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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Dogs Rule

I once saw a pin that said, “I have a lot of dogs to make up for those that don’t.”  I should haveView full post »

The Pictures

I quickly snapped up shots of the basement before it gets trashed. We haven’t finished putting everything downView full post »

The Basement

is done. The floor is down and sealed and now we are waiting the mandatory three days for it to “cure”.  IView full post »

Studio Envy

As I ponder and plan a new larger studio I have been visiting Flickr for ideas on craft rooms Organization and justView full post »

Fun Day

So I started the day with a root canal. Which is always fun. A couple hours later I was back at the dentist because theView full post »

Thanks Grandma and Grandad!

It’s almost time to take the in-laws to the airport.  I hope they enjoyed their time in the snow. Grandad taughtView full post »


Hanging on the couch with Austin and two doglets. Waiting for the rest of the family to get up. Word on the street isView full post »

5 degrees

Can you believe it? It has warmed up. Who would have thought that 5 degrees would be warmer than, well, anything…View full post »


In an effort to rid myself of the 10 pounds that I have gained in the last year (let’s just say sewing all day isView full post »

Happy V-day!

And yes we are still snowed in!  The kids and dogs are out romping in the snow.  And it is still actually snowing!  IView full post »


It has been snowing/sleeting since midnight last night. We got a lot of snow and then it switched to sleet. The kids areView full post »

The Cork Floor

Today we went out shopping for a new floor for our basement. First we thought we were going to do carpet, then weView full post »

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here is a great idea for Valentine’s Day- besides an Elisalou Gift certificate of course. SoapyLove Soaps. VeryView full post »

The Basement Remodel

This is for my mother-in-law Susan who wanted to see pictures of our basement remodel (in progress). Our basement hasView full post »

In case there was a question….

So my mom calls me today and says, “I just can’t figure out how you do it. After watching your kids for aView full post »