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Monthly Archives: June 2008


and tired. We got in close to midnight last night to a bunch of crazy happy to see us dogs. Boys were up by 6:45 forView full post »

Leaving the beach

all the cousins in the sharks mouth it’s hard to get a good shot of all of them together When we got to SanView full post »

Go Fish

Grandad took the kiddos fishing today Grace was the only one that could catch any don’t worry, they let it go. IView full post »

I miss my dogs

and my bed. Yesterday we took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium silly looking gang saw some cool stuff it took aView full post »

Cousin Camp Tradition

We call the trip to the beach each year “cousin camp” and to remember the trip the kids all do tie-dyeView full post »

What’s up at the beach?

Sitting on the deck looking at the ocean, listening to the kids play in the pool.  It’s almost dinner time of dayView full post »

Beach Kiddos

Blake, Austin, and Max the beautiful Miss Emma 4 out of the 8.View full post »

Night one

After getting up at 5am and traveling all day, we arrived at the other end of the country and swam in the warm warmView full post »


Off to salty air and tropical breezes. This time to tomorrow I hope to be digging my toes in the sand.View full post »

One more time!

The final birthday of the month is here. Happy Birthday Austin! My cool now eleven! year old. And I guess since I toldView full post »

lock down at the zoo

Took the boys to the zoo today and no lie they locked us down because a reindeer escaped.  Not only were we in lock-View full post »


I picked the book back up, and was surprised to find that I am still enjoying it.  In fact there is a paragraph that IView full post »

My Baby turns 5 today!!

and I am a just a little bit sad about the whole deal. Happy that he is growing up (because let me tell you, havingView full post »


Ok so the last few blog posts have been mostly pictures so now it is time for some chatting. Nothing like a breezy coolView full post »

45 minutes down the road

and suddenly we are in in rolling hills. Took the boys to Hocking Hills yesterday to do a little hiking and of courseView full post »