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Snapshots from Bald Head Island

I brought my small Samsung NX300 on this beach trip because it is so easy to throw in my bag. Also it’s so easy to give it to the kids to take pictures with as well. Even if they come out blurry;)

We started the trip off with a night in Chapel Hill where Austin got to see old friends. The next morning we drove the 2 1/2 hours to Southport to catch the ferry to Bald Head Island.


I always love the marina and the anticipation of the week ahead.


We bought some snacks while we waited for the boat. Some make better choices than others…


This little girlie was very excited to catch the boat and start our vacay


There are no cars on the island but our house has two golf carts to get around.


We got in late afternoon and hit the beach


There are a few different beaches on the island, we went to the one by the Shoals Club so the youngers could swim. There was a wedding reception going on and lots of music and dancing.


The pool was pretty much empty since most people were just checking in for the week


The next morning I took the youngers to the beach near our house. Eva wanted to catch fish.


She didn’t find any so she buried Cole instead. Monday she started an adventure camp and loved it. It goes until lunch and then it was back to the beach where we spent the rest of the day


She built Old Baldy (the lighthouse) and then added dead sand crabs for decoration on top



I love that she loves the beach as much as I do:)


Cole showed up to get money for pizza at the club.


He has been preferring the pool this time, not sure why as I think the ocean water is actually warmer than the pool water!


Back home we hung out on the screened porch while Andy made us all tacos


The weather has been absolutely perfect so far. I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow though.


Cole needs to work on his focusing skills…


But I will take what I can get!


Gretchen P - looks like vacation is off to a great start. We are counting down the days until we get to Isle of Palms. can’t wait to get my feet in the sand.

Elizabeths07 - What great pics!! I love the beach. Have a wonderful time

Hannah - I need a beach vacation. Like right now.

We keep going back and forth on what to do or if we should even go. It’s hard right now because of mom but I’d love to take a great vacation and just soak up everyone I can. I keep telling Greg, I want to go somewhere with no cell service so they are 100% mine all week.

An ordinary weekday night


We used to take lots of trips down the street to the river


These days I feel we are so consumed with getting our house back together


I tried to explain to someone the other day about how once you get done with your house there is still a weird time when you are numb and you just don’t want to unpack or think about your house.


That’s kinda where I am right now. I am waiting for it to pass


I know it will. Just giving myself time.


I look at the boxes that I have packed and unpacked 5 times over the last three years and I just can’t do it right now. I will wear the same thing over and over.


And now we round out the end of yet another school year I have been thinking a lot about the days to come.


This Spring was crazy town with my 3 boys and their sports. Especially the older two. It wasn’t all that enjoyable.


I am craving a slower paced life. I hated the non-stop every night we had this Spring.


I can tell you first hand that the years with my kiddos have flown


If I could let my olders graduate from their comfort school I would totally pick up my youngers that love traveling and meeting new people and settle on some east coast beach island.


I think of slower days, that are not consumed by non-stop academics and sports. Especially sports. Because heres the thing- how many people that you know went on to be pro athletes? Yeah not many.


So as I shuffle down the line of 4 kids and realize how much time we spent doing things that really didn’t matter much in the long run… well I am rethinking things for the last two.

Can we all just revisit for a minute what is important?


Because this is time you don’t get back


So I am hear to tell you that it is ok if your kid isn’t playing every sport. Sports are great for teaching them how to be a team player, and of course to exercise their body. But after almost 18 years of being in the throw of it I am ready to back off a bit. It’s ok to have kids with more interests than sports. And at the end of the day it makes for a better paced life.


Jenn Breuklander - I needed this tonight! Thank you:))

Jenny - Well said! Thanks!

Bald Head Island

We are headed back there soon and I cannot wait.

It’s so weird to think of it as a place where bootleggers and pirates like Blackbeard used to hang out. My older kids love reading about all that kind of stuff. North Carolina has a history that is pretty cool.

It has been such a crazy spring. I don’t think we have ever been so busy every single night. I have been dreaming about a slower paced life. Wish I could spend the whole summer on the island.

If you have never been there you really need to check it out!

Hannah - And now I want to go on vacation.

Make a wish


Playing around with my macro, even weeds can be pretty!


Shooting with the 100mm takes some getting used to but I love it


My poor Coley man is home with pink eye and missing a field trip to see the Columbus Clippers. He’s pretty bummed. Hudson just ate two loaves of banana bread off the counter. I hope the day turns around pretty quick!


I love the little rain drops


Have a great Tuesday!

Missy - I LOVE these pics!! What great close ups & the detail, great job!

Elizabeths - LOL Hudson!!!!! That is funny. And yes I love these pics too!

Hannah - I hope he is feeling better!

I want to try macro SO badly. You are not helping it with these beautiful pictures!

Prom 2015

Q14A5455 copy

The grandparents were up from Texas for the weekend and got to see Austin off to Prom.


He had a track meet in Hilliard and his race was last. He ran at 4:45 and had to be back Wo-town showered and dressed for pictures by 5:30.

Q14A5459 copy

It was crazy and I was all wet from watching his meet in the pouring rain so I am not in any pictures!

Q14A5465 copy

He made it on time and looked great

Q14A5467 copy

Because it was raining we had to do pictures indoors which was kind of a bummer

Q14A5471 copyQ14A5476

I tried to get a shot of these boys but of course they had to be silly

Q14A5478Q14A5482 copyQ14A5484 copy

Everyone looked so good.

Q14A5492 copyQ14A5500 copyQ14A5508

It’s so hard to wrap my brain around how fast time goes by.


A week and half left of school. Eva only has three more days. Ready to get this summer started!


Hannah - Is it weird that at 43 I am still in love with prom dresses? You could put sparkles on poop and I’d think it was cool. Mama has some glitter issues :)

Boys kill me. Can you imagine running in the rain and then being dressed to kill in a matter of minutes? They just have no idea how good they have it. He looked so handsome.