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Iphone pics

I take so many pics with my iPhone and I realized that I have not been posting them on the blog.

I downloaded a collage app that will hopefully make it easier to add them more often. So here we go

Hudson loves to swim. LOVES it. And this makes me happy. Our last Golden didn’t like to swim.


Austin got into a program at Ohio State that allows him to take classes there his Senior year of High School.


Our summer was filled with lots of every day moments.


The red Jeep died so we got a new one


If there is a ball on the ground Hud will bug you non-stop so the kids hide them up high.


Cousin Camp was so much fun



Austin went to the lake with friends and we celebrated the 4th


There was a week where only these two were around.


Austin went to Florida with a friends family and the girlfriends got to go too.


I finally got Eva into the eye doctor and sure enough, she’s blind as a bat


We had a lot of rain and spent a lot of time on the porch. Blake got the best score in his drivers ed class and got a cool balloon hat


More random moments




Cole went to Hidden Hollow camp just like his bros before him. Got a call that they thought he had a concussion. He didn’t.


More cousin camp- out of order:)




A day at the lake


A letter from Cole from camp


More randoms


Blake got into this Fiat and couldn’t get back out


Austin getting his sports physical and a few extra shots. He got captain of the Cross Country team.:)


Hannah - The collage app makes it easier, but I’m so obsessive that I won’t use it because then it stores both the pictures and the apps on my phone and I can’t ever bring myself to delete anything. Mama has issues. :)

I’ve taken way too many iphone pics too. I’m trying to post them but they seem to take over the blog and I want real pictures of my kids, so I’m forcing the camera now. I’m still just not back to my normal with the camera.


Check our Facebook page tomorrow for a Giveaway!


I made this bag for myself as I wanted a handsfree way to carry a few simple items like my phone, money, keys, etc.


I loved it so much that I decided to make another one and give it away!


I also added one to the shop here


Wrapping up Summer of 2015


So I was at a Dr. appointment today when I get a text from my friend Hannah to tell me I need to update my blog. I know. I said I would do more. But you know how that goes…


These pics are dark because it was late. But it was fun to document a late Friday night


Our property needs so much work. We need to plan landscaping, plant more trees, etc


But I do love having a couple acres. I may not once I have no kids at home to mow. Actually I take that back, I fight them to mow. It’s kinda fun.


So Friday nights at home… we have had a lot of those this summer and it has been great.


Andy loves his dog. He’s a bad dog for everyone except Andy


We caught some fireflies:)


We decided Blake can live at home forever because he is so good with his sister.


And the dog


This dog needs non-stop attention.




Love this girl


And even this obnoxious dog


We spend a lot of time on our porches


front and back

My flowers are starting to look like Fall


My view from the porch swing


I’m kinda sad that this summer flew by. Next summer will be a whole different ball game with Austin getting ready for college. But I’m also getting excited for Fall, for Austin’s Senior year, for cooler temps and more time spent by the fire.


Eva went to meet her new teacher today. This year will be the first year that I have all kids in all day school. In 18 years. Yeah. New chapter for sure.


Blake takes good selfies


And that’s a wrap. It was a good summer.

Hannah - I’m glad I shamed you into posting 😉

Hudson and Buddy sound a lot alike. I love Buddy, but he drives me insane at the same time. He only really listens to Greg so I have to call for him in my fake man voice or he won’t come. Seriously.

I’m sick that the summer is coming to an end. We start school next week. It was supposed to be today, but I pushed it back a week…and might push it back again. I’m in serious denial. And I want a vacation with just my husband and kids. But that is a whole other story.

I have those same flowers in my garden and they are looking the same way. I’m not happy about it. I love fall…but I’m dragging my feet big time.

Around 470

I recently found a blog that has hooked me big time. And made me realize that I want to get more stories down. And be more honest. I don’t want it to be all pictures and no words. I want to remember the day to day. I used to do that. Not so much anymore.

This dog loves soccer. I mean he actually plays the game and tries to play dirty- he will grab your leg and try to take you down. SO now we don’t want to play with him.


I wrote on facebook about our trip down to 30A and how we rolled into Atlanta kinda late (our halfway point) and we were hungry and Austin had to go for a run….the usual. We went to a nearby Chuys- usually a fave but it was absolutely awful that night. They got everything wrong. We got back to the hotel and Eva started crying. Like really crying. We had just increased her meds and I would figure out later that this was probably the cause. Andy and I were tag teaming. Both exhausted. She wouldn’t stop. Finally Andy took her to the car so the boys could settle in. After he left Blake came up to me and said “you know you are doing it all wrong. If you tell someone to stop crying it just makes them more sad. You should offer her a drink of water, she can’t cry and drink at the same time”. I just stared at him. This overgrown kid in a 6’3″ body. To say I love him is a huge understatement.


I’m going to start a new category for the blog. “Around 470”. It will be more documentary style pics of what life is like right now. No editing. Just pics. Good ones and bad ones. Daily life around our little Urban Farmhouse smack dab in the middle of a historic district but also on a river. Our house is finally finally starting to feel like home. To go through such a major remodel was awful. And I really lost my mind multiple times. And honestly a few friends along the way. Then factor in the neighbors who did not appreciate our construction or our children or our children’s friends…. (that’s what happens when you buy the crappiest house on a street of older very wealthy people). But slowly things have come around. And I learned a lot. About other people. About myself. And at the end of the day, things are pretty darn good.


I want to take one more trip before school starts. Austin is headed back to Florida with a friends family but my girlie says no more. She wants to be home, wants routine. Her normal. Her dad (who would not be able to go). Her dog. I get that. And think it’s pretty important seeing that she starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. Big changes ahead. All my kids will be in school full day. I can’t even wrap my brain around it. I read this quote on the blog I mentioned above and it is sitting with me. Because it’s just so true.


“Through the blur, I wondered if I was alone or if other parents felt the same way I did – that everything involving our children was painful in some way. The emotions, whether they were joy, sorrow, love or pride, were so deep and sharp that in the end they left you raw, exposed and yes, in pain. The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that – parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its chest.” -Debra Ginsberg


Austin runs, and runs and runs. He was napping on the couch when I tried to snap a pic

Eva wanted to be like Austin and run. She loves to run. After 6 hours at camp she wanted to head straight to the track where she did 2 laps around the football field.



She is so beautiful.


My orange loving, strawberry loving, blueberry loving chica


Tomorrow she goes for a much needed eye exam. I would love for them to say Oh her eyesight is so bad- that is the reason for all her learning issues. But I know it’s only a small part.:(


Educating this girlie is not going to be an easy road. (edited to add- her eyes are very bad but her new glasses are super cute!)


These last few weeks of summer and going to fly by so I’m trying to enjoy every minute.

Hannah - We’ve taken a few short long weekend type of trips and that is enough for Sophia. She is not a traveler. She wants to be home all the time. I’m a homebody too, but I’m ready for a trip.

Summer flew by. Just flew. Of course I lost most of the month of July because my mom was on vacation so it seems even shorter.

I need to be inspired. Tell me about the blog.

Rebecca - I love the daily life posts! For my birthday, my sister turned one year of blog posts into a hard bound, coffee table book. It’s so sweet to look at our family five years ago…and read all those little tidbits about our day to day life. You go girl!

Daddy time

This family comes to our yard every day



I love how the dad is hanging with the youngers while mom is off for some alone time


They still try to nurse and she gets mad


Some days Hud chases them and sometimes he just lays down and stares at them


They are so cute:)

Hannah - That is so cool. We get a lot of deer but never the whole family. Usually just the mom and babies. That is pretty awesome!