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Crazy train

Lots going on around here and I am procrastinating big time. Isn’t that always the way it is though?


And to top it off my computer is running SO slow.

So my girlie got her ears pierced a couple weeks ago. She has been asking for a year and since she is now 7 I thought it was time.


She was so excited and did awesome!


That evening we washed cars and picked buckeyes off the trees.


It’s been almost a year since Cole’s big bike crash. I can’t believe how well his face healed. His arm too 🙂


One more month until the braces come off!


Hud is obsessed with the hose



I love that they love to wash the cars- win win for me!


We ended the evening the firepit and smores. My perfect kind of night!


Cross Country

All of our kids are running this Fall. Yesterday Eva had her first meet.


I am so excited that she is starting so young. She loves to run.


The High School XC team was there to cheer them on and watch. She loved that Blake and friends were yelling her name 🙂


She had slowed down and started walking but when she heard them she started sprinting.


Both Blake’s coach and Cole’s coach were there.


Cole’s team ran over to the flats to watch and then ran back after. She was also thrilled to see Sophia.


I was so happy that she was so supported.


Hannah - That’s awesome! It’s amazing how much they love the teenagers 🙂 She looks like she did a great job! You are a family of runners~!


You know how “memory” pics will pop up on FB with a pic from that particular day years ago?


That happened today and it was pic of Eva in her first Buckeye outfit, 7 years ago.


She would have been about 4 months old


In those 7 years the chubby cheeks and body have been replaced by a lanky beautiful girl


Things aren’t always easy for my girlie, and I worry about her an awful lot.


But I have faith that her strong will and passion will someday serve her well and she will grow up knowing that she can accomplish just about anything.

iPhone Bloggin’ Summer

I seriously can’t believe that it is September. 

Today Austin attended his first Buckeye game as an official Buckeye.  🙂

Blake had a XC meet at the Dewine Farm. 

XC has been making him so tired.

Hud practicing his handstands

Our Buckeye tree is full this year!

The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few days

Eva had her first XC practice and loved it

My constant companion 

Cole had his first XC meet.  Suddenly we are a family of runners

Hud and I eat a lot of popcorn, especially when we are watching Bachelor in Paradise 

When Coles feet smell really bad…

A trip to the zoo 🙂

A quick trip to campus to trade laptops

Cole is only a month away from getting his braces off

Monday mornings are hard

The night before Austin moved into his dorm

Hud watching the olympics- only the horses though

1st day of school- Hud was lonely

1st day of 7th grade

1st day of 1st grade

1st day of 11th grade

Last day of Summer


Everyday they visit

Family pic at Bald Head Island

Pics from our last Summer trip to the beach

Cousin Max came to visit, a trip to put-in-bay, walks to Antrim lake with Hud, July 4th…

More to come

My baby went to college



We loaded up the car and drove him 15 minutes down the road 🙂


The day before he said, “I am SO glad that I am going to Ohio State.  I would really miss you guys if I was going further away.”  Seriously one of the sweetest things that my non-touchy-feely oldest child has ever said.


I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  I have had twinges of sadness for the past well year really.  I mean how does it go so fast?  SO. FREAKING. FAST.

I remember rocking him as a baby reading Mothering Magazine.  Someone had written a letter in that said she had been in the store the day before and her toddler was pitching a huge fit and a guy came up to her and said, “yesterday my daughter did the same thing.  Today she started her freshman year at Ohio State.”  I remember my eyes filling with tears. Andy was about to start grad school at Ohio State and I knew, I just knew that this time with my new little guy was going to FLY.


OSU has an amazing move in system and it was very fast and efficient.  And as we got more and more into the day and I saw his excitement grow I felt mine growing as well.

The tears that I thought would come stayed safely tucked away.


Don’t get me wrong.  This was Saturday.  When Monday rolled around and all the other kids wandered in at various times after school there for sure felt like something was missing.  And of course it was.  He was.



See that right there in his hand- that’s the real reason he chose Ohio State.


Do you want to know what’s kinda cool?  This dude was born in the hospital where he will now be studying Pre-Med.


We got to his dorm which I thought because it was an honors dorm it would be a little nicer that the others.  Um nope.  In fact I think it was worse!  No a/c, small rooms, very old.  But exactly what a dorm is supposed to be.


Except for the fact that this day was incredibly hot and we were sweating like crazy getting his stuff unpacked.  We quickly headed to Target for more fans.


And there he goes.  Off to start a new chapter.  I can’t wait to see what his future holds!



And yeah, writing this made me a little teary.

Gretchen Poulson - It is hard to be sad when they are so excited. My parents said the same thing when I went to OSU, as I was born there, too. I’m sure A will do great things. He has two wonderful parents that have been a great example to him. It does go way too fast, I am having a hard time with mine being a junior this year. I blinked and he grew up! I don’t know why they think that is ok.

Hannah - I’m not going to lie, I can’t even imagine. Dmitry likes to travel a lot and I miss him like crazy when he travels, but to LIVE somewhere else? That would be a big adjustment. I’m dreading that day…

I always tell Dmitry, it’s okay that it sucks for me, it’s supposed to…I never want to hold him back. I know you’re the same way. He’s going to be GREAT and you are the best!