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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Elvis and Billie

My two favorite artists See them here.View full post »

I love the 80’s

Strikes Back.  Ever see this show on VH1?  Got sucked into it today while sewing- not a lot on daytime tv.  SO FunnyView full post »

New Fabric

New Fabric is up, check it out.  And the cool corduroy for the interiors- perfect for fall/winter. Some fun ones likeView full post »


We love Halloween around here.  We pulled out a few things over the weekend but we still have to get out the lights. View full post »

What does your house say about you?

I recently read an article about how your house is your autobiography.  Is it chaotic, clean, colorful, simple? View full post »

Scenes from a Sunday

A perfect fall day here in the midwest.  Just got home from Austin’s football game, Chedder Cheese Chowder is onView full post »

Love these pictures!

I found these cool dog pictures today…                       Cami Johnson at Old Yeller’sView full post »

Calling in the troops

So I called my mom today and told her that I need her to come up tomorrow because Andy is going to NYC again for aView full post »

Loving Fall

After a hot weekend the cooler weather has rolled in.  Long sleeve shirts and jeans.  Love this time of year. A newView full post »

So now when you go there to buy a book….

you can pick up an ElisaLou bag!  Got a call from Amazon today.  When we walked in the house and played the messageView full post »

Confessions of a magazine addict

My kids have a magazine fundraiser at their school every fall and it is the perfect excuse for me, the magazine addict,View full post »

It takes a village

I don’t like it when Andy is out of town.  Last night when he was in NYC I had a moment when I thought, “IfView full post »

People are strange

My kids are a little strange.  And I will admit they come by it honestly.  Take my first born for example, he is aView full post »

Add a little color to your life

My favorite commercial ever.   See it hereView full post »


I recently received an email from someone who was starting an online children’s shop and had some questions for meView full post »