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Playroom make-over

I have been completely cleaning and re-vamping our basement for the past three days. It is taking forever. The goal is to turn the front half into a playroom for Eva and Cole, and the other room into a home theater (video game area) for the big kids. It is taking a lot of work, lots of donations coming out of this clean-up.

Pictures to come, but for now here is my inspiration.

Potter Barn playroom ideas

Potter Barn playroom ideas

Potter Barn playroom ideas

Potter Barn playroom ideas

Elizabeth - I LOVE POTTERY BARN AND PB KIDS. I get inspiration from them and than try and duplicate using less expensive finds(Target,Homegoods is alwayas a good spot and lately my favorite is Graiglist) I scored and got the Samantha Entry bench w/the baskets for $100!!!!!!!!!!!! PB sells it for $300. I love recreating expensive rooms for less. Great pics and can’t wait to see your basement.

Kristen - What I love about those playrooms is how light and air-y they are. So pretty.

I have a quick camera question for you. You’ve given me such good camera advice in the past and I wanted to get your opinion on what lens might be good. I have the Canon Rebel, with the standard lens and also the 300mm. I’d like to ask my husband for a new lens for Christmas. 😉 Can you recommend one that you like? I love your pictures and how on some of them you have a strong focus point with the rest of the pic just a bit blurry. That is probably just your good photography skills – something I’m working on! 🙂

nicki - Pottery Barn was my inspiration when we finished our basement with a playroom. Can’t wait to see pics of yours!!!

Penny - Oh what lucky kids! I love the airy feeling too. I always dreamed of a play room for my kids. We never really had the room. Now we have the room and no little kids! So I got a craft room instead! I can’t wait to see the pictures of how yours turns out! Good luck and have fun!

meg duerksen - love those bright colorful rooms! so pretty and easy to create in.
love that light made of all the different lampshades! so cute.