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Living Life

It’s no lie that we all feel the pull of how fast the world spins. How fast time flies, and the ever dreaded reminder that we need to be soaking up each moment.

But I also know that sometimes we all feel like rolling our eyes when we hear that reminder, because life isn’t always easy- in fact it is pretty darn stressful sometimes.

Be it health issues, financial issues, or just simple worries about kids adjusting to a new town…well lets face it- even a screaming grumpy 3 year old at 5pm on a day when you have just had enough is stressful.

I am a big believer in spontaneous trips to reconnect. And this year we missed two of the trips we usually take. One to Orlando and one to Santa Rosa/ Fort Walton beach.

I didn’t think much of it until last week when the stress of moving our family of 6, plus 3 dogs and 2 birds- well it just hit me like a ton of bricks. The stress of the townhouse, the stress of buying our new house, the stress of the worry about totally messing up our kids lives…

I got online to research a beach trip we are planning for the summer. While doing so I pulled up our friends (and old neighbors from Ohio) beach house- it is 3 hours down the road in Holden Beach. It was booked for most of the summer but was empty for Mother’s Day weekend. I texted Andy- Please?? Blake had an lax tournament but still… could he miss?

I texted me friend Jen (owner of the house) and within a day we had worked out the details- we were headed to the beach! We hadn’t been since last summer.

I got there first. I picked Cole up from school on friday and scooted out of town missing most of the Raleigh traffic- we made it in under 3 hours. Cole and Eva were so happy to hit the beach- it was heaven. Warm, sunny- 6pm and the water felt great. I was thrilled that Eva plunged into the sand and water with no fear. It was such a great night. I had a moment of peace for the first time in months.

This is why we moved to North Carolina

We so needed this

Andy and the older boys got in late that night. We woke up the next morning and at first things were awkward. The oldest two boys are teenagers now. I was shocked how fast they lost the carefree beach spirit they once had. They stood around a lot at first, complained.

But slowly things changed, they relaxed, they played. The tension eased from the their faces, they hunted crabs, caught fish, built sand castles, just let loose.

And now I sit here on Mother’s Day and get my “spa” treatment on my feet (where they bury my feet in the sand) I realize that these days- these days where we reconnect as a family, are like a medicine that you have no idea that you need. Until you get it and think, whoa- I feel so much better.

Yep- this is why I moved to NC

I know these days are short lived. But I am not going to waste these moments feeling sad about it, instead I will embrace these days full force with the knowledge that I will have no regrets of letting them miss a day or two of school- to reconnect with their family, or reconnect with friends back in Ohio (which Blake will be doing next weekend). Life is short, grab it up and drain it of every little drop of happiness that you can squeeze out.

I love having a kid that loves the beach as much as I do

Have no regrets.


Hannah - Very True. I had something happen this weekend that made me realize that the only things in my life that really matter to me are Faith, Family and true friends. I am sick of wasting time on other stuff. FB is junk. Photography is nice but I’m closing shop. I don’t need the newest skirt or shoes. I need the Lord and I need my family. That’s it. Everything else is just noise…I need to turn the volume down a bit 🙂

So glad you had a chance to reconnect and relax. You SO deserve it 🙂

kristen - Good girl!!!

LibraryGirl62 - My BFF rents us all a beach house on Ft. Myers Beach every 4th of July. Despite the fact I can go to the beach anytime I want (I went twice this weekend!) I LIVE for the time I spend there with my kids, her kids, anybody who wants to show up-there is always a crowd! I am totally relaxed, so are the kids-who will both be gone to college this fall. The oldest has plans to go to Panama next summer…so this might be it…it is so very bittersweet…

Amy Jo - I’m so jealous of your trip to the beach!!!

I’ve been debating planning a mini-vacation for the hubby and I, but I always seem to have a reason to talk myself out of it. This is a great reminder that sometimes missing a day of school/work in order to reconnect and relax is just what we need to do…

Gretchen P - So glad you could get away! You needed to relax, this year has been so crazy for all of you. It is nice to sit and do nothing. Hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Gina - Oh wow, I got my “Elisalou” bag out today and it made me wonder about you and your family so I looked up your blog. I had no idea you had moved, etc. So I have been reading and catching up but had to comment on Holden Beach. Our family has been vacationing there since 1985 and we still love it!! 🙂 We don’t make it every year (adult children =P) but I still consider it “our beach.” 😉 So glad you were able to get away. How fabulous to only live three hours away now!! 🙂

Kathy - Yippee! Eva liked the sand!!!!

Melanie - Its a gardenia:)