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Getting back into the 365. I have taken a pic everyday, just need to backtrack and label them. Not sure I will do it or not.

This was a good day for Blake. The first box of mac and cheese.


It’s no stove day

Well I take that back- the stove is here. But there are complications. As I knew there would be the second I posted that it was stove day.

This is what Blake said when he saw it

“isn’t that a bit overkill? Why do u need 6 stoves and 2 ovens and all those knobs? So does this mean u can make me the good kind of Mac and cheese tonight? The kind you boil that comes out of a box and not the kind you microwave?”

I really want to do a house update but it’s hard- there is stuff everywhere- and the upstairs is off limits. So I think I will just wait.

I have to say I am loving settling back into our house. I have had the best time hanging with the kiddos and friends. It’s nice to be able to have the friends around again.

Eva went in for her well check and follow up adhd appointment today. I am so thankful that I decided to take her to my friend that is a family doctor instead of our regular pediatrician from day one. She loves Eva, used to be my neighbor, and has known her forever. That is just huge. Our kids have grown up together, her daughter babysits for me.

I never feel like I have to try to control Eva in her office- she lets her examine and get in to everything.

It’s good to be back home. But mostly it’s good to be home with my family. I am soaking up every minute while my kids still live under my roof. It’s all going way too fast.

Susan - What complications with the stove? It is very impressive!

It’s stove day!!

I hate to even say it since we haven’t had very good luck with the appliance part of this remodel. But my backordered stove is supposed to be delivered today and I can’t wait. I want to cook a meal at home!! It’s been forever!

We have two pods still full of stuff. I can’t wait to get our stuff out.

My fridge was delivered, at least it works.

My microwave is a drawer- I kinda like it.

Entry way light- I love it.

I love this truck- wish it was for sale

Austin’s first cross country meet. He was sick but still took 4th

Someone left some Jeni’s ice cream on our front porch

We don’t have much stuff out of storage but the kids still manage to trash their rooms- Eva did a good job of cleaning it up. Her room is now cleared out and being painted.

Cole did a good job cleaning his as well

The chimney getting some stone

Blake’s “all about me” paper

Right before they poured the patio and firepit- move Zo!

Getting back into project life

Learning to spell

Discussing who they want to ask to Homecoming

An afternoon at the zoo

Her first pair of Doc Martens

Austin’s 2nd xc meet- finished in the top 20 out of over 500 runners and got a personal best

The girly has a doctors appointment that then we are hitting the grocery store, hopefully we will be able to cook tonight!

dani - i love reading your blogs! you have gone thru so many moves and changes i know you have to be so happy to be home….please post lots of pics so we can see how all your blood sweat and tears turned out! im sure you and your family and friends will have an amazing housewarming party!