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Thursday afternoon


We still have painting going on around here so it’s still a big mess. Today we are getting gutters so I hope that helps with the flooding we keep having in our basement.


Speaking of painting….


She has had a great two weeks of school so far. Very happy with my choice, she is thriving.


Growing up way too fast.

Anyone want a mac and cheese kiss?


Lisa - Beautiful Eva – that’s so awesome she’s doing well at school.

Hannah - She is gorgeous, macaroni and all :)


Blake has been so lazy about Homecoming. He knew who he wanted to ask but was taking his time getting it done. Finally yesterday his buds came over and helped.


They ran out of room for a question mark and Blake said, “that’s ok, it’s more of a statement not a question.” Ha!


Andy helped them figure out the best way to drop it from the roof.


I was trying to be sneaky with the camera so ended up with a lot of not so great shots but I love them anyway


The funny thing is Blake grabbed the flowers that had been sitting on the counter for a week instead of the ones we had just bought!


The helpers


The construction site background


And those that have been reading my blog for a long time will recognize who he asked- MB. I think it’s the cutest thing ever.


Hannah - Okay, he’s so cute…of course it was a statement and not a question. That’s awesome.

On to the total off the wall part of my comment…
I noticed the chairs at the fire pit. Do you like them? I’ve been looking at them at Lowes and was wondering how you like them? It’s down to them and some metal ones from Target. These seem more comfy but Greg is leaning towards the metal.

A Thursday afternoon


The last day of school for the week for the girlie and she did awesome.


Afternoon pre-k is working out really well for her and for me. She can sleep in- which is needed since she had to give up naps. And she can take some classes at the rec center.


Today she has gym and swim and I am going to hit the Country Living Fair with an old friend.


Happy Friday!!!

hannah - Happy Friday! Have fun at the CL fair. I am SO jealous!

LOVE me some happy EVA :)

My house-want a peak?

A couple blog posts are MIA when I switched servers yesterday. Hopefully I can locate them without having to rewrite them!

I was looking at pictures of our last big remodel and realized that I took a lot more pics with that one. And since the house is currently TRASHED I thought it would be funny to take a few.

Everything is getting painted right now. The outside and the inside. We had to unload one of the pods so everything is stacked everywhere. We are shifting things around as they paint each room. It’s a bit chaotic.

The dining room is currently being used as a library- the windows are covered from exterior painting which makes it cave-like inside

My kitchen, it’s pretty when it’s clean and you can see out the windows! I have the coolest backsplash tile picked out. Not sure when that is going in.

Family room- this used to be the patio. Eventually we will get a big tv that will go on the wall most likely in some built-ins. But for now this is ok.

Screened porch- I was hoping they would finish the porch before they painted the exterior, not sure whats going on with that.

There is stuff everywhere. And we have another pod waiting to unload


We are using this room to hold a lot of unpacked boxes at the moment

A worker on the side porch painting.

This barn door will eventually get stained the same color as the wood floors

Most of the floors are covered

Someday I hope to get real stairs!

That’s all I have for the house- can’t wait to do a real look once everything is done. Maybe Thanksgiving?

In the meantime I spent yesterday getting some pictures printed up

Trying to get some Project Life done. It’s so good to pictures off the computer!

Lisa - It’s amazing! :-)

hannah - It looks awesome! The outside is looking amazing and I just LOVE that kitchen. You and I have the same house taste…or very close. I wish I had this type of style when I was building…because now I want to change everything. I’m SO excited for you to have some sort of normalcy again…even if it comes with pods and clutter for now ;)

Kodi - Hey Elisa,
I haven’t checked out your blog for a few months. Things have been crazy hectic. Your new house looks fabulous! I think we used the same exact tile that is one of your pics…lol. You’ll have to stop by sometime and bring Eva to meet Ava :) Hope your reno/build is going better and faster than ours.


We thought Austin was a little bit crazy when he decided to quit lacrosse and run cross country instead. Afterall, all his best buds play lacrosse. And no one in our family likes to run so we weren’t sure where he got his love of it. This picture cracks me up- wake up Austin!!


Besides the short shorts- which he hated at first but has slowly gotten used to, he loves XC.


And he’s really good at it.


These are a few pics from last weeks invitational.


Unfortunately he seems to be fighting some asthma symptoms that come on when he runs hard. So we are headed to the doctor this morning to try to get some answers.


Because he feels like he could run faster if he didn’t have this issue.


I sorta think he runs fast enough… but I know he is worried about not being able to breathe correctly.


It’s Friday my friends- have a great weekend!

Susan - I’m pretty sure his running doesn’t come from anyone on our side of the family. Must be a Kiser talent.

Hannah - He’s a Beast! ;) Seriously, I think runners are awesome and slightly insane. I don’t mean the ones who dread doing it…I mean the ones who LOVE to run. My brother is like that and I’ve always admired it. I obviously don’t run…but I need to…I tend to bake instead and it just doesn’t have the same outcome.

Have a great weekend!