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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Go Bucks!

Found some buckeyes down on the trail tonight when we went for a walk this big one had triplets!View full post »

Back to School

This picture makes my heart feel like it is going to explode- I so love these boys. Anyway, settling back into routinesView full post »

Where’s the sympathy??

Ok so you know that as a mom you can never get sick?  Well apparently you can never get injured either.  No one caresView full post »

Work in Progress

I have to wait another week for the rest of my desk to get in from PB but in the meantime I have moved the containerView full post »

See what happens when I try to be a good dog owner??

Well actually I am not going to show you because it is pretty gross. Because the weather has taken a turn for the betterView full post »

Wii not fit

Recently a Wii fit found it’s way into our house.  The boys have been having fun setting goals and playing withView full post »

Yeah I thought so

Last night we had a rare opportunity.  Cole was invited to go see a movie with his buddy Nate, and at the last minuteView full post »

Pool Party

Spent the day at a friend’s house yesterday hanging by the pool I can’t believe that this time next weekView full post »

You know what makes me happy?

seeing the color back in the cheeks of one my most favorite little faces.  Even as it is hurling at me at top speed asView full post »

Little Sickie

My little guy woke up puking this morning, and puked a few more times after that.  Now he is sleeping.  I am stayingView full post »

More food

Keep the good ideas coming. As for kids and veggies and fruits, we have been all over the map.  My kids have alwaysView full post »

Let’s talk food

So in an effort to get organized in this last full week before school starts (!) I have decided that I need to start toView full post »

Happy Friday

Enjoy this cool video that my mother-in-law sent to me today. I couldn’t get it to embed but you can see it here.View full post »

Tackle Football

This post will be for the Grandparents- Your oldest boy Grandchild started tackle football last night.  It was not theView full post »

Scrap Bags

In an on-going effort to clean up and make more room for fall fabrics I am going to put scrap bags up for sale. I amView full post »