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Polar Vortex #2

It’s cold


There are parts of me that get so excited with anticipation of a big storm. Here it’s snow, in North Carolina it was hurricanes. Of course snow storms are typically more benign. And with a good snow storm comes a snow day. Those are always fun.


Living in the south you for sure miss that anticipation- will there be a snow day tomorrow, and then when there is….


But I’m not gonna lie, I am a southern girl at heart. I like warm weather and beaches.


My Texas born husband keeps begging me to go skiing with him and the kids. I hate the cold. While I love the activity, I just really really hate the cold.


So I stay home, and prep a nice dinner for when they get back.


I try to enjoy the fun parts of these cold winters- and I do like the snow. But super cold temps….


Not for me.


Next weekend Andy and I are headed to our fave beach for my birthday


Just for the weekend- to the 30A songwriters festival.


Because if I don’t escape the winter I go a little crazy


Eventually we will move back south.


To where I don’t know- we have a few years to figure it out


My list is very short


But for now I embrace the northern land that my boys love to call home


And all the snowy days that come with it



Enjoy your winter, wherever you are


Hannah - I’m with you. I’m trying to put on my happy face and make the best of the cold…i’d be a bit happier if we had snow!

Just make the best of it all :)

5th Grade Cotillion

Still can’t believe Cole is old enough for this.


Wearing his brothers hand me downs which were way too big.


I guess we should have tried everything on first…


He had a great time and won $10 which made his brothers crazy because they never won anything.


We will be shopping this weekend for some better fitting clothes, and shoes.


Hope you guys are staying warm!

Winter wonderland

We woke to lots of snow and no school. Of course a little girlie was so excited there was no sleeping in. Coffee to the rescue until I get moving and put some boys to work shoveling our very long driveway. Andy got the garages cleared out just in time for cars- so grateful for that.

This has been one long Christmas break! But I love snow days and last night had a house full of boys that were convinced there would be no school- wish I had extra shovels when they wander back over today.


These pictures are from break (although I guess it’s still break), back when it was a tad warmer. Cole is such a good helper. Our front yard was trashed during our remodel. All the workers and big trucks parked in the yard and our grass (which wasn’t great to begin with) turned into one big mud pit. It’s a slow process getting it put back together. Plus we have a big tree that needs to come down- pretty much dead from the Emerald Ash Borer. That stupid bug has killed three of our large trees.


There is nothing better than a warm day in December- besides a snow day of course:)


The dogs were super excited for the snow- especially Hudson. My plan is take them out to play with the big camera today- I love snow pics.


Wish this tractor had a snow plow


This girlie is wanting to get out in the snow right this second- she loves it


But I have coffee to drink and warm clothes and boots to round up.


I am wishing I had brought more firewood to the porch before it snowed- hopefully it’s not too wet. It’s going to be a non-stop fire today I think. This straw area is the mud pit- we had someone come out and lay grass seed with this straw for protection but then had a freaky run of super cold Fall weather so I don’t think much of the grass took.


I love these unexpected days with all my kiddos. Even if it will end up in a fight over the basement like last night (Austin had his girlfriend over and Blake showed up with a gang of friends- Austin won the basement)


Hope you have a great Tuesday- snow day or not!

Hannah - We missed out on the snow…but we are getting the subzero temps today and tomorrow. My chickens are not happy about it…neither am I :)

I need to bake when it’s cold…but I can’t eat carbs so that kind of ruins the fun.

Laura h - Great pictures! Your love for your family shines! I love that you talk about your dogs! I am a huge dog lover! Can’t wait to see pictures of everyone playing in the snow!! P. S. I remember those days of my kids fighting over “the basement.” Usually the one who had the “girlfriend/boyfriend” had to stay upstairs!! Ha!

It’s a wrap

Well sorta. I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and a rowdy puppy.

This is the first quiet morning we have had around here in a bit, although my kids are all off school today. 3 are still sleeping and one is at a sleepover. For some reason there is a teacher workday. Eva still has school so at least I will be able to get some errands in- Cole starts cotillion tomorrow night and he has no clothes or shoes. I’m sure he is going to love shopping with his Mama for dress up clothes.

My 365 has been all iPhone so far but that’s ok- no rules this year.

1-2-2015 copy

Poor Eva- she is one tough girlie.

1-3-2015 copy

My two goofballs.

1-4-2015 copy

Spent all day yesterday working on getting this put together. We did this room first, and then it flooded and had to have walls ripped back out. Andy worked hard over the break to lay the floor. Originally this was going to be more kids space (we put in a full kitchen) but when we decided to give my studio space to Cole we decided to move it to this space. The kids have the carpeted side that has the fireplace and full bath.

Here is the other half of the space


Yep- I think I will be happy working in that space. SO much left to do to get it put together. Off to get things done. Happy Monday!

Hannah - I’m glad you aren’t setting rules for your 365…I’m still not trying one this year though! I am planning on doing a few picture a day for a month..but not this month.

Love the studio! You are going to love the cart…I LOVE ours. Sophia’s art stuff is in it so I can just roll it over to her and let her go to town. But of course she has too much so I might grab another one.

elizabeths - wow so jealous you have such a nice basement. My son the 17yr old is occupying our basement for now. We are clearly running out of room in our tiny home. Enjoy the new space can’t wait to see the other side. It will be great to cozy up by the fireplace on cold nights.