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Blake’s room

It’s still a work in progress but I thought I would show it as we go along.

And here it is after the paint

This wall is where we will hang all his electric guitars. He wants to make a loft over his closet. And of course I need to put the newly darkened door handles back on his doors.

Eventually I am going to rip out all the carpet upstairs and put in hardwoods. I am not a carpet fan.

So now we need to move on to Austin’s room before he gets back from the beach this weekend.

I walked into his room….and this is what it looked like. Are you ready?

Total Pit.

So I cleaned it up, pulled down the ugly curtains, window seat pillows and cushion…Starting from scratch in there.

Gotta get busy, clock is ticking.

Tiffany - Looks like you are working hard. Right now my whole life looks like Blake’s room. LOL. Movers bring our stuff next week, we won’t be in the house for the first two days of high school. UGH! However, we will be in for the first day of Kindergarten. I think it will take me a whole year to unpack:)


PS: Love the blue.

elizabeths - Nice wall color. Where is the dots rug from? I need that for my boys room or something similar.

Katie - sometimes I say a “selfish” kind of prayer – “God, can you please make one of my children a neat freak – I would take just one!”

lori carolina - Ha, my boys would be happy with either of those cool rooms! Love the high ceilings and all the cool guitar stuff!:)