today.  All good except for the muddy football practice tonight for Austin.  Thanks forView full post »

Discontinued fabric and an injury on the job

I should have added to the other faq post about discontinued fabric.  Most of our fabrics are going to be “View full post »

FAQ Part 2

Round two of the faq- hey that rhymes.  How long will it take to get my bag Ok I actually don’t get asked thisView full post »


How exciting is it when the UPS man comes?  We all get into it, even the dogs- Right after I had Cole I was sitting onView full post »

Fall is in the air, or on the ground

So remember I talked about the gourd plants growing in my backyard well yesterday I found this     and this    View full post »

Home Life

I read this great quote today “The real measure of a home is how it restores you at the end of the day”. MyView full post »

watch out

  A naked Knight has invaded my sewing space.   and… I love it when my customers put together cool desgins so IView full post »

In the house

the book below is now in. my. house.  Can’t wait to dive in- last night I left the kids all waiting on the curbView full post »

Amy Butler and bacon and eggs

Amy Butler has a new book out that is calling my name.  Check out that green and orange pillow- love it.  Of course IView full post »


Found this site and I think it is so cool.  The color, the process of the hand blown glass- everything.  SO very coolView full post »


Since I get asked a lot of questions I thought I would post a few here just in case any one else was wondering too…View full post »

Checking in

It’s so hard to spend the weekend without hi speed and wi-fi.  I have gotten so spoiled that I just feel likeView full post »

Diaper Bags

I have been asked a couple times about diaper bags, I have been using the messenger bag as a diaper bag for the pastView full post »