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Monthly Archives: January 2007


yay yay and oh did I say yay?  Look what the UPS man delivered yesterday LOVE this Amy Butler fabric.  Working withView full post »

Happy Birthday Dad

I was laying in bed last night trying to figure out how old you are.  Think I figured it out but I will keep it toView full post »


I have some fun pics of her with Barley but they are on the laptop and the laptop is acting up. Computers are alwaysView full post »

doggy bag

the little girly misses her mama and whines when she is put down, my solution?View full post »

Pet Therapy

I like to think that things happen for a reason, at least if we listen carefully and follow our gut. Our oldest sonView full post »

Guess what we got????

Finally! After a crazy weekend, kicking off with the not so great birthday.  The next day Cole ran into the corner ofView full post »

Birthday Flowers

Lots of flowers came my way on my birthday.  My parents, my husband, my in-laws, my friends. Check them out, the houseView full post »

Going downhill fast

Alrighty, the crappiness continues…. First a friend comes over to pick up some fabric to help me sew. While she isView full post »

When Birthdays become a little less special

So does it happen when you have kids, or when you hit your thirties?  Somewhere a long the line it becomes just anotherView full post »

Hostess Bag

Pardon the bad photography, our photography studio has been temporarily dismantled due to the major basement remodel.View full post »

More New Fabrics

Hoping to get the new website up and running in the next few days. SO excited. It will be similar at first until weView full post »

Well Said

My SIL Kathy sent me this today. Thought it was worth posting. “Far be it for me to reduce Nancy Pelosi to merelyView full post »

Checking in

from the construction zone. Wow, I had no idea how messy and loud a basement remodel would be!  Now I know why peopleView full post »


I won’t post it again, you can just go hereView full post »

2007- the year of the REMODEL

And it starts tomorrow!!! After going round and round and looking at houses for sale- we have decided to stay put. TheView full post »