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Monthly Archives: August 2007


has begun Hard to believe this will be our new family room. The pile of dirt is our new screened porch This trench isView full post »

Holiday News

I know it seems early to be thinking about the holidays but I wanted to let everyone know (and we will be sending out aView full post »

Love Him

I did this scrapbook layout a few years ago about how lucky I am to have him I don’t tell him enough.  We haveView full post »

Braces here we come

Both of the older boys went to the Orthodontist yesterday for the initial consultation.  The good news is that BlakeView full post »


My friend Julie gave me this little basket of tomatillos that her husband grew in their backyard.  She wasn’tView full post »

Downside of a remodel

The mess.  Not a little messy, a lot messy.  I used to have a nice yard, in fact it was the reason we bought the houseView full post »


Loaded the kids up today for a trip to our local science museum.  It was weird that my older kids have grown out ofView full post »

Down days

Do you ever have them? No reason in particular but lots of reasons piled together? Sometimes the best cure is a good cryView full post »

Construction Day 7

Today was interesting.  The cement truck couldn’t make it all the way into the backyard so the worker guys had toView full post »

Packing up

Our contractor has informed us that we need to start packing things up.  How we are going to live in this house whileView full post »


My Pink reference there- love her. I have had a couple weird convos in the last couple of days where I have felt aView full post »

One day down

When the workers are away, the boys will play Into the hole they go. Hard for the boys to think that this will one dayView full post »


The fun has begun The big trucks arrived this morning and are now digging a big hole. Blake was thrilled to see that theView full post »


Yesterday day was the annual Limited Day at the Point.  Always an adventure. The older boys decided to start off withView full post »

Where did this week go?

Monday Andy hopped a plane to DC and I loaded up the car with fabric, dogs, and boys and headed to the farm.  A quickView full post »