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More room re-dos

I have been plugging along with the house. Still trying to make this house “ours” instead of “theirs”. We have this room at the end of the house where we had been throwing stuff that we weren’t sure what to do with. We knew we wanted to put our big desk in the there, and our big iMac. But beyond that we couldn’t figure out if it should be a teenage hangout, a guest bedroom, or just a study.

But for now it is just a pit.

So I decided to tackle it the other day. It looks much better now. But I haven’t taken pics yet. I will do that soon- before it gets trashed by the crazy people that live with me.

Moving on- I also decided to tackle the downstairs playroom. I can’t handle the toys

I have walked through this room daily with a garbage bag, filling them up to donate.

I know I am risking Eva having no toys.

But this room makes me crazy. The big glass pocket doors don’t hide the mess.

Soooo… I broke down and ordered playroom furniture and storage yesterday.

I got this.

I know I said I love white, I still do….and it was a tough choice (actually I didn’t get the one in the picture- I got the one with more rustic beat up looking wood) but we have white pottery barn furniture in other rooms and when the baskets slide in and out they leave marks, plus they look dirty, blah blah blah. Also the whole room is windows, and white. So I thought it needed some contrast. It is supposed to get in some time this week. I will be sure to take pics when it does!

Much cooler temps have hit our area- in fact I am wearing a sweatshirt while sitting on the screened porch. I love it. Just as long as it doesn’t get any colder 🙂

Ginky - Love the play room furniture.

Tiffany - Love the catch all room. LOL, right now my whole house feels that way. As I open up boxes I think, “Why did I move that, where will it go in this house?”. Love the toy room furniture and can’t wait to see it finished. Have a good one.


Hannah - I love the rooms in your house. They feel good…the light is just awesome. I love PBK furniture…I know it’s going to look great and hold up well. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

Amy Jo - Must be something in the air…I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning & purging lately too! It’s cleansing for me to do this about 4 times a year (I like to enter each new season with a clean, organized home)

elizabeths - I am w/Amy Jo. I love to get rid of crap and clutter. It de-clutters my mind when my house is somewhat organized and put together,but w/kids it just seems like why bother on some days 🙂

becky - Pit or not right now…that is one awesome space!

kari - we just moved 2 weeks ago after 14 years in the same house… i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s house still looks like this 🙂 lots of stuff i don’t know what to do with even though this house is bigger not as much “storage” (i.e. – unfinished basement to dump things in)… and that is probably a good thing for me! love the halloween dog collars!