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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Meet Jordy

aka Queen Interfacer She is also Queen of the horse showView full post »

Field Trip

Today I went on a 3rd grade field trip.  I haven’t been on a field trip for the past two years so it was nice toView full post »

Love this house

Better Homes and Gardens is usually hit or miss with good house ideas but this month they had one that is exactly how IView full post »

Bad Words

I would like to know who made up bad words and what was the point?  To annoy parents?  We went through a big stage aView full post »

And so

another weekend comes to an end.  A cold one up in these parts.  Boys soccer and LAX were both canceled so we spent aView full post »

studio guests

Today I got to have guests in the studio. My mom and niece came in for the day and helped out cutting and interfacing.View full post »

Be Careful what you wish for

Lately I have been getting a little fed up with the puppy house training.  I don’t remember it taking this longView full post »

I don’t know why

but I crack up every time I see the Subway commercial, the one that shows the couple at the fast food drive thru and theView full post »

I’m bringing jewelry back, ye-ah!

Sung to the tune of a popular JT song. After many requests it looks as if we will be bring some jewelry back to the siteView full post »

Why it is good to scrapbook

Today my kids went to get a haircut, even my oldest who has been refusing to cut his hair forever.  When they got homeView full post »


Spring Break is coming to an end… wrapping a week that included a couple cases of stomach flu and a rush to get aView full post »

The not so good side of Spring

Allergies.  I have been hit hard by allergies the past few days.  It came on slow with itchy eyes and has gotten worseView full post »

Greetings from the Farm

Spring and Summer are the best times at the farm, trees blooming bright fun colors. Playing some LAX out front. DogsView full post »