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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Want to see something cool?

Remember these? I had to explain to my kids about library card catalogs. They didn’t get it. This card catalog isView full post »

Thank You!!!

For all the wonderful comments! We really really appreciate it. As you might imagine, we have nothing that is pink. InView full post »


This story starts about a good 8 years ago really, on a flight home from Texas. At the time I had a 3 year old and wasView full post »

Caution Extremely Awesome

I just love that shirt- so perfect for my little Stinker Aren’t these two cute? 2 crazy 3rd born kiddos It makesView full post »

My good intentions

to post everyday some how fly out the window when we get busy. And today is another busy one so I just wanted to do aView full post »

Fun at the Grandparents

So while we are back in the cold north- seriously our weather is all over the place this week, 54 today, 80 by theView full post »

Fort Worth

As you can see from this picture, Cole dressed himself. In fact he just threw his clothes on over his pj’s. WeView full post »

Soda Pop Shop

While we were in Dallas we found this really cool shop that had over 200 different kinds of soda. Austin was in heaven.View full post »


Wow, I have been missing in action this week. An impromptu trip south with no computer access! We got to spend some timeView full post »


Have I ever mentioned how much I love my boys? My older two don’t get as much face time (ok I can’t evenView full post »

More Farm

We had a good time running in the pastures Chasing ducks Hanging with friends Thanks for letting us hang out Ginky!View full post »

A brief post

from the farm Barley loves the horses. She thinks they are big dogs. Best Buds- well sometimesView full post »

The creative one

Blake has been making more stop action videos. I don’t know how he has the patience. They are very time consumingView full post »

A productive weekend

Saturday we decided to take a family day and drive over to Cincinnati and check out their zoo. We have a really greatView full post »