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Monthly Archives: October 2008

My Little Jedi

Anakin Skywalker Happy Halloween!View full post »


For some reason things seem to go in phases around here and lately it is the laptop phase. They are flying out the doorView full post »

Flickr Faves

Jared Boll- hockey player for CBJ Children from Nepal Baseball playing Golden- oh man Barley has A LOT to learn CoolView full post »

Pumpkin Carving Party

We had our 4th annual neighborhood pumpkin carving party yesterday.  I was afraid that the weather was not going toView full post »

Lots and Lots of New Fabrics on the way

Well they are actually here, and have been here for a while.  I am just slow to get them loaded up and put on theView full post »

Will the phone please stop ringing??

Living in a “key” state has proven to be pretty annoying.  The constant phone calls, tv commercials, peopleView full post »

Cool stuff

Ok I can barely roll out of bed in time to get my kids fed, lunches made, and out the door each morning so the idea ofView full post »

Blog Issues

Having some blog issues lately but hopefully it is back in working order. We had a great visit with the Grandparents,View full post »

This is what I have to say to the stomach bug

I am the last one holding out around here as Andy came down with it yesterday.View full post »

Check out Aimee’s new bag

Love it! She used Amy Butler’s new Daisy Chain line.View full post »

Round Three

Good thing he was chugging the Gatorade at football yesterday Because he started puking late last night The last gameView full post »

Moving on

Cole woke up feeling better after only 2 middle of the night pukes.  I am still feeling ok, just getting tired of theView full post »

Ugh! Not again!

Thursday morning 1am- we wake up to Blake telling us he puked in his bed.  Then every 20 minutes he puked again. OnView full post »

Blakey World

We have a joke around here about my middle son.  I have probably talked about it before.  We call it Blakey World. View full post »


So here is a good reason why I don’t do the daily picture thing that I said in the below post that I wanted to doView full post »