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Mid September

Not sure how this year flew by. I mean I have just gotten used to writing 2015.


So much has happened this year. Eva going to school all day, Blake got his drivers license, trips to California and the beach, Austin’s Senior year……


And now Fall is almost here


I love Fall.


Blake is begging for a car


I am making this for dinner tonight. I will let you know how it goes.


Next month Andy and I are going to London and Paris. Without kids.


I have never been


And I get weird about leaving my kids


But I’m also excited.


And happy that my parents will come spend the week with my kiddos so I know they are in good hands


Can you tell I am more excited for Paris than London?

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

If I knew how to crochet I would totally make this blanket


And just because there is nothing cuter….


Gretchen P - Have a great time in London and Paris. I have never been either, can’t wait to see your pictures.

Elizabeth - Oh how wonderful Fall in Paris. That will be so romantic and pretty!! I got weird leaving my kids when I went to Dallas and that was onoy Dallas not across the country so I would be on edge too. But you will be fine once you get there. I can’t wait to see your pics too!

Hannah - Okay, so I’m totally jealous of your couple trip…but I am not sure how you are going to do it. I freaked out and canceled a weekend trip that was only 4 hours away. I’m so weird about leaving my kids. Plus we don’t really have family to take care of them so… I can’t wait to see your pictures! You and Andy are going to have a blast!

I’m totally overwhelmed by how fast this year has gone by. It was just Spring and now it’s fall. It’s like the year drags till March and then it flies by. I never get used to it.

I deleted my instagram. Like totally deleted. I’m down to just my private little blog world. So weird and yet so cool! You’ll have to make sure you post all your insta dumps on here so I can keep up!

Angie U - We literally just got back from a 10 day trip to Alsace/Paris/London! Food and drink a real highlight of the entire trip. especially in France. Musee d’Orsay was a favorite as was the Arc de Triumph…climb the stairs for the best view of the city! We saw “Gypsy” in London at the Savoy..highly recommend it! The food in London just doesn’t come close..but the sights are spectacular!
PS My babies are all grown up but sure understand the heartstrings being pulled! Wifi connections kept us in touch!


The weekend was packed with sports and get togethers and next thing you know it’s over.


Cole and all his buddies decided to do band. Let’s just say be happy this blog doesn’t come with sound. Hudson hides when he pulls out the trombone. I was hoping his guitar lessons would be enough but I guess not.


Andy hung up my new mailbox on our side porch. Love it!! We were using our old mailbox that was just sitting on the ground. SLOWLY we are getting this house pulled together!


I just call this one “mess” with a cute boy thrown in.


She had gymnastics


Worst dog ever.


We set up the telescope on our front porch. So far we have seen nothing.


No we aren’t spying on our neighbors:)


Hanging out with this guy


He’s cute but so naughty


And wants to eat non-stop.

Linda - My house needs that mailbox! Love it.

Lens Love

There is no doubt about it I am addicted to lenses.


The 135mm has been on my list forever


I have debated about it because I have the big 70-200mm zoom


But that thing is a beast and this one is light as air:)


This one is fast with the mutt


And then straight up gorgeous for portraits


In love with it!


We took a quick trip down to the farm this weekend


It was so hot! I have to say I am starting to long for boots and sweaters and soup and pumpkins and fires and all things Fall


But I do love Summer so I am not wishing away this time. Winter will be here before we know it and I it will be cold. Boo.


Austin’s girlfriend came with us. She is so stinking cute.


And Hud. This dog. The fave of the family by far. He has so much “swagger” according to the boys.


So as much as I have loved having all the kids around I am enjoying the back to school routine and having time to grow my businesses and not be on such a crazy time crunch all the time. I am doing more freelance photography and just trying to grow myself in a way I haven’t done in 18 years.

It’s a good thing.


Love him.:)


Austin had an overnight in Ashland, Ohio this weekend so Andy and I got up early today to head out there.


We didn’t tell him we were coming.


The texts from the coach last night were so funny- be downstairs at 6 for movie, tape going on doors at 10.:)I have no idea what tape on doors means, the lacrosse team does not do that.


So I took some candids before he knew we were there

Austin is a kid who would never ask us to make an hour plus trek to his meet



Which makes showing up all that more fun



I felt sorry for these boys but they seemed to be doing ok


Austin’s team has been doing well. 1st in the state so far.


It’s hard having a Senior and knowing this is the last time for all this.

Soaking up every minute.