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Monthly Archives: June 2007


Because we are only a block away from a river, we tend to get a lot of wildlife in our neighborhood. The normalView full post »

Future Rock Star

Andy bought Blake an electric guitar for his birthday and he has been taking it very seriously. He puts this sign on hisView full post »

Do you think my mailman hates me?

yeah, me too.  See the little bag on top with the ribbon?  Those are cookies. When I first started my business and IView full post »

$265 toilet paper

Man that toilet paper at Costco sure is expensive. But that’s how it goes, you stop for one or two items andView full post »

Keep Austin Weird

We had a really good time with this. Our Austin didn’t get it at first and when I bought a t-shirt with the sloganView full post »


are hard work!  But a lot of fun too.  The boys had so much fun spending time in Texas with their grandparents andView full post »

USS Lexington

Took some of the kiddos to see the USS Lexington that is docked in Corpus Christi. Emma, Austin, and Cole on the manualView full post »

Beach Day 3

Lots o crocs worn by this crew.  This isn’t even all of them, 3 are missing. See that little crab?  His name isView full post »

Port A

Just a few quick pics from our first night at the beach The kids grabbed their boards and headed out into the warm waterView full post »

Phase One

While Andy is wrapping up meetings in NYC the boys and I brought the dogs down to the farm for a week of doggie camp. View full post »

Happy Birthday Blake!

8 years ago this sweet little boy came into my life and changed it forever.  He was my longest labor- 4 days- no lieView full post »

Mixed Up

I woke up this morning and could not figure out what day it was. The boys getting out of school on Wednesday made itView full post »


I am so ready to have sand between my toes.  As my sister-in-law and mother-in-law and I email back and forth menuView full post »

Last Day

Yesterday was the last day of school for the older boys.  The last day is always a big party. With more big bounciesView full post »

In Demand

So the recruiters have really been after my husband lately.  In the past couple of days he has had 5 calls for jobs inView full post »