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2016 so far from iPhone


Once again our January started with this little ski bum hitting the slopes. This year Cole found a new love of skiing and wanted to go all the time as well.


He’s such a cutie in his glasses ๐Ÿ™‚


These two…their relationship cracks me up. They call each other best friends.


Hudson would play ball 24/7 if someone would play with him.


Walking home from school with a stop in the frozen creek


A random weekday night snuggle on the couch


Shiloh kisses


Can I go outside so I can open the door back up again by myself and come back in but not close it and make the house get cold and you get mad and you go close the door? Because then I will sit in front of it and want to do it again.


Chili and chicken nugget kinda night.


Austin comes home from a cold run and Hud hopes to get more playtime


Printing pics from last year for Project Life. Took Ali Edwards class to get/keep me motivated.


Lots of brown eyes in this house


Almost every single night…


View from my front porch


Finally lost those bottom teeth- the permanent ones had been growing behind them for months!


Fun to see where I have taken pics




Walking home from school again. Slightly warmer day ๐Ÿ™‚


Our cute little historic town


We told Hud maybe he should run for President


more skiing


Sunday night cookout with Blake’s girlfriend


Waiting for Eva to get out of school


Wake me up when Spring arrives

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I eat dirt




After school hug.

Spring is almost here you guys- hope that means more big camera pics!

Quick winter get away

Over the long presidents day weekend we decided to head down to Florida to warm our toes in our favorite sand.

On the way down we stopped in Franklin, Tn and Eva was so excited to swim in the pool but as luck would have it, it was closed. So instead we hit the workout room to burn off a little energy.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


We stayed in a condo at Watersound Beach that had awesome views of both the ocean and the dune lake.

The first time we went to watersound (about 6 years ago) the boys were so freaked out by the weird lake that was full of tadpoles. They called it the “toxic river of doom”. It turns out that these dune lakes are pretty rare and by the end of the trip they were playing in it catching (and releasing) the tadpoles.

Andy and I walked a lot and even peaked in the windows of the house I showed a few posts back. It is even better in person.


The weather was mid 60’s most of the time but the kids still swam in the heated pool.


February in Florida is better than February in Ohio.


This house…..


It was sooo nice to get out of freezing temps


I love this place so much


We met two Golden Retriever puppies and played in the sand with them. They live there full time. Lucky ducks.

Until next time 30A. See you soon!!


When it feels like Spring in January

Last Saturday I got home to amazing warm temps and that made this girl pretty happy. It was late afternoon by the time we got home from the airport so right away we decided it was going to be a firepit night. It’s amazing how much my mood improves when we can be outside in warmer weather.

Andy cheats when he starts the fire and puts citronella oil on it. Weirdo.


Blake and Andy were cracking me up- wondering if B is going to stop growing soon. 6′ 3″ is tall enough I think


My beautiful girlie


Blake decided to wash his car


And Hud just wanted the water


He’s such a funny (but bad) dog


And cute


Eva would eat fruit add day for every meal if I would let her- right now she has about 3 or 4 loose teeth and two adult teeth that are coming in on the bottom behind her baby teeth. So far she has lost none.



This dog does not know how to chill


I was so happy to be back home hanging by the fire with Blake ๐Ÿ™‚ That is a great weekend in my book.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Hannah - I’m missing those warmer temps now! The first two pictures crack me up. My husband is always throwing something on the fire to start it. Boys are so weird.

Gorgeous picture of Eva. Love it!


Thursday Austin and I left for a quick trip to the University of Chicago to take a look at the University and meet the cross country coach, who wants Austin to run for them.

The first night he met up with the team for their team dinner and then he met me back at the hotel.


The next day we took a tour of the campus. It was gorgeous with lots of old cool buildings. It was a little chilly but not too bad. After the tour and meeting with the coach we took an Uber into downtown.

First stop the Bean.



After that we went to get some traditional Chicago Pizza. And talk about his choices for school and what where his head was at. He also has been accepted at Ohio State in the honors program and has been offered a scholarship.


Next we hit the Chicago museum of Art. We wandered around there for a couple hours and then we went to the Skywatch and watched the sun go down.




It was very cool to be up so high and see the entire city. We were exhausted after walking all over the city and crashed back at our hotel and went to bed early. Austin said it was super helpful to visit. We will see what he decides….

All images shot with iphone or small samsung.

Gretchen P - Good Luck to Austin! He has some hard decisions facing him! He will be great no matter where he goes! Chicago is a great city!

Hannah - What an awesome quick get away with just Austin. I bet you loved that! It’s hard to find that time at this age…of course I might be a tad bit over the top emotional this year. We cleaned out the toy room and I burst into tears seeing all of Dmitry’s toys. Mama is a sucker.

Winter Funk

So it happens every year, I know it and expect it. And I try to plan for it.

I hate it. Living in the north is probably not good for me long term.

But we were lucky to get some warm days in December


Eva got this new swing for Christmas but Christmas Eve was so warm we had to pull it out early


I haven’t picked up my big camera in weeks and it makes me sad. The kids have been sick and it makes for long days.


I’m in a funk. No doubt about it.


I dream of warm air and beachy scenes


Holding on tight and hoping the tides turn soon


Hannah - I’m sorry you are having the blues. Mine has been pretty easy this year. I think it lasted less than a week! I just prayed it away ๐Ÿ™‚ This past weekend was beautiful and sunny…I hope it was at your house too! I missed two days in January…that’s not too bad.