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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Ready Mades

Will be up soon, check them outView full post »


When we were down at the farm over the weekend I took some pictures of a couple of gates on properties nearby.  We needView full post »

Back on the trail

A few days ago I hopped back on the trail. I have been trying to make it an every day thing. I vary what I do (bike,View full post »

New Family Member

My sister-in-law got a new boxer pup, check her out Her name is Lucy.  I am so excited that Julie and her family haveView full post »

Zoo Break

Last week, before I got this nasty cold that has been dragging me down, I decided that I was going to start enjoying theView full post »


Friday our library transformed itself into Hogworts.  And had a party from 10am to midnight when Barnes and NobleView full post »


Adding a new category to the website with these fun pillows.  All will be one of kind. The backs look like this This isView full post »

Demolition Day

Those of you that have been reading this blog for any length of time know that I have gone back and forth about ourView full post »

Bedtime Yet?

Ever have one of those days where you get up and just go through the motions until it is time for bed? Last night aroundView full post »

Finding art in weird places

We have a ton of old license plates.  A few of them were actually on our cars but most of them came from our really oldView full post »

Beagle Print

I just got an email from John Golden about the Beagle print that I ordered. How cool is that? I can’t wait to getView full post »


Last night I was climbing over a pile of dirty laundry I looked at Andy and said “you know we really need an AliceView full post »

Mini QandA

I get a lot of email and I try to answer each and every one but if for some reason you emailed and asked me a questionView full post »

Outlet Shopping

Every now and then the stars align and I actually find what I am looking for at the Outlet mall.  Big kids were at campView full post »

Middle Road

The other day I saw a cool book link on Ali’s blog.  Right now I have a good stack of books to read but thisView full post »